Race 3 2nd Saturday (9th Day) Box Office Collection. Decent Growth.

June 24, 2018

Race 3 2nd Saturday (9th Day) Box Office Collection. Decent Growth.

Race 3 has shown decent jump on 2nd Saturday (9th day) at box office India. Growth is in the range of 35% from 2nd Friday. Growth is good considering film facing mixed reports. However, again growth could have been more as it was second Saturday and literally with no opposition.

Race 3 has collected an approx 5-5.25 crore nett on day 9. Thus, film total business after 9 days is approx 156.2-156.45 crore nett. Film second weekend collection is heading towards 14.5-15 crore nett which is strictly decent. Ideally a biggie like Race 3 needed in excess of 20 crore nett for 2nd weekend. May be even 25 crore nett. Film has underperformed so far.

Race 3 will cross 160 crore nett by the end of day 10. Film lifetime business will touch 170 crore nett and may be few after that. There is a big release coming in Sanju next Friday which will take most of the screens from Race 3. Race 3 is performing decent in single screens and it may retain few even after the release of Sanju.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 147.45 crore nett.

Week 2 - 

Fri - 3.75 crore nett.

Sat - 5-5.25 crore nett.

Total - 156.2-156.45 crore nett.

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  1. Ab khurana Aayga Aur bolega, Ankur blah blah blah... :)

    1. @Nazir
      sorry yar late ho gaya..
      lets start..

      Distributors ki lashey already bich gayi hai..

      Tubelight and Race3 back to back lashein on eid

      sach mein maan gaye sallu bhaijaan ko...

      isse toh kehte hai... kya?
      Bhaijaan ka jalwaa..

  2. हाहाहा,
    सुपर फ्लॉप,
    यार बहुत बुरी फ्लॉप हुई ये तो

    1. Ye FLOP bhi RAESS, FAN, DILWALE and JHMS se zyada collect kar gayi...isi difference ko AUKAAT kehte hain...HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  3. crossing 160 cr in 10 days....still more than Shahrukh Khans's biggest hits Dilwale and Raess and FAN and JHHMS which also had Holiday releases as well as very positive reviews....now the Fun Begins...Im sure even after so much hype, ZERO is again going to be a 120-125 cr grosser....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  4. Race 3 will cross 170 cr Net and its a safe proposition...the movie was never meant to be an all time grosser...it was just a hurriedly made movie for fun and collections...there is a difference in Target Audiences for every movie..one cannot make every movie like Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Tiger Zinda hai or Sultan....there has to be experimental movies in between..or else wait like Aamir Khan for a release in every 2 years and bore audiences to death by just waiting and waiting..

    1. Tera lallu 3 saal me tubelite or Race bnayega

      To koi 400 crore nhi kma legi😂😂😂😂

      Salman 3 saal me movie bnaye....to kbka bhikh maang rha hota

      Stardom ko maintain b karna padta h...

      Kyoki industry me acters ki kmi nhi h , or 3 saal me movie bnane se achchi screept dusre acter k pass b chali jaati h

      Or logo k dimaag me 3 saal tak rahna b mushkil hota h.....kai baar Mangal panday jesi movie b flop ho jaati h

      3 saal me ek movie karne k liye....or oos par confident hone k liye


  5. Dangal came in Dec 2016 and TOH almost after 2 years in Nov 2018...n then again there is no future projects in the pipeline for Aamir...so wait for another 2-3 years before something comes up..AT least Salman gives u 1-2 movies every year...some good...some average....but he does movies far too regularly to give 300 cr every time...just somewhat like Akshay Kumar who does 3-4 movies an year so cant expect Huge Grossers from him...Salman is atleast still at the Highest level even after doing way more movies than AAMIR, SRK and HRITHIK...

    1. @rahul nam bahot suna hai..

      lashein bichane se accha 2 sal mein ek bar aaye aur ATBB/ATHG
      de ke jaye..

      muze ek baat bata sallu itne chance leta hai phir bhi Aamir ka record kyun nahi todta?

      kam se kam 3 chance mein toh todna chahiye par kitne chance leta hai aur wo bhi festival ko pure advantages ke sath

      tuhi sochle aur bata de..
      plz excuses mat de..

      ye nahi tha wo tha sript nahi thi acchi competition tha vaigera vaigera

      hum log kabhi excuses nahi dete Dangal ke time xmas and new year sunday ko the fir bhi maine bola tha bb 13 din mein beat hogi aur ho gayi..

