April 12, 2018

Ranbir vs Ranveer vs Varun vs Tiger. Head to Head Comparison. Who's Ahead!

Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan and Tiger Shroff are the next gen superstars of Bollywood. They are leading the path of transition among the new generations. Hope they are true successors to current Big Six (Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Hrithik Roshan) of Bollywood.

So, among these four who is leading right now at box office? Who is lagging behind? Let's have an detailed analysis and let's rank them on a detailed scoring system.

We will give scores based on few important factors of Box Office. And finally we will rank the actors on the score they accumulate. These four factors are:-

a. Hit Ratio
b. Average Business per Film.
c. Hit Score (Above Average or Semi Hit or Hit or Super Hit or Blockbuster or ATBB)
d. Flop Score (Disasters or Flop or Below Average)

These 4 important factors will determine who is most consistent, who has the most crowd pull power and whose film choices are more correct. 

As for Ranking and Scoring we will emphasis more on last 5 Films of each of the actors. That we determine who is leading in current scenario (last 2-3 years or so).

If you have any suggestions, kindly put that below in the comment box to improve our scoring and ranking system.

Now let's start.

This article is all about direct comparison between Ranbir Kapoor vs Ranveer Singh vs Varun Dhawan vs Tiger Shroff. Let's check who is ahead and who is lagging behind.

First have a look at each actors Filmography -

1. Ranbir Kapoor Filmography -

1. Saawariya (2007). Box Office Collection -> 21 crore nett. Verdict -> Disaster.
2. Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008). Box Office Collection -> 36.6 crore nett. Verdict -> Semi Hit.
3. Wake Up Sid (2009). Box Office Collection -> 28 crore nett. Verdict -> Semi Hit.
4. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009). Box Office Collection -> 63 crore nett. Verdict -> Super Hit.
5. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year - (2009). Box Office Collection -> 20.2 crore nett. Verdict -> Below Average.
6. Raajneeti (2010). Box Office Collection -> 92.93 crore nett. Verdict -> Blockbuster.
7. Anjaana Anjaani (2010). Box Office Collection -> 39.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Above Average.
8. Rockstar (2011). Box Office Collection -> 67.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
9. Barfi! (2012). Box Office Collection -> 111 crore nett. Verdict -> Super Hit.
10. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013). Box Office Collection -> 185.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Blockbuster.
11. Besharam (2013). Box Office Collection -> 58.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop.
12. Roy (2015). Box Office Collection -> 42.43 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop.
13. Bombay Velvet (2015). Box Office Collection -> 23.23 crore nett. Verdict -> All Time Disaster.
14. Tamasha (2015). Box Office Collection -> 68.4 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop.
15. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016). Box Office Collection -> 112.46 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
16. Jagga Jasoos (2017). Box Office Collection -> 54 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop.

Total Films -> 16.
Total Hits (ATBB/Blockbuster/Super Hit/Hit/Semi Hit/Above Average) -> 9.
Hit Ratio -> 56.25%
Total Business (Nett) -> INR 1024.25 crores.
Average Business per Film (Nett) -> INR 64.02 crores.
Last 5 Films Business (Nett) -> INR 300.52 crores.
Average Business of Last 5 Films -> INR 60.10 crores.

2. Ranveer Singh Filmography

1. Band Baaja Baaraat (2010). Box Office Collection -> 23.16 crore nett. Verdict -> Above Average. 
2. Ladies vs Ricky Bahl (2011). Box Office Collection -> 32.95 crore nett. Verdict -> Average. 
3. Lootera (2013). Box Office Collection -> 29 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop. 
4. Ram - Leela (2013). Box Office Collection -> 116.25 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit. 
5. Gunday (2014). Box Office Collection -> 77 crore nett. Verdict -> Semi Hit. 
6. Kill Dil (2014). Box Office Collection -> 33 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop. 
7. Dil Dhadakne Do (2015). Box Office Collection -> 76.75 crore nett. Verdict -> Below Average. 
8. Bajirao Mastani (2015). Box Office Collection -> 186.45 crore nett. Verdict -> Super Hit. 
9. Befikre (2016). Box Office Collection -> 60.05 crore nett. Verdict -> Below Average.
10. Padmaavat (2018). Box Office Collection -> 302 crore nett. Verdict -> Blockbuster. 

Total Films -> 10.
Total Hits (ATBB/Blockbuster/Super Hit/Hit/Semi Hit/Above Average) -> 5.
Hit Ratio -> 50%
Total Business (Nett) -> INR 936.61 crores.
Average Business per Film (Nett) -> INR 93.66 crores.
Last 5 Films Business (Nett) -> INR 658.25 crores.
Average Business of Last 5 Films -> INR 131.65 crores.

