Sanju breaks many Myth - No one can Rise above the Script.

July 12, 2018

Sanju breaks many Myth - No one can Rise above the Script.

Sanju has broken a few myth that Bollywood is following in last few years. We will like to summarise that in few points. Sanju is a path breaking films in many ways specially for the film makers and hope that they realise it sooner than later.

Myths that are broken - 

1. Most important myth is that a film needs good release date (Holiday or Festive period) to be a huge grosser at box office. Sanju is on its way to touch 350 crore in India. Yes, film might have scored bit more because of extra 2-3 holidays if its got released in Holiday period, but again that is if's and but. A good film will attract audiences forcefully to theaters in whichever time of the year. There is no doubt on that.

2. Producers, exhibitors, distributors and trade people are confused that whether it is better to release a film in Holiday period by clashing with another biggie or to come solo in a normal weekend period. Answer is, if one is confident about the product then it is better to come solo also. However, if they are not then better to clash in festive time and collect as much as possible in first 2-3 days to reduce the loses.

3. It's all about good and bad films. Many in trade expect that pure mainstream 'masala' entertainers are guaranteed box office 'dhamaka'. However, film with socially relevant messages struggle to be a huge grosser. First Dangal and now Sanju demolishes this myth.

4. Finally, it is the 'Script' that is the original hero not the star. Bollywood is mostly star driven industry. In recent years it is not so. Ranbir Kapoor has given some big flops in recent times. Everyone knows that. He was going downhill. But he is now back to the top league and main reason is 'Sanju'. He finally chooses a script which is the 'king'. You choose right product you will strive forward. You take your stardom for granted and choose bad or average product, you will go down in a flash. No one can take their stardom for granted. No one can rise above the script.

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  1. But ek din ek movie karne ki akkal bollywood ko kisne di ??

    Aamir ne hi na.....

    Ranbir , ranvir ,aaliya sabka roll model kon h ??...only aamir

  2. I'm waiting for Salman to man up and have the courage to release his films during non-festive season. But wait.... It will fail terribly. Lol

  3. But south vaalo ko kab akkal aayegi ??

    Hmesha maar kaat , Masiha vali movie , hero k piche lattu heroin , crape movie kb tak bnate rhenge

    Bahubali b ek masiha vali movie hi h

    Mushkil se BB2 me 5-7 kirdar hi honge

    Bollywood jitna rangin or colourfull h , etna koi Wood nhi h

  4. Vese screept to

    Tubelite me b thi

    Or Dhoom 3 or Tiger zinda h me konsi screept thi ?

  5. Enter your comment...
    Bahubali 2 was released in non festive period and still collected over 500 cr

  6. It's not myth.One film can not decide . So many bakwas movies of Salman hit because of Eid and muslim factor only.

  7. It's not myth.One film can not decide . So many bakwas movies of Salman hit because of Eid and muslim factor only.

  8. It also proved that Salman can only give hit on big festivals and certain genre otherwise his highest non holiday grosser is jai ho at 107 cr (with manipulations) as jai ho did not cross 100 cr and it actually broke salman's so called 100 cr streak. And talaash was offbeat thriller and risky still aamir's unprecedented stardom made it clean hit at 93 cr. I bet if anyone else was in talaash instead of aamir (including salman) it wouldn't even collect 20 cr life time. This proves how big aamir is and Salman is nothing simply nothing without holidays.



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