      Sach bolu sallu ka stardom Aamir se bahot hi kam hai

      sallu ko hamesha holidays milte aye hai opening weekend mein .aur tzh ko monday ko xmas and new year mile isilye collection acche hote hai

      tu weekdays ke collection dekh Aamir ki movies ke tuze pata chal jayega audience duadi chali ati hai Aamir ka nam sunke..

      aab tu bolega SS ka kya hua
      pahle toh ss mein cameo tha jo ki sabko malum tha isiliye 63cr kiya par wo bhi Aamir ke namse kiya

      nahi toh 25cr bhi mushkil hota
      par chaina mein dhamal kar diya khali Aamir ke nam se..

      SS jaisi small movie ne bb jaisi movie ko ww mein beat kiya mai toh Dangal ww ki toh bat bhi nahi kar raha

      aab tu khud hi samjle...
      aur TOH ka wait kar sach bolta hoon TOH bahubali2(hindi)ka weeknd toh todegi hi par uske life time hindi collection ko bhi challenge karegi..

      aur kya pata Aamir bahubali2(hindi) ko bhi beat karde

      jo kabhi socha nahi wo Aamir kar dikhata hai..

      aur TOH acchi nahi hue toh bhi Race 3 ka LT toh 4 din mein cross karegi ye pakka hai

      just wair for diwali...

    2. Abe pagal bharat ko ane de dikhna 450cr+ karegi......tu pagal jo bolta hai hamesa galat hota hai

  6. And as long as Salman movies are collecting more than Shahrukh Khan's I dont think he even needs to think about changing his choice of movies...Tiger Zinda Hai came immediately after Failure of Tubelight which had collected only 121 cr but it went on to collect 339 cr...so Race 3 collecting 170 cr doesnt mean his next movie will be affected...if its a well made movie then again...300 cr will be definitely crossed...but even if Shahrukh gives a very good movie now..that at best will cross only 200 cr with all positive reviews and even excellent word of mouth...so much is the difference currently

  7. Ab salman ko eid chod dena chahiye aur x mas pr apni movie release krni chahiye

  8. Oho...kese tootega aamir khan ka record ..agr aise hi chlta rha to apni..franchise bhi krli aur kisi aur ki bhi bt nhi ho ska ..koj baat nhi bharat h n...bt yaar aamir ki ToH bhi to aa rhi h 😃😃😃

  9. chutya sala.. 150 cr budget me 170 is safe... bc mc.. unpadh gavar dehati log.. sadak 6aap sale

  10. Dear Ankur,

    Please correct below sentence.

    Growth in the range of 35% from 3rd Friday (need to be corrected its should be from 1st Friday and not 3rd Friday)

  11. Race hasn't reached 150cr mark yet. Producers making more than 100cr profit and distributers loosing under 20cr. So again sallu has to refund crores for his credibility.

  12. बहुत बुरी फ्लॉप हुई भाई ये तो,बुरा हुआ

  13. Bs ab to intezaar h aamir ki.movei ka ...

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Race 3 is estimated to be made on a budget of Rs 100 Crores all inclusive of prints and advertising cost

    Production Cost: 80 Crores ( Salman Khan Did not took a Salary as he is distributing this movie himself)
    Prints & Advertising Cost: 20 Crores

    If we take a salary estimate of 50 Crore for Salman Khan the effective Budget of Race 3 will be Rs 150 Crore
    Race 3 Screens
    Race 3 is opening on approx 4500 screens worldwide

    Race 3 Hit or Flop
    Race 3 will be considered a hit if it crosses 150 Crores and will be considered average if it crosses100 Crores.

    Race 3 Rights & Profits
    Race 3 is part of Salman Khan's package deal with Amazon Prime which allows Salman Khan's movies to premier before Satellite on Amazon Prime and satellite premier will be 2 months after its premier on Amazon

    Music Rights given to Producer Ramesh Taurani as his fees
    Amazon Prime: 80 Crores for Digital
    Satellite Rights: 20 Crores to Zee TV for a premiere 2 Months after Amazon Prime
    Overseas Rights has been sold to Yash Raj Films for 30 Crores.

    Salman Khan has a pre release profit of 30 Crores on Production side

    Salman Khan is himself Distributing The India Theatrical which has an exposure of 100 Crores since no all India distributor was willing to pay more than 75 Crores for the movie

    At a Theatrical Run of 140 to 150 Crores Race 3 will be clean hit.

    Kha kha se aa jate inko ye v nhi pta ki SKF distributed race 3. Aur bolte h distributor ki lashey bich gyi.


  16. How much Race 3 in Sunday?
    and what about overseas collection?



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