Sanju Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Good Start Again.

July 3, 2018

Sanju Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Good Start Again.

Sanju has opened good again on Tuesday (5th day) in Morning shows across all India. This means we await for another huge day at box office as film is bound to take big growth in later half of the day.

Sanju has opened to around 30-31% occupancy in Morning shows of day 5. All samples are from multiplexes only. For the same samples, Monday opening was around 36%. Means a drop of just 15% in Morning shows.

Occupancy Report of Sanju for Morning (Multiplexes only) - 

Tuesday - 30-31%

Monday - 36%

Sunday - 80%

Saturday - 55-60%

Friday - 50-55%

Sanju will aim to collect in excess of 20 crore nett for the day again. Film had collected an approx 25 crore nett on Monday. Film is set to zoom past 150 crore mark in 5 days flat. In fact by the end of the day, film will touch 165 crore mark. Sanju is also on track to touch 200 crore mark in first week and thus it will be 3rd Bollywood film after Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai to achieve this feat and 4th overall if we include Baahubali 2 (Hindi).

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  1. Superb!

    Sallu fans in tension
    BB ka record toh jayega hi sath mein TZH ka bhi jayega agar aisi hi chalti rahi toh

    Note:Aamir ki Dangal ka record gaya toh bhi Aamir firse TOH ke sath ATHG apne naam karega.

    too much fun!

    1. Lol yeh naa ho ki thugs of hindostan 150 cr bhi naa cross kre btw apne aapko itna hi bada aamir fan samajhta hai toh bata TOH k baad aamir ki kaunsi movie aa rahi hai aur kab?btw agar thugs of hindostan flop ho gyi tb yeh mat kehna ki aamir kaa cameo thaa main toh amitabh sir the ����

  2. Sanju will become ATHG and it will Dangal record

    Power of content

    And 2 min silence for those amir fans who think that 3 idiots , pk and dangal become ATG coz of amir khanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. dukhti rag pe hath rakh diya
      lekin sach ka samna koi amir fan nahi karega

    2. ghajini,dhoom3 & dangal also ATHG without hirani

    3. Before 3 idiots know one knew about Hirani and that can be confirmed by the collection of Munna Bhai.........It was only after 3 idiots Raju Hirani gained limelight

    4. ruhail bahi apney tu tingu fan ki baj di. level ki insult kar di. but yeah besharm log hain. ohh sory log nai ek hi hai different ids key sath sark shap

    5. Bhai dangal me konsa massala content tha

      Konse blockbuster song the ??

      Konsi bigg heroin thi ??

      Konsa hiraani tha ??

      Or bhai india me log kb se content movie dekhne lgeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Content movie dekhte to Rajkumar rao or Irfaan khan 300 crore kma leteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

      Dangal me to aamir ka bina Heroism or vfx body k Buddha roll tha ( but gazab ki acting thi )

      Not bandi pe b india ki sabse bdi hitt di

  3. 21cr. Ke aaspas rh sakta h aaj ka collection

  4. Wow the other films were holiday releases... Ranbir is zooming ahead of khans ... the other boy Ranveer proved with Padmavaat and now Ranbir !!!

  5. I think Ranbir & Ranveer are at cusp of challenging Khans for holiday release... also Srk will be the first one to struggle as if you look at records he is no longer at the top... in fact post this movie both Ranbir & Ranveer will have bigger grosser than Srk

  6. Bhai ka stardom 160 cr
    Ranbir Kapoor stardom 4 days 145 cr

  7. Some aamir fans seems to b in coma they r worrying abt salman films instead of their superstars films..and they r trying hard to shw their frustratn on salman.if sanju becomes ATHG then it clearly shws that content is real king..and it affects aamir mor than salman..and sunil khurana pls avoid comments against salman in each and evry posts in addatoday..i dnt knw what happnd to u..earlier u seems to b a good film nw u became an anti salmaniac and nothing else..this is nt the way to shw lov towrds ur star..everyone knws salman and aamir r way abv the rst of the stars..pls dnt degrade them and their movies based on one film..and if my comments hurts u pls excuse i nvr meant to hurt u..

    1. bro..u r right
      i m also not against salman

      but sallu fans always gives excuses and saying Aamir is content dependant star

      but what is d megastardom that will know to all of us dis diwali

      i m very sure each n every record will belongs to Aamir this diwali even it will beat bahubali2(hindi)

      all we know that only Aamir can break bahubali2(hindi) record

      TOH will be HGOTY for sure
      only to see will it becomes ATHG or not

      but Aamir never failed in last 10 years to give ATHG if we exclude bahubali2(hindi)

      and breaking d bahubali2(hindi) record will not be easy

    2. Chani express bi ATHG thi pechly 10 saloon key darmayan. pk ka manipulated nikal do tu bb by ATHG hi thi.

  8. Bhai besharm Ka bhi had hota hain ek movie acha gya NH ki baapse compare krne lga sanju chor ranbir Ka next movie se compare krna awkaat pta chal jaega aur rha bat sanju Ka to its because of Rajkumar hirani and controversial life of Sanjay dutt that is giving limelight or else ranbir was lost in past and may be in future too I appreciate acting of ranbir in sanju but it will be too early to compare him with khan just like you can't compare him with amitabh bachan and rajnikant because of their fan following and unmatched stardom

    1. Haha first of all let’s remove Srk from when we refer as Khans

      It has been almost 5 years since he crossed 150 forget 200... he is struggling to cross 100 these days ... I doubt you will put him in league of Salman & Aamir. I am amazed st his poor run

      Love you zindagi

  9. Evry one knws that salman and aamir r the only stars who can carry the film on their shoulders regardless of the content on current scenario..and sharukh needs only one film to find the code correctly to come to their leauge as he still has massive fan following..and even if TOH fails to broke any record it doesnt mean aamir is nt a megastar..he alrdy prooved al his worth as well as salaman..and if sharukh finds a winning formula we al knw that what his stardom was during the 2000-09 period..sanju scored big due to many many favourable factors..plz dnt compare ranbir with salman and aamir as he still has to proove many things..and we can hope he wl as he has the caliber to do so..i find it as a joke as many people alrdy placed ranbir abv salman and aamir based on one movie..guys seriously..??

  10. I cant understand y al wants every film of salman and aamir to score a triple century at box office..its ok to xpect their film to enter in the elite club bt even if they fail to do so is nt a failure..salman and aamir currently occupays a leauge of therir own as the non teatrical of their films r un imaginably high that is from satelight right,television rights etc..others only dream abt this conditn right nw..and both of them have massive massive fan following..and pls dnt right off sharukh he also commands a huge following among he need is a gd content film which reaches al sort of audience..

  11. Everyone knows in front of ranbir acting salman's acting is nothing in every movie...



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