3. Varun Dhawan Filmography

1. Student of the Year (2012). Box Office Collection -> 69.75 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
2. Main Tera Hero (2014). Box Office Collection -> 50.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
3. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014). Box Office Collection -> 77.52 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
4. Badlapur (2015). Box Office Collection -> 50.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
5. ABCD 2 (2015). Box Office Collection -> 105.6 crore nett. Verdict -> Super Hit.
6. Dilwale (2015). Box Office Collection -> 147.7 crore nett. Verdict -> Semi Hit.
7. Dishoom (2016). Box Office Collection -> 69.9 crore nett. Verdict -> Above Average.
8. Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017). Box Office Collection -> 116.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Super Hit.
9. Judwaa 2 (2017). Box Office Collection -> 138.5 crore nett. Verdict -> Super Hit. 

Total Films -> 9.
Total Hits (ATBB/Blockbuster/Super Hit/Hit/Semi Hit/Above Average) -> 9.
Hit Ratio -> 100%
Total Business (Nett) -> INR 826.47 crores.
Average Business per Film (Nett) -> INR 91.83 crores.
Last 5 Films Business (Nett) -> INR 578.2 crores.
Average Business of Last 5 Films -> INR 115.64 crores.

4. Tiger Shroff Filmography -

1. Heropanti (2014). Box Office Collection -> 52.47 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
2. Baaghi (2016). Box Office Collection -> 76.3 crore nett. Verdict -> Hit.
3. A Flying Jatt (2016). Box Office Collection -> 38.6 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop.
4. Munna Michael (2017). Box Office Collection -> 32.8 crore nett. Verdict -> Flop.
5. Baaghi 2 (2018). Box Office Collection -> 165 crore nett (expected). Verdict -> Blockbuster.

Total Films -> 5.
Total Hits (ATBB/Blockbuster/Super Hit/Hit/Semi Hit/Above Average) -> 3.
Hit Ratio -> 60%
Total Business (Nett) -> INR 365.17 crores.
Average Business per Film (Nett) -> INR 73.03 crores.
Last 5 Films Business (Nett) -> INR 365.17 crores.
Average Business of Last 5 Films -> INR 73.03 crores.

Scoring System

1. Score for Hit Ratio -> 1 point will be given for every 10% Hit Ratio.

2. Average Business per Film -> 1 point will be given for every 10 crore nett business.

3. Hit Score -> ATBB: 4 pts, Blockbuster: 3 pts, Super HIT: 2.5 pts, Hit: 2 pts, Semi Hit: 1 pt, Above Average: 0.5 pts

4. Flop Score (Negative Marking) -> Disasters: -1.5 pts, Flop: -1 pt, Below Average: -0.5 pts

Ranking based on Hit Ratio - 

1. Varun Dhawan -> 10 pts (100% Hit Ratio)

2. Tiger Shroff -> 6 pts (60% Hit Ratio)

3. Ranbir Kapoor -> 5.6 pts (56.25% Hit Ratio)

4. Ranveer Singh -> 5 pts (50% Hit Ratio)

Ranking based on Last 5 Film's Average Business -

1. Ranveer Singh -> 13.2 pts (131.65 crores)

2. Varun Dhawan -> 11.6 pts (115.64 crores)

3. Tiger Shroff -> 7.3 pts (73.03 crores)

4. Ranbir Kapoor -> 6 pts (60.1 crores)

Ranking based Hit Score - Above Average/Semi Hit/Hit/Super Hit/Blockbuster/ATBB (Last 5 Films only) -

1. Varun Dhawan -> 9 (3 Super Hits, 1 Semi Hit, 1 Above Average)

2. Tiger Shroff -> 7 (1 Blockbuster, 2 Hits)

3. Ranveer Singh -> 5.5 (1 Blockbuster, 1 Super Hit)

4. Ranbir Kapoor -> 2 (1 Hit)

Ranking based on Flop Score- Below Average/Flop/Disasters  (Last 5 Films only) -

1. Varun Dhawan -> 0 (0 Flops)

2. Tiger Shroff -> - 2 (2 Flops)

3. Ranveer Singh -> - 2 (1 Flop, 2 Below Average)

4. Ranbir Kapoor -> - 4.5 (3 Flop, 1 Disaster)

Final Ranking and Score (Hit Ratio + Average Business + Hit Score + Flop Score of last 5 Films only) -

1. Varun Dhawan -> 30.6 pts

2. Ranveer Singh -> 21.7 pts

3. Tiger Shroff -> 18.3 pts

4. Ranbir Kapoor -> 9.1 pts


1. Right now Varun Dhawan is leading next gen of actors list for sure. His high points are consistency and solo big grossers. Definitely favourite among the youth of today. He is yet to deliver a flop.

2. Ranveer Singh is in second. Ranveer has delivered two huge grossers (Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat). Padmaavat has touched elite club of 300 crores. Ranveer would have been easily lower in the rank if Padmaavat would not have happened. It has helped him a lot to be at 2nd spot. 

3. Tiger Shroff is just 5 films old and already threatening to be the next big Superstar with Solo Blockbuster Baaghi 2. Trade will closely watch Tiger Shroff's next signings and choices of film.

4. Ranbir Kapoor might be the oldest among all these next gen stars. But he is lagging behind all by big margin. Reason his choices of films. He is rather inconsistent. He need to pull up his shocks and make count in upcoming films.

