Gold 1st Monday (6th Day) Box Office Collection Report.

August 21, 2018

Gold 1st Monday (6th Day) Box Office Collection Report.

Gold has registered big drop on 1st Monday (6th day) at box office. Same was the case for Satyameva Jayate for Monday. But SMJ can manage significant drop as it is into profits. Gold has not reached that position now. 

Monday results are alarming and hope that film manages good hold on Tuesday. There is Wednesday holiday but again with such holiday period business of Gold should have been much better.

Gold has collected an approx 4-4.25 crore nett on day 6. This is lower then our early trends mentioned yesterday as film has done extremely poorly in interiors. Because of that actual are lower.

Film total business after 6 days is approx 75.3-75.55 crore nett. Film will cross 85 crore mark inside first week (9 days). But real target should have been atleast 90-95 crore mark which is not possible unless film shows fantastic trending through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Gold should touch 100 crore mark in its theatrical run in India. But 125 crore mark looks out of reach now unless film shows excellent hold on 2nd Friday. Film needs a good trending from here on to emerge as HIT at box office. 2nd Friday is extremely crucial now.

Collection Breakup - 

Wednesday -> 25.25 crore nett.

Thursday -> 8.1 crore nett.

Friday -> 10.1 crore nett.

Saturday -> 12.3 crore nett.

Sunday -> 15.55 crore nett.

Monday -> 4-4.25 crore nett (est).

Total -> 75.3-75.55 crore nett (approx).

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  1. It is unfortunate; however, it seems like Akshay has a curse on him and he's not going to cross 150 crores ever. Right now, it feels like even 2.0 won't cross that either because of the long delays and crappy vfx work (that we witnessed in the teaser). I just hope he signs up for a big project and hit a home run for once.

  2. Akshay go and redefine yourself or else trust me. It would be all downhill from here

  3. AKSHAY KUMAR= HOLIDAYS . ITS SAD BUT FACT. Only way to make hit movies with Akshay seems to be make a low budget movie of 30 crore and then release it on holiday period.

  4. Gold movie sai inspire ho kar govt nai announce kia hai poor logon ko free Gold distribute karenge. Announcement sun kar saare Akki film kai producers nai office kai bahar line laga di hai

  5. Bad movie. nothing is there to be entertained. No reality, no story, no entertainment. Whatever the money is coming, there is a lot.

    1. हर फिल्म एंटरटेनमेंट के लिए नही होती हैं

      वेसे भी अक्षय कुमार ने एंटरटेनमेंट में कोई कमी नही की है बहुत साल तक लोगो का एंटरटेनमेंट किया हैं

      अगले साल कॉमेडी ड्रामा फिल्में फिल्में देंगे अक्षय कुमार

  6. Akshay Kumar ashoul stop doing these kinda movies. People are bored of it. Gold may not even reach 100 crore with this kind of trend.

  7. Leave 125 crores, 100 crores will not be too.

  8. due to excessive bhaktee, a good movie flopped

  9. If not for holiday period, film wld,ve earned not more than 75 crs that too coz of akshay n his new found nationalism in movies trying to cash in the manipulated sentiments of us indians by people who benefit personally frm it!
    Or else as a movie, its strictly average!!

  10. Ab to aisa lag Raha hai ki 100 cr bhi nahi hoga.yahi hai 200 saal ke gulami ka badla

  11. It will just cross 100 crores...It is overdose of patriotic movies though ! He needs to start doing masala movies again...If John does 75 crores by end of the run and Akshay does 100 crores...then Akshay has underperformed

  12. 50cr budget film is enough for Akshay...... let him also lower his signing pay to 10 cr if possible

  13. Lagta hai ye movie 100 cr bhi nahi kar payegi .4 holiday nahi milta to 70cr bhi par nahi karti.

  14. Razi did 125 crores without any holiday gold struggling to reach there.time for some thinking for Akshay kumar.he first did overdose of comedy now patriotic films

  15. Too much negative comments for a good movie. And this report is stating as if the movie is flop. Yes it has slightly underperformed. But it would have made 150 cr plus if released solo.

  16. Ajj kal Indian youth Audience ko achi content wali movie pasand nehi ati, koi bhi faltu film me 6 pack body,Action, hit item dance daldo film superhit hojayegi.

  17. Now a days if a Bollywood movie dont have action seen, Item dance then it difficult for the movie to attract audience,Same thing happen with Gold, only Family audience watch this movie. 120cr is still possible

  18. भारत ने आजादी के एक साल बाद अपने राष्ट्रीय खेल हॉकी में
    इंग्लैंड में जाकर गोल्ड जीता

    कितने मुस्किल हुई होगी उन लोगो एक Gold जितने के लिए ,,, ऐसी कहानी वाली फिल्मों की आप रोज
    बुराई कर रहे हो शर्म आनी चाहिए आपको ,

    जबकि सभी कलाकारों ने अच्छा अभिनय किया है , जिसके बाद हमे कोई भी बुराई करने का हक़ नहीं है ,हम कलेक्शन को लेकर दंगल , गोल्ड , चकदे इंडिया में फर्क कर रहे , बुरा लगता हैं ऐसा सुनकर ।

    हम ऐसे लोग हैं जो , कोई सफल होने लगे तो उसका उसका पैर pakad कर नीचे खींच लेते हैं

  19. Comment dekh ke aisa lag raha hai ki log ek achchi movie ko bhi flop karwane me lage hai....kyunki wo akshay Kumar ki movie hai.......

  20. Bhai the problem with the movie is Akshay isnt investing a lot of time in these movies barring them being nationalistic theme. The effort doesnt seem to be there since he is doing 2-3 movies a year. You cannot expect movies to hit 200 crore coz the overall involvement of the lead actor into the project is limited. Akki is doing it right and is on right path but unless he can go full scale of his time behind the movie, he wont get the returns upwards of 200 crore. It seems he is doing a concentrated effort of doing good subjects but it is rushed.

    Post reading the reviews it seems the movie could have been a lot better and thats why you see the movie missing the 100 crore extended weekend number when it started with huge 25+ Number.

    Once again ek acchi or bahut acchi movie mein bahut difference hota hai, Akki is stuck with Acchi phase with no build up for any of those movies. Hence jo marketing push hota hai woh missing hai and jo excitement in audience hai it only translates to 100 to 125 crore levels.

    1. Sahi bat h

      Phir bhi Akshay kumar present time me Acting ke hisaab se bhi Amir khan ke bad best Actor h.

      Overall Akshay Kumar ki Movie Excellent nhi to good to rhti hi h , Drama filmo me bhi Akshay kumar bhut entertainment krte h

      Akshay kumar big banner , big producer , director ke sath kam nhi krte h isliye buzz km rhta h ,,, or next year yhi hoga akshay kumar karan, nadiwala ke sath movie dege

      Akshay kumar ne lagatar achi filme ki lekin sabhi patriotic or social issue pr thi isiliye

      Ab public Akshay kumar se kuch alag dekhna chahati h

      Akshay kumar me talent ki koi kmi nhi h



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