July 8, 2018

Sanju heading for a Massive 2nd Sunday (Day 10). Big Jump Again.

Sanju is registering a big growth of 25-30% on 2nd Sunday (10th day) from 2nd Saturday. Jump is huge if we consider that 2nd Saturday business was in higher level. In fact 2nd Saturday also registered a huge growth from 2nd Friday.

Sanju opened to around 50-55% occupancy in Morning shows. Film picked up huge in day time and registered an occupancy of 78-80% for Noon shows. Film has hold very strong from Evening onward and as per latest registering an occupancy of 70%.

Occupancy Report of Sanju for 2nd Sunday

Morning - 50-55% (2nd Sat 32%)

Noon - 78-80% (2nd Sat 53%)

Evening - 70% (2nd Sat 71%)

Early trends suggest, Sanju 10th day collection is heading towards 27-28+ crore nett. These are very early estimates from limited samples and actual may vary. Night shows are just about to start and major reports from interiors are awaited for the day. Hence, final count will vary accordingly.

As if now, Sanju second week business is heading towards 62-63 crore nett mark. This is humongous and it means film has every chance of collecting unprecedented 100 crore mark in second week itself.

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  1. Enter your comment...
    Some credit should b given 2 Sanjay Dutt also

    1. Yes agreed he had a life which everyone was curious to see

  2. If it crosses 300 by end of second week and 100 crores in week 2, this is like more than life time of JHMS and almost collections of Raees... week 2 of Sanju might be bigger than most Srk films last 5 years

  3. Ranbir kapok and Rajkumar Hirani demolished the idea that we need festivals... just imagine this released on Xmas... don’t tell me it could not have gone past Dangal this would have been our first 400 crores movie

    This will end at 350-360 crores and if festival adds even 10 to 15 percent this would have had lifetime of 385-410 crores ... this is just massive

  4. Sanju will go past all holiday releases of Salman and is already past all releases till date of Srk Ajay Akshay

    Only one record won’t be broken that is Dangal but if it would have got a release date like Dangal this would have been challenging 410... a great director and great movie with superb acting is much bigger than Khans 🤣🤣

    Also we can’t deny Rajkumaf Hirani had big part in making Aamir who he is today

    Facts don’t care about feelings hence I will be blunt that don’t mess with directors like Sanjay Leela or Rajkumar.,. They are becoming a brand in themselves

  5. Abe lallu then we can also not deny that Aamir had a big part on making raju hirani who he is today. Without raju aamir has 4 ATBB and 3 ATHG but raju without aamir doesn't have even 1 ATHG.😂😂😂😂😂. Raju hirani is great director no doubt but saying that he has big part of making an already established and no 1 megastar aamir khan is as absurd as most of Salman Khan films. And even if raju hirani had big part on making aamir what he is then you or anyone can't deny that suraj barjatya has great part of making Salman what he is and same goes for Yash chopra and karan johar for making srk what he is.

    1. What about Ghajini, Dhoom 3 and Dangal? Were those films directed by Hirani?

    2. What an reply !just amazed at your response

    3. Aamir before 3 idiots was not in the league when it came to popularity... it is Raju who put him in that league. Period !

    4. Just shut up and tell your name of you have guts. Are you an alien???? Who was raju hirani without aamir??? Its aamir who made raju hirani this big. Period. Aamir doesnt need any big director his name sells and he is biggest crowd puller. Let's see how far sanju goes. It will not beat dangal and it will prove that raju hirani can not deliver HGOTY without aamir as I am sure even with average content TOH will break opening day, weekend and life time of sanju within no time though sanju has better content. LOL. Get some chocolate baby. Aamir was is and will remain biggest brand of Indian cinema. Period.

    5. Aamir was always popular and craze among youngsters especially women from day 1. WTF are you talking you moron???? Aamir is the one who made raju hirani what he is today. So stay within your limit. And if raju hirani made aamir big then suraj barjatya is the only reason Salman exists in bollywood today and same goes for srk Who exists only because of yash chopra.

  6. Harry bro u nailed it bang on point. How did Raju Hirani made a Actor who had Raja Hindustani, Rangeela, Lagaan,Sarfarosh,Rang De Basanti, Ghajini in his credit. I believe this are Salman fans commenting as always illogical.

  7. Sunju is hit movie because of Rajkumar hirani otherwise gandu(ranbir kapor) flop flop actor



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