Race 3 Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows.

June 19, 2018

Race 3 Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows.

Race 3 has started slowly on Tuesday (Day 5) Morning shows at Indian Box Office. As early samples are coming in film is registering an occupancy of about 18-19% which is a drop of around 15% from Monday. Hold is again decent from Monday.

Race 3 should pick up as day progresses and we expect film to have best occupancy in Evening and Night shows. As Monday reports of the film is out. Film trending is just decent. On Monday film registered a drop of around 50% from Friday. Ideally, a drop of 40% or less is touted as good. 

Race 3 has received one of the worst ratings from critics in recent times. It is easily the most penned down Salman Khan movie in last few years. However, his stardom, Eid, action genre and Race franchise has save the day.

As film has opened big in India and Overseas, there is no such issue about the recovery. But being a Salman Khan film it is not about just the recovery. It is about his current form. Anything below a 200 crore nett collection in India will be termed as a disappointment considering film is highly loaded with action. 

Right now from Monday trending and Tuesday start, it is looking like film is heading towards 180-200 crore mark. Let's wait for Tuesday result. Picture will be further clear. 

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  1. बस , हो गई यात्रा पूरी,चौथे दिन ही चौथा हो गया भाई का, लोल

  2. Race 3 finish!
    back to back flops that too on eid

    Salman The Megastar.

    Now Sallu will not get solo release on next eid

    Sallus stardom is finished!

    Sallu fans bahot gamand kar rahe the
    chalo mera target pura hua

    mai sallu fans ko sabak sikhana chahta tha..

    Every one needs friendly genre,content and holiday

    1. What are you what is your aukad - you are persistently defaming someone who doesn't even care a dickhair about you -get some life - grow up

  3. Sallu fans plz aage se hawabaji band karo

    nahi toh firse chalu karenge Bharat ane do ye hoga wo hoga..

    akhir mein ghanta kuch nahi hota.

    stay in limit!

    best of luck for Bharat which is also a remake!

    remake sequel ke siva sallu fans ko kuch naya dikhne ko nhi milega

    dekhte raho bhaijaan ko shirt nikalte hue ..

    bajao citiya aur karte raho faltugiri...

  4. Hi Ankur whats is the Landing cost for Race 3 ?? any idea? do all the distributers will make money even if RACE 3 is not able to cross 200 mark? please reply if u can thanks

  5. Salman stardom is limited to Eid n three days
    And Ankur is biggest fan giving bias reports

  6. Semihit भी न होगी ये,बस एवरेज मूवी मानी जायेगी

  7. Khujli wale Khurana (sorry khurand :) gadhe aur Azeem / Mohd duffers.. abe kam se kam jiski site par ho uski baat ko to samajh lo.. sorry tum to lagta school gaye hi nahi to english kahan se samajh aayegi.. but anyhow let me help you..
    Unanimously all trade analysts have reaffirmed the superstardom of Salman khan had made this film a success and that too a big one with 180-200 crores expected.. if there was anyother actor like tingu Aamir, SRK etc in this movie.. it would be struggling to reach even 50 crores by now.. samjhe gadho.. sorry tumhe gadha kehna to donkey bura maan jayega.. chalo let me know defame any animal.. will call you just DUFFERS, JERKS, IDIOTS.. as that is what you folks are :) :)

    1. haha.. well said. sunil khurraana koi gawaar lagta hsi..he is smitten by salmans megastardom.. but uske jaise kai loh ghoom rahe hai.. sab iss bimaari se pareshaan hai..
      This guy has many IDs. In some websites he addresses himself as parshya. so to conclude, aadmi bekaar lagta hai :)

    2. Even Aamir took shook franchise with mix wom made ATBB.. Salman can only do action movies n all his movies r similar.. who will remember bodyguard,jaiho, wanted, kick, in fact any of his movies, coz it all looks same illogical action sequence n body show off, except B.B. n sultaan.Look at Aamir we can identify each and every character n his movies will b remembered 10yrs down the lane, that’s called the versality n choice of smart movie choice.. The funniest part is Salman can’t even kick properly or even do a full split for sure. When he talks he looks like he is asthmatic, he runs short of breath.. I prefer to watch Tiger’s or Hrituk’s action where we see action efforts.. For now salman can still do these kind of movies n his blind fans will make it massive openings but what in 5 yrs or 10yrs what role will he do? Seriously he may as well retire. He is deliberately staying Bachelor to keep the stardom going.. He has a massive stardom but an ordinary actor.. Whereas Aamir prefers to stay low profile and has less stardom but 10 times better actor than salman..Salman can pull crowds with any movie for sure for 3 days, so crédit goes to him for having that craze n stardom, but it’s not everything.. As an actor he or she should b able to act convincingly. Peace out if I offend die hard salman fans whose world stops on Salman stardom.

  8. Flop for SALMAN KHAN means 180-200 crores..1.5 to 2 crores+ footfalls ... HA HA HA HA HA.. such is his SUPERSTARDOM STATUS ... Khuarand aur uske jaise duffers ki jal bhun rahi hai.. koi paani bhej to unke liye ki raakh ko thandi kar lein :) :) :)

  9. Trade figar is 121 producer is 126 so what is the right collection

  10. सनी बर्दाश्त करो,और फ्लॉप को एक्सेप्ट करो,तुझ से ज़्यादा इंग्लिश आती है, समझे, लेकिन यहां क्या फायदा अंग्रेज़ बनके,मुझे अपनी मातृभाषा हिंदी में लिखना पसंद है।फ़िल्म एवरेज है तो है, इसमे इतना झंडू बालम क्यों हो रहा है, बर्दाश्त करो

  11. Azeem Ahmad dkh film to bht bekar h....but but but still average nhi h sale gross collection 200cr cross kr chuka isse hit hone k 150 cr krna tha....
    itna faltu movie 200cr Kama rhi h isse kahte h fan base....jhns to isse to achi thi phir v 67cr lifetime collection.... chal jaa tere bolne se average nhi honewali hit ho chuki h



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