Hope you like our post. Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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  1. Actually Varun is biggest and Tiger is second biggest . If we remove Padmavat from this list then what is Ranveer .
    Credit of Padmavat success neither goes to director nor the actors . It totally goes to the buzz created by controversy and Holiday period .
    If Padmavat released during normal weekend without controversy then it would have collected just around 110-120cr.
    So conclusion Varun at No. 1
    And Tiger at No. 2

    1. This makes sense actually & even Ranveer without SLB, is nothing.

  2. This is wro├▒g analysis. By this logic ajay devgan will not be a superstar and will be behind varun and ranveer Singh. A star should be measured by current form not logics. Can varun dhavan give a 20 crore opening .no not at all. But tiger can do with student of year

  3. Good job Ankur.
    Actually, there is no precise method to calculate stardom but at least you have done it scientifically and logically So, good job again

  4. Wrong logic. If u notice hindi film industry amount of hit or average success ratio is wrong way to go. The fact that Tiger Shroff can pull audience for an above 25 cr opening is clear evidence of his star pull. An opening has to do with the star. A hit has to do with content. How many hit has Akshay delivered in last two years? But he is not anywhere close to Aamir Khan. So @ this current moment Tiger Shroff is man to beat. An actor with one blockbuster is long remembered than an actor with 5 ordinary hits. 25 cr is a huge deal let no one underestimate this achievement. Varun dhawan varun dhawan my foot!!! With his above average openings. Nu the bollywood biggest superstars have most been action heroes. Amitabh Sunny Salman etel

  5. You are making the same mistake as most others do. Box office power of a star is to be determined by the opening draw so which makes Salman Khan and Sunny Deol the too superstars of last 20-30 years followed by SRK. Going by that, Tiger seems to have marched ahead and is neck to neck with Varun and could probably go above him with his next release

    1. @Sunny Deol's only fan sunny, oh. What joke?? Joke of the millenium is you and your back to back comments. There is no joke. In superstardom aamir>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Salman. This is a fact. It may be joke for jokers like you not for other normal people. And when it comes to star pull in every genre not just masala then aamir is biggest crowd puller. Get this in your head and just shut up. In last 2 decades only Aamir is true superstar who can pull crowds with any genre. Your salmam cany even dare to get out of commercial masala genre. And who is sunny deol??? Where is he???������. We all saw his recent stardom with ghayal returns and poster boys and his other craps like Singh Saab the great, dhishkyaoo and list goes on and on.

  6. I think

    Only genre matter...

  7. Aamir>Salman>Akshay>Ajay>SRK>Ritik

  8. As per acting Skills Raveer Sigh Far ahead of Ranbeer Kapoor. and Varun is also good actor than Tiger, though tiger have Best dancing & Action skill at this time in industry.

  9. Good breakdown analysis! Can you compare them also in terms of their performances please?

  10. @ankur
    Can you please analyse the big six also in the same way.

  11. What a joke from Khurand .. Aamir > Salman .. joke of the century .. this folk likes to live in a fools paradise .. always !!

  12. in terms of acting performance........
    1,Ranveer sign
    2,Ranbir kpoor

  13. Mere hisaab se Acting , looking or collection ke hisaab se

    1. Ranbir kapoor
    2. Varun dhawan
    3. Ranveer singh
    4. Tiger shroff

    Aane wale waqt me agar ranbir kapoor ne achi filme nhi ki to wo top 10 me bhi nhi rhege

    Varun dhawan sabhi tarh ki movie kar sakte h , look bhi acha h, fanfollowing bhi badhti ja rhi h. Ho sakta wo top pr no.1 rhe

    Ranveer singh ko SLB ki movie ke alava bhi acha krna hoga tabhi wo top hero me rhege
    Ranveer singh ki acting achi h or badi filmo me to excellent acting krge h

    Tiger ko abhi dekhna hoga acting or improve krni hogi abhi tiger ke hath achi filme or big banner ki movie mil rahi h.

    Superstar wo hi hota h jo hr film ko hit krwane ka dum rakhta ho uska collection , fan following achi ho hr director or hr producer ke sath hit movie dene ka dam rak sake.

    Tiger Shroff or ranveer singh me ye bat nhi dikhi ki wo hr director ke sath hit movie de sake
    Wo favorite producers ke sath hit de rhe h

  14. yeah,for the Big Six also in terms of versatility in acting performances for me....
    1,Amir khan
    2,Ajay Devgan
    3,Hrithik Roshan
    4,Shahruk khan
    5,Sallu Bhai

  15. Ranbir-srk
    Tiger-akshay kumar

  16. Ranbir kpoor will b successor of Aamir khan,
    Ranveer sighn will b successor of SRK,
    Varun dhawan will b successor of Sallu,
    Tiger................................. of Mr Khilladi,
    but Ajay n Hrithik yet not founded their successors bcoz of their versatilities.

    1. I complete your paragraph
      Rajkumar Rao will be successor of Ajay
      Sushant singh will be successor of Hrithik


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