Gold 2nd Day (Thursday) Collection Early Trends.

August 16, 2018

Gold 2nd Day (Thursday) Collection Early Trends.

This is shocking but very true. Sadly, Gold despite gathering good word of mouth across all corners film is registering big drop. From big drop it means around 65-70% range. This is significant. 

Yes Thursday is normal working day and hence drop is inevitable. But, a drop in the region of 50% or even 55% would have been acceptable. Even in worst case scenario trade is expecting double digit finish for the day.

Night shows are still on, and hope that film shows some good growth to ensure a double digit finish for the day. Also, major interiors reports are awaited for the day and hope that film does well in those parts.

Here is below the occupancy report of the film for today.

Occupancy Report of Gold for 1st Thursday (samples only) - 

Morning -> 20% (Wed - 70%)

Noon -> 25% (Wed - 85-90%)

Evening -> 35% (Wed - 80%)

Early trends* is not that encouraging as film second day collection is trending towards 8-9 crore nett mark. Also, final count will depend on Night shows and interiors reports. Final count will be higher or lower depending on those factors. Just hope that film doesn't go further down in interiors, otherwise actuals may be even more lower than the early estimates.

*Early trends are computed from limited samples gathered till 7 pm today. Hence, it may vary from actuals.

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  1. Very Sad . I actually pitty on Indain Audience who don't value good cinema .
    Gold is that one movie which deserves sky heights . But sadly it has dropped badly .
    Now some idiots will make fun of Akki and will laugh on these collection .
    But I pitty on all those because of whom this drop in collection has came .

  2. Sorry but a big opening on a national holiday with a big actor akshay and very positive critics ratings dsnt always mean very good wom!
    As an average movielover i found the movie a drag! Akshay himself dsnt look convincing! Only last 20-25 mnts were good and that also becoz of the deshprem sentiment which quite a few movies r trying to cash in!! Will be a hit though atleast coz of the climax!

  3. I watched it today and audience was bored to death. Just because it's patriotic ppl don't say bad things it.

  4. Wait guys .we have sat and sunday people are waiting for the weekend...he will bounce back

  5. dont worry. collection will go more that 12 to 13 crore because of first day humongous collection. ek tha tiger collect is dropped by 60% less second day.

  6. First negative point is similar to chakde india.
    Ppl bored sports type film.
    Soorma now gold but people need some new type films.
    Smj doing good reason mass entertaining film.
    People want entertainment film not old similar type film.
    It will do 6cr max today sorry Akshay u need to choose some new concept...
    Don't dream n hurt yourself to predict gold will do 150cr.
    Akshay kumar..... Better try next time good luck

  7. Hahahaha.. Kuch chutiye khush ho rahe h k Aaj ka collection kam hoga. But don't worry haters weekend khatam hone k baad bhokne aana or fir week k end pe. Abhi bhooke se kuch nahi milega. Ye 150 crore pakka jayegi. Likh k le le beta. Mera prediction 25 crore tha suru se hi or movie ne 25 se upper hi kiya h. Smj jasi movie TV pe rooj aati h. But gold salon mein koi koi banti h. Tumhare jaisey log nahi sudherenge.

  8. Gold ek achi movie h or abhi lamba weekend h ,. Isliye Gold abhi chlegi , kuch nuksan satyameva jayte ki wajah se bhi hua h lekin koi tention nhi h ,,, film abhi chlegi

  9. Today figures are very shocking. It means word of mouth is in negative side as reviews are also mixed. Raees had a 50% drop after Republic day holiday and it had mixed word of mouth.

  10. I have heard the movie is fairly flat and isnt super inspiring. Reema Kagti isnt the director to have that knack to drive this kind of a film. The Opening day will be the highest for this movie.

  11. This will definitely Cross race3 lifitime business

  12. Still long weekend to go.... It will definitely touch the 100 cr in 5 days

  13. Still long weekend to go.... It will definitely touch the 100 cr in 5 days

  14. With the BOI article both movies are at 7.50 and 7 crore respectively. Meaning Gold is at 32 and SMJ at 25.50. I feel the Clash has helped SMJ more than anything, it has got more publicity and being the small film it is a huge day 1 result.

  15. अक्षय कुमार इतनी दरियादिली दिखाते हैं । आज वो उन पर ही भारी पड़ गयी । हमारे शहर में Gold release नही हुई , ऐसे ही कई b ,c सेंटर के शहरोँ में Gold release नही हुईं । अक्षय कुमार के इन सेन्टर बहुत फैन फ़ॉलोअर्स हैं , लेक़िन फिल्म release नही हुईं । बॉलीवुड वालों को शर्म आनी चाहिए एक ही इंसान के साथ हर बार clash करते हैं , चेन्नई एक्सप्रेस के वक़्त 6 दिन बाद भी khan ने अक्षय कुमार को 1000 स्क्रीन दि , । जबकि अक्षय कुमार sabko अच्छी स्क्रीन दे देते है , इसका फायदा सब उठाते हैं और अक्षय के साथ clash करते है , औऱ तो ओर अक्षय सर् अपनी release डेट भी छोड देते हैं । अक्षय sir plz. Itne ache bhi mat bano ki hr koi aapka fayde uthaye ... 🌷🌴👍👍👍

    1. Screen koi deta nhi h....sbki apni-apni aukat ki bat h.....
      Is se clash isiliye krta h...
      Samajhta h jyada ghata nhi h

      Dum h to Aamir aur Salman ke Sath
      Koi clash krke dikhaye

    2. Correct bro . Sab log Akshay Sir ka fyda uthate hai .

    3. bhai kya baat boli hai.. very true

  16. रातके कलेक्शन भी ज्यादा नही होंगे अटल जी के देहांत से कुछ लोग तो रुक गए होंगे । 10 करोड़ मुश्किल है । 8-9 तक रहेंगे



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