June 21, 2018

How much Race 3 need to be a HIT! Let's Erase all the False Alarms!

As Race 3 has under-performed at Indian Box Office, question now comes to our mind how much it needs to be a Clean Hit

Looks like many are spreading false alarm in social media site that film is heading for a Flop. What they are gaining from it? It got to be something personal. It is taking their personal anger out or may be even they are paid. Sad part is they don't have a single knowledge about the trade part of a film.

Now coming to how much Race 3 needs to be a Clean Hit? Makers are already in profit because of huge non-theatrical rights (Satellite + Digital + Music) they recovered prior to the film release. Film is doing very well in Overseas and theatrical recovery should be good from their also. As for India, as per trade film needs to collect 90-95 crore distributor share. Means, Race 3 needs to do business in around 170-175 crore nett. Anything above that mark, say 175-180 crore will make Race 3 a Clean Hit.

Race 3 has collected an approx 139 crore nett in first 6 days in India. Film is expected to collect in excess of 145 crore nett in first week. That means film needs another 35 crore nett business from India to emerge as a HIT. With Second week still to come it is highly possible unless film crashes on 2nd Friday. Even if somehow film manages to collapse from here on and say, collect 160-170 crore nett then it will atleast be a Above Average/Semi Hit.

Hope your doubts are cleared now. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Thanks Sir ! Yes personal anger for bhai and nothing else.

  2. Is this the really paid review? Film is utter flop among the viewers. Rights are different thing all together. Its the viewers who decide if movie is hit or not. The word of mouth is extremely poor. Bhai or whoever is the actor, the film is not worth a mention. Salman should do meaningful movies like BB and Sultan instead of craps like this and TZH

  3. ok we agree with you
    but what about bhaijaans calcultor?

    there is 7cr of manipulation till now

    Shame on so called bhaijaans stardom
    he knows movie is going to sure shot flop thats why introducing new brand of calculator "bhaijaans calcultor"

    evem taran adarsh stoped to giving collections and u r taking side of so called bhajaan

    arey itna hi bada stardom hai toh real collection deta

    PRDP ko bhi sallu ne manipulation karke 200cr bana diya

    See d video of komal nahata
    distributors r going to losing money for sure n u r saying it will hit at 175cr


    it needs atleast 190cr-210cr for hit zone.

    hats off to u @ankur

    1. Abey chutiye sabse bada manipulation calculator tingu k paas hai jo usne china mein rakha hai....shameless creature Mr tingu...

  4. Ankur - Have nothing against Salman, just asking a genuine question:

    Is it really fair to take into account non theatrical recovery? By that measure most theatrical flops would be profitable ventures for the producers involved.

    Ultimately, don't you think the verdict given to a film is a 'Theatrical Verdict' and not on the basis of profits earned by the makers.

    Hence, in my opinion theatrical verdict must only be given on the basis of theatrical performance.

    Yes, evaluating the overall business from all sources is important but that in my opinion is evaluating the business decision of the producer and not a theatrical verdict.

    For example, a film may not be a theatrical hit but may not wonders on television. Television performance is v v important for any star to get a pan India audience but finally the verdict of the film can and must not change on the basis of non theatrical performance.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong!

    1. I am not a fan, but I think ankur has already stated that the film needs to cross 175 cr to be called a theatrical hit. I hope that clears things up.

  5. @ankur
    no need to save bhaijaans so called fake stardom if he is not giving real collections

    1. Can you give the number of hit films amir has given from 2010. I want the count of films

  6. Thanks Addatoday, 180 Cr toh ho jaayga, lkn umeed zyda thi, salman ko samjhna chaiye unke Aur Amir Khan ke fans hamesha blockbuster ki umeed rakhte hai no ki sirf Hit ki. Hit ke liye chote actor hai Akshay Aur Ranveer, Ajay devgen, Ranbir hope Srk bhi ek Hit de de #Zero se ab toh Alia bhatt ne blockbuster de diya.

    1. Akshay kumar clash krke bhi film Superhit krwata h,.
      Khan ki okat nhi ki festvalke bina or clash krke hit krwa paye ,,, Akshay kumar ki film ke pahle filme release hoti clash hota next week release hoti h phir bhi film Superhit deta h boss,,
      Khan ki film ke ek week pahle or or do week baad koi film release nhi hoti . Phir khan aate h festival pr sari screen lekr tab hoti h unki filme big hit

      Khan ki okat h to non festival or 2500screens pr film hit krke bataye

  7. If a movie is hit or flop on a basis producer profit...then tubelight is a blockbuster...n 90% movies are hits or above...Race is a flop under 200cr. Coz of its budget n most of the distributors will lose lots of money....two Eid two flops in a row...on a hattrick??

    1. It's based on distributor profit as well as theatrical share. Tubelight was not a flop because a lot of places broke even and a lot of places suffered losses. Hence it ended up as below average. Now coming to race 3, most of the distributors might have already got their profit after the first 4 days itself. But in order for the film to be called a super hit or hit. It needs to cross 175 cr.

  8. If a movie is hit or flop on a basis producer profit...then tubelight is a blockbuster...n 90% movies are hits or above...Race is a flop under 200cr. Coz of its budget n most of the distributors will lose lots of money....two Eid two flops in a row...on a hattrick??

    1. Tum burnol kharid lo 😂😂😂😂 jalan nahi jogi

  9. Sunil khurana Tera hamesha gand Kyu laharta rahta h

  10. Sunil khurana Tera hamesha gand Kyu laharta rhta h

  11. Is bar Ankur Sir ne Sahi tarike se hame samjhaya h

    Dekhte h ki Race3 Ab 175cr. Kar pati h ya nhi

  12. Bhai ko maan gye itna manipulation to rakesh roshan bhi nahi karta

    1. Abhe saale 5cr ki manipulation hain , Race 2 ki manipulation dekh

  13. Budget is 190-200 cr.. & all the non-theatrical recovery should not be counted as a film's status is solely dependent on its theatrical performance.. & Big budget movie under 200cr should not be at least called "HIT"

  14. ankur bahi you are rocking ignor this paid tingu fan. (jo pk ki 2000 screen per bi 15 din 15cr collection bataey rehy tab manipulation nai thi. yeah roty rahin gaye. salam key feet barer bi nai tingu fan. Sb sey ziada 100cr salman khan
    single day collection salman khan
    weekend and week collection salman khan
    sab sey ziada 200 cr salman khan
    sab sey ziada 300 cr salman kahn

    haters and tingu fans sorry for you (ohh not fans only paid fan with different ideas)

  15. Salman bhai king dont he will back with bharat movie



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