Race 3 Movie Review


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June 16, 2018

Race 3 Movie Review

Race 3 is the big ticket event film in this festive time of Eid. One has hell lot of expectations as it is the 3rd installment to Race franchise. In addition this time there is Salman Khan in the film and 'expectation' bar raises even further. Apart from Salman, film also stars Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem and Freddy Daruwala in pivotal roles. So, will Race 3 meet on the expectations? Let's do the Movie Review!

Story (Spoiler free) - Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor) who is a weapon manufacturer and supplier, lives a royal life in Al Shifah. Sikander (Salman Khan) is his eldest son. Sanjana (Daisy Shah) and Suraj (Saqib Saleem) are twins and are the youngest daughter-son of Shamsher. Yash (Bobby Deol) is the trustworthy bodyguard of Sikander. Shamsher loves and trust Sikander the most. This doesn't go down well with his other children Sanjana and Suraj. In between, there arrives Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez) who plays the love interest of???

Shamsher lives a King size life in Al Shifah but wants to return to Handiya which is his native. But there is a problem because of which he can't. Hence, Shamsher makes a plan, so that he could return to his roots in Handiya.

Will Shamsher able to return to Handiya? What is Jessica character all about. Whom she loves? What will happen to the internal turmoil generating between Sanjana-Suraj and Sikander. Who will come out winner in this family Race? For these, one has to watch the film in theaters.

Film first half is slow. At places it is even boring. Actually, the introduction part takes a bit of time. Yes, a star like Salman needs a good introduction, but for others it could have been avoided. Songs come as a speed breakers. Overall, first half could have been easily edited by 10-15 minutes.

Second half is also slow to start of. But after 20 minutes or so, film picks up the pace. It is the second half (which is much better than first half), which saves the day for the film. Last 20-30 minutes are fantastic with lots of twist and turns. One expect that from Race 3.


1. World Class Action stunts. Definitely on par with international standard. Is a visual delight specially in 3D format.

2. Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor.

3. Twist and Turns in the film.


1. Average music.

2. Slow first half.

3. Editing.

Now coming to performances. Salman Khan makes big ground in Race franchise. He is the real 'Sikander' of the film. Yet again he delivers his best. If Race 4 happens he is definitely on. Anil Kapoor is a revelation and delight to audiences. Whenever he comes to screen he delivers magic. He is simply irreplaceable. Race is incomplete without him. Bobby Deol gives a honest performance to his role. He is definitely back. Hope he gets more pivotal role in coming times. 

Jacqueline Fernandez looks Hot and stunning. She dance well. Her action stunts are amazing. Same goes for Daisy Shah. Honestly we don't have so much expectation from Daisy. But she proves us wrong. In fact, her action stunts in first half is praiseworthy. Saqib is good and gives a first rated job. Freddy Daruwala has a small role and he does justice to that.

Coming to Remo D'Souza's direction. Remo direction is strictly ok. His direction could have been better specially in first half. Still, he recovers well in second half. He simply passes the director's test with average mark.

At Box Office, Race 3 will definitely emerge as a Hit! But it may not be the next huge 300 crore grosser (we do hope film proves us wrong though). Film will do huge business in first 3-4 days which will take it over 100 crore mark in a flash. Film should touch 200 crore in its lifetime business and will emerge as a Hit/Super Hit in final count.

Verdict - Race 3 is definitely one time watch (must watch for 'Bhai' fans) for many reasons. It's a Salman Khan film coming in EID. Action stunts are world class. One of the best ever in Bollywood if not the best. Scale of the film is grand. Film has a lot of thrills and twists. It is a Race series after all. Overall, it is a Paisa Wasool Entertainer which is badly needed in ticket counters to bring back the audiences.

Rating - We give 3 Stars (2.5 stars & an additional 0.5 for International Standard Action Stunts) out of 5. Race 3 is an one time watch. Bring on the family to theaters in this festive time of EID. 


  1. What a boating movie yaar,bull shit

  2. What a boaring movie yaar,bull shit,sar dard ho gaya dekh kr

  3. Anil Kapoor is a revelation. Wow. He is in the industry since the 80s giving consistently good performances and you call him a revelation.

  4. Sallu Fans yane rang badlu girgit hai

    Flop hue toh flop starcast flop trailer flop director aur Blockbuster hue toh Sallu bhaijaan ka jalwaa..

    wa re sallu fans..
    koi excuses nahi chahiye!!

  5. Ankur sir very biased and bad review.

  6. Muje race 3 ka trailer hi pasand nhi aaya tha.... Tabhi pta tha picture achi nhi hogi chahe collection acha kar le...

    Lekin ab lagta h Race jyda lambi nhi chlegi

  7. बहुत ही बुराई की है समीक्षकों ने फ़िल्म की,150 भी कर ले तो भी बहुत होगा,1.5 स्टार मिले केवल

  8. What a lovely film. Sure blockbuster

  9. ईमानदारी से बोलू तो वाकई भाई की इस मूवी ने बेहद निराश किये रेस 1 और रेस 2 की अपेक्षा...... न कहानी है न सस्पेंस है न सांग अच्छे है न एक्टिंग अच्छी है सब औसत है बस थोडा एक्शन अच्छा है पर वो भी बिना सर पैर वाला हाँ लोकेशन बहुत अच्छा है

  10. Your review is PURE SHIT man :)
    you know it is a totally crap and worthless movie.
    And how dare you call Anil Kapoor a "Revelation, are YOU NEW to BOLLYWOOD??? O.o

    We people come to visit your site for honest news, just keep youslef at that, do not try to write reviews if all you're gonna do is writing nonsense about any Salman Khan starer... Change your mindset guys...

  11. @ankur you r too much biased. Go and watch once with ur spects on and then write the review. You wont even give 2* for such a crap.
    Compare it with Raazi, this one is hell of a headache. I didn't expect such non sense review from you. Really FOOLISH

  12. Such a bad and bullshit movie... Crap headache... Saif was far better and abbas mastan also

  13. Wahiyaat...total waste of money.

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