Sanju vs Dangal vs PK vs Tiger Zinda Hai vs Baahubali 2. 10 Days Comparison.

July 9, 2018

Sanju vs Dangal vs PK vs Tiger Zinda Hai vs Baahubali 2. 10 Days Comparison.

As Sanju has demolished the Indian box office in second weekend. One thing is almost certain that film will collect in excess of 350 crore nett. Thus, it will become 2nd Bollywood film ever after Dangal to achieve this feat. 

Now question is, how it is performing against the likes of Dangal, PK and Tiger Zinda Hai after 10 days. We have also added Baahubali 2 for comparison, but that film is in some other league and it will need some getting to challenge that or even go near that.

Comparison below - 

Total after First Week (7 Days only) - 

Sanju -> 202.5 crore nett.

Dangal -> 197.5 crore nett.

Tiger Zinda Hai -> 206 crore nett.

PK -> 182.95 crore nett.

Baahubali 2 -> 247 crore nett.

Total after Second Weekend (10 Days only) - 

Sanju -> 265-265.25 crore nett (estimates).

Dangal -> 271.15 crore nett.

Tiger Zinda Hai -> 254.7 crore nett.

PK -> 236.25 crore nett.

Baahubali 2 -> 327.75 crore nett.

Comparison shows that Sanju is ahead of both Tiger Zinda Hai and PK after 10 days. Generally 10 days trend shows the trend of lifetime business. This means Sanju is on track to shatter PK and Tiger Zinda Hai lifetime collection in India. What goes big positive for Sanju is that both Tiger and PK had holiday period in first 10 days which is not in case of Sanju. Means, Sanju has more steam left.

As for comparing with Dangal, Sanju is lagging behind by 6 crores approx. However, Dangal also had holiday period which Sanju didn't. Hence, ideal comparison of Sanju with Dangal would be after completion of second week or may be after 3rd weekend. Film is challenging Dangal lifetime collection also there is no doubt about that.

As for challenging Baahubali 2 collection. That is simply out of question.

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  1. hahaha
    TZH ka record gaya..

    poor sallu fans..😭😭😭

  2. If Sanju a non holiday release is doing better than TIger Zinda Hai & PK, it shatters the myth of invincibility of so called Khans...They require holidays to do the business they are putting up today. Without holidays it is better to subtract 50 crores from each of their movies or add 50 to Sanju :)...Both ways it shows how they hide behind holidays...When someone challenges we see crack in stardom as evident with clashes like Bajirao Mastani & Dilwale

  3. Paisa bol rha hai. Bollyarena jahan salman ko bachane me lga hai wahi adda today kisi trah sanju ko dangal se uper dikhane me. DangAl k holiday dikh rhe hai per demonetization nhi dikh rha?? Dusri bast ye holiday woliday ka bahana chodo or aamir her Christmas pe film nhi krta to athg koi or kyu nhi deta ??? Ab diwali ko to itna Acha festival nhi mana jata film k liye thugs of hindostan her record tod demo for bhi. Film achi ho to log file dekh kr he celebrate krte hai.

    1. Diwali is not big festival lol Kiss sadhe main jee raha hain tu , in india eid is not big festival but diwali and chirstmas are big festivals .

      Chirstmas > Diwali > Eid

    2. So you are really telling Sanju if released on Holidat might not have added 30-40 crores more ?

  4. Non khans actors ko top quality director mil jaye to kya hota hai ye dekh liya non holiday period me bhi. Koi stardom nahi hai, sab media ka masala hai.

    1. Both things are present content as well as stardom but everytime content will beat stardom

  5. Dangal's holidays 25 December and 1 January was on sunday.if it would have fallen on weekdays then it should have been considered as a holiday release

  6. @Rudra

    Pk or 3idiots ko log saalo yaad rakhenge

    Sanjay datt ki Nakal "Sanju" ko nhi

    300 girls k sath sone vala bewda😂



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