June 28, 2018

Sanju Advance Booking Report for Friday (Opening Day). Its Huge.

Sanju is one of the most awaited movie of the year without a single doubt. Yes, Ranbir Kapoor is a big star. But Rajkumar Hirani is even a bigger star. Hirani is easily the biggest director of today's time by miles. With films such as Munnabhai series, 3 Idiots, PK under his helm, audience expect no less than a classic from him. If today we have to take 3 names whose crowd pull is biggest in India then it has to be Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Rajkumar Hirani.

Hence, expectation from Sanju is simply colossal. It is a biopic on controversial life of Sanjay Dutt. Film releasing this Friday that is tomorrow. So, how are the advance booking report of the film at the moment exactly around 20-21 hours before the first show.

As reports are coming in Sanju advances are excellent. In fact it is huge in multiplexes. Film is behaving like a Salman or Aamir starrer film. There is a big chance that film will open in the level of 25-30 crore mark which will be outstanding for a normal working day.

Till last report, Sanju has registered an advances of 35-37%. Still one day to go and there is no doubt advances will increase rapidly now. Film is slated to take bumper opening on Friday, if we simply go by the advances.

If Sanju advances are considered with Race 3. Then Race 3 registered an advances of 30% at same time (20 hours prior to release of 1st show). Hence, right now Sanju advances are ahead of Race 3. However, Race 3 was releasing on pre-Eid. Hence, this comparison is not legit. Sanju advances are better in multiplexes to Race 3, whereas lower in single screens.

Sanju is getting released in huge 4200-4300 screens. Allocations are still going in and final screen count will be nearly same as Race 3 (4300 screens). If it stays below it will be just by few. Average ticket price (ATP) of Sanju is kept at all time high. It is on par with Race 3, Tiger Zinda Hai or Dangal. 

Film has actually become an event. There is no doubt film will do big business in opening weekend. Content will determine how film proceeds from Monday onward. One thing is certain that Sanju is set to be biggest opener of Ranbir Kapoor's career and if all goes well will be his biggest HIT and grosser till date.

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  1. Fantastic news
    Excellent h Advance booking

  2. 250 cr. Confirm ho gye baki review or Story pr bhi h

    Sanjay dutt ki Jay

    1. Bhai Ye Bollywwod ki pahli movie Hogi jo 400cr karegi

  3. ye hue na baat..
    aab ayega maza ..

    dekhte hai sanju kinte din mein race 3 cross karti hai

    dekhlo sallu fans agar sanju eid pe release hoti toh aaram se 35+cr opening le leti

    1. Agar yeh christmas mein release hota to definte 45 cr maar deta.
      Amir ka kisi bhi film inta opening nahin kar sakta.
      If sanju goes on to be a blockbuster then it will be clear that the entire credit should go to raju hirani and not to amir

    2. Maza ab nahi maza tb ayeinga jb salman dhoom4 sign karega aur phr amir aur salman ka comparison bohut acche se hoga phr compare kerlena opening and lifetime collection of dhoom3 and dhoom4 , dekhleinge amir megastar hain yaa salman

    3. @Ruhail
      abey tu 2013 ki movie jo ATBB/ATHG bani thi uska cimparison 2020 ki d4 se karega


      sach mein sallu fans ka fimag reksha chalane mein hi lagta hai

      D4 2019 mein release karde aur TOH and Dangal se compare kar

      aur agar nahi toh agli Aamir ke film ke sath D4 compare kar

      Aamir ki purani movues se sallu ki latest film compare karega isse aukat pata chalti hai tum logo ki

      abey sallu ko iss janam kya 10 janam mein bhi Dangal ww nahi tutega chahe 10 Dhoom karle


    4. Darr gaya naa tu 😂😂😂 chal theek hain Dangal aur Thugs se he compare kerle and btw i m not a rickshaw puller lol tere jaise log mere papa ke office ka floor saaf kerte 👎

    5. @Parshya I agree with you. Tingu salman's fans are as dumb and retarded as his dumb shit movies. And we all know that YRF will never sign lallu for dhoom 4 after race 3 debacle and how he ruined the franchise and also it's a fact that they will never make dhoom 4 unless aamir the biggest megastar agrees to be part of dhoom 4 becusse no one is bigger than aamir and no one can replace him. So dhoom series will only end with Aamir. So if dhoom 4 will be made it will have Aamir in lead role otherwise no chance for dhoom 4. Only lallu' s PR team is spreading fake rumors of lallu being part of dhoom 4. LOL.

    6. Ydi sallu ko dhoom 4 di to

      Race 3 se b bura haal hoga...

      Budget 250 crore...or kmayi 200 crore

      Fir b Boi avrage bta dega😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Excepting a dhamaka act from RK

  5. Aagaya khurana.. Khurana Tu ek kaam kar Amir Khan ( Tingu ) tak Yeh message pahuncha de ki Bhai ke Saath Eid ke din clash Kare Aur ha Amir Hi nahi koi bhi star Kare Aur beat Kar ke battay Aaj ki date mai toh mai Uska fan ban jaaunga.

    1. @Nazir Abe chutiye tu ek kaam kar. Salman Khan (fat Tingu) ko bol ki ek baar kisi se bhi clash kar ke dikhaye aur beat karke dijhaye. Clash ke bina bhi tingu Salman flop de raha hai back to back Tubelight aur race 3 to soch clash karega to kya haal hoga???? Waise bhi lallu aaj tak 1 bhi clash jeet nahi paya. 😂😂😂😂 while on the other hand aamir already won many clauses against Sunny deol such as dil vs gahyal and RH vs ghatak and many other clashes he won easily. So instead of Aamir ask your lallu to face a clash if he has guts. Terr tingu Salman ki height kitni hai yeh sab ko malum hai. Is liye aukaat me reh riksha waale.

    2. then bhai u shoud be fan of Eid not Salman

  6. Yeah his hirani KS kamaall kya Aamir bacche keep Sarah bhi bumper opening de details hai

  7. It z hirani magic not ranbir , after sanju ranbir's flop graph will open again and btw ranbir is bigger star than amir khan

    1. Abe lallu ranbir is much bigger star than your Salman(tingu) because in 2008 he thrashed him in clash and now again he will thrash him with sanju by beating race 3 by big margin. So ranbir is much bigger star than salman.

  8. If all credit went/goes to Hirani,then why Dhoom3 and Dangal became such Blockbusters

  9. Tum Roj Salman Amir, Srk ke bare me Ladte ho
    ,लेकिन भारतीय सिनेमा के सारे बड़े रिकॉर्ड तो प्रभास के पास है
    अब मत कहना ये कि साउथ मूवी है ।।
    Hindi में भी 511 Cr. का कलेक्शन हैं ।
    बाहुबली 2 👍👍🌷👍👍

    1. But ww record ek ordinary movie se tod diya aamir ne

      Movie me Bina kisi ka khun bhaye

      Vese Bahubali se pahle prabhas kya h ??

      Prabhas movie me sirf Nak fulaana jaanta h😂

      Sadak chap Masiha type south movie....bahubali

  10. @jagdish Balakrishnan aka Ruhail the fake ids ki dukaan Abe lallutard kitne fake ids banaega??? Aamir never gave 45 cr opening???? Then when did your lallu give 45 cr opening??? And when did aamir released his film on national holiday which lallu and srk have been doing since many years. Let TOH release it will surely open more than 45 cr and kick your ass. In stardom no one is even a mile close to Aamir. Box office race starts with him and ends with him. Salman is not even near the shoes of Aamir in stardom. Period.

  11. Ab lallu ki aukat pata chalegi..





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