Race 3 Monday (4th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Crucial Test Begins.

June 18, 2018

Race 3 Monday (4th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Crucial Test Begins.

Race 3 has taken a slow start but decent start at ticket counters on Monday (Day 4) Morning shows as early samples are coming in. Samples are from multiplexes only. There is no doubt when Single Screens opens today it may again open well. That might be good news for makers as SS trends to tend better than multiplexes in India. Race 3 is doing outstanding so far in SS.

Now coming to Race 3 opening today. Film has registered an occupancy of 20-25% in multiplexes across India. Single Screens are not started and hence reports are awaited. For the same samples, Friday opening was around 45%.

Being working day today, Race 3 occupancy will be on lower level specially in Morning and Noon shows. Plus, ticket prices will also be reduced. However, if ground level reports are decent to good then we expect film to grow big from Evening onward. 

And if ground level reports are negative to mixed then film will find it tough to sustain from today onward. Hence, Monday is very crucial in a way for Race 3. Today business will determine, whether film can be a huge grosser or not.

Race 3 has collected in excess of 106 crore nett in first 3 days. Film ride on Salman Khan stardom and EID holiday (on Saturday) to put up such big numbers. It will be the content which will take film from here on. Film should be a HIT in bare minimum from here on, unless film totally collapses today.

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  1. Replies
    1. very difficult.. to be honest 12 cr + will be an achievment ..lets hope for best though

  2. 15cr
    Megastar salman khan
    Baki sab chIni kam

  3. Is Race Ka Sikandar Main Ho Go SalmanKhan

  4. Anything between 15crs to 20crs will be good numbers considering WOM is mixed,,,,,

  5. Race1-Super hit
    Race3-Semi hit/flop

    Bhaijaan ka jalwaa


    1. According BOI Domestic
      Race--60cr NBOC- 46cr budget- hit
      Race2-93cr NBOC- 94cr budget-94cr-semi hit
      Race3-106cr* 3d NBOC- 100cr budget with extremely negative reviews

    2. Dadudh,
      r2 budget was 94cr
      r3 including 3d and sallu only 100cr. How's possible?

    3. Because r3 did not much expense in promoting. 3d is just main cities not overall & sk fees not included hi is distributing the movie so movie budget including p&a 100cr so 150cr hit 200cr superhit 300cr blockbuster just because of sk stardom.one think u note all are against sk too down them because hi is unmatchable stardom in india

  6. Dhoom-hit
    Dhoom3-ATBB/ATHG(average movie for sallu fans)

    Average movie ko ATBB/ATHG bana diya Aamir ne
    aur idhar Race series hi barbad kara di bhaijaan ne

    isse toh kehte hai bhai ka jalwaa


  7. kal se ek bhi sallu fan dikhayi nahi dega aur firse chalu karenge
    bharat ane do abki bar 600cr


    hota to kuch nahi bechre opening and weekend mein hikhush rahte hai jo ki koi yaad nahi rakhta

    sirf life time collection yaad rahta hai..

    opening and eekend toh hamesha break hota rahega par sallu fans Aamir ke life time ka record kab todoge?

    shayd agla janam lena padega


    1. Abe solo release 4600 screens me release aur eid holiday itna hone pe toh sala kisi ki film 100 crore weekend kar legi

    2. Lekin afsos is baat ka hai ke ita sab hone bad bhi sirf ab tak 6 movie ne ooening weekend per 100 cr kiye excluding bahubali 2
      In 6 me se salman ki 5 hai or amir ki 1
      To bhai tu to rehnde koi bat pata ni hai or.usme zada bat bhi kar rha hai

  8. अगर आज 15 से कम रहता है तो खतरे की घण्टी होगी मूवी के लिए और फ़िल्म लाइफ टाइम 180 से नीचे सिमट जाएगी एवरेज स्टेटस के साथ,

  9. Race 3 is a bad film. But race was never a superhit and race 2 was only a semi hit.

  10. Sai mein, don’t u guys feel all salman movies look the same exception being B.B. n sultan.. Who’s gonna remember kick, bodyguard, tiger franchise , race 3, coz it’s all the same action which south movies does 100 times better .. Well for Aamir all we can identify n remember each character n movie n will b remembered 20 yrs down the line.. Ab to salman fit hai so he is making crowd go crazy with his built n action. Par kya 5 saal baad, what kind of role will suit him?? As he knows little to none acting...But must say his craze is unmatchable atm...

  11. sahil kisi ek actor name bata????

    1. Aamir The biggest Global Megastar!!

      just wait for diwali
      Bahubali2 ka weekend bhi gaya!

  12. Race 3 worst movie doesn't match previous race deries

  13. Salman action starrer movie to forget like many others...
    Superstar, but non actor.
    Always doing the same stuff action masala etc.
    Give him a content film like Tubelight it flops badly...

  14. the movie will run only in b and c centres.
    Multiplex people should get smart now...

  15. Race lifetime collection-61cr.
    Race 2-94 cr.
    Race3 first 3 days-106
    Power of bhaijaan

    1. Well what is the budget please of the three ???

      Agneepath of Amitabh was a flop, but will remember forever for his acting. Agneepath with Hrithik was a huge hit. But which movie remain forever???
      Same story with Don !!! Money cant place quality

    2. Whom you are saying this salman fans ke dimaag ghutno pe hota hai unko kuch na samajhme aayega they are same as raam Rahim bhakt go and watch MSG..😂



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