April 4, 2018

Hindi Medium Opens Huge in China on Wednesday (1st Day). Historic Start.

Hindi Medium has opened huge in China on first day. In fact film has debuted in 2nd spot in China. Opening of Hindi Medium is much ahead of Dangal and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It is just behind Secret Superstar. 

Hindi Medium has added around $3.68 million in around 43000 showings. This is spectacular. This is great news coming in for Bollywood and Indian film industry. It looks like Chinese audiences have finally woke upto Indian films big time. 

Hindi Medium should do big business in China. The way film has started there is no doubt it will easily cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan to be 3rd highest Indian film in China. Question is whether it can challenge Secret Superstar or even go beyond that.

There is no doubt next few months are very exciting for Indian films. There are multiple releases coming in. Padman and Sultan are almost certain to get released in 2018. There are big chances that others will also follow the path. 

Finally its a big hurrah for Indian movie lovers as China is a big box office market and we may hear unimaginable business in coming times. Let's celebrate big success of Bollywood films in coming times and hope for the best.

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  1. Thanks to Amir khan who open the market of china for Indian cinema and hats off to other who follow him and doing much better in their debut itself


  2. Sallu fans means excuses ki dukan..

    Rote raho ..bahot maza ata hai tumhe rote dekh kar…

    Kuch bhi karlo sallu fans tumse na ho payega…

    Aamir ko beat karna tum logo ke bas ki baat nahi..


  3. Sallu fans in coma..

    Bol rahe the sallu ke Karan bb ka collection hua hai..


    Arey paglo Aamir ,3idiots,PK,Dangal ko thanks bolo…

    Inki vajah se China market open hua Indian movies ke liye…

    Sallu fans chalo chalu ho jao excuses Dene ke liye..

    Ye nahi tha wo tha.

    Go Hindi medium go…

  4. Superb collection…
    Congrats team Hindi medium!!

    @ankur plz give daily collection
    So that we can troll sallu fans

    TOH will give 10M opening!!

    Mai bahot khush hua Hindi medium ne beat kiya BB ko…

    Irfan beats sallu in china…


  5. @Sunilkhurana
    It would be appropriate to compare like by like.
    Hindi medium screens are 44000 , business of $3.7m
    BB screens:20200, business of $2.2m
    With more than double the screen business of BB would have been $5m on opening day.
    It is always fair to have appropriate comparison.

    BB released after 2 and half yrs where as Hindi Medium with in a year. That makes lot of difference.
    3 idiots and PK are gr8 movies but did not do that well in China.
    So always stick to truth n ground reality.

  6. @ Sunil khurana
    It’s always appropriate to have a fair comparison.
    Hindi medium released on 44000 screens and opening business of $3.7m .
    BB released on 20200 screens and opening business of $2.2m.
    If we want to do a comparison then business of BB would have been close to $5m on 44000 screens which is almost 30% more than Hindi Medium.

    Even business of Hindi Medium is bigger than Dangal.
    If we will go by your logic then Does that mean it is better than Dangal and Irfan Khan is better and bigger star than Aamir Khan?

    BB released after 2.8 years and Hindi medium released within a year.
    Irfan Khan is known face in China due to Life of Pi and Slumdog.
    We should celebrate success of Hindi movies in global platform and proud as movie lovers.

  7. Bhai Aamir ka footsteps follow kar raha hain. Anyway great news it will beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan for sure 😃

  8. Sundi Khurand ki khujli started .. favourite troll at addatoday whose insanely illogical and stupid comments regularly get posted here without fail .. not sure where will idiots like this chap take the standard of this site to ..

  9. thank you aamir khan for opening a new market for bollywood.


  10. Hindi medium 2nd day 6.26 million dollar almost 40.60 crore. Wow, it is a very good news for Bollywood & Bollywood fans.

  11. Hindi medium 2nd day 6.26 million dollar almost 40.60 crore. Wow, it is a very good news for Bollywood & Bollywood fans.

  12. The film opened on around 18000 screens which is double of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the screenings are even more than double
    Bajrangi bhaijan Screenings - 20,302
    Hindi Medium Screenings - 44,000
    This is more than double u idiot. Don't compare the collections if Bajrangi bhaijaan got 44000 screening it would have collected 6 million in first day alone.

  13. 44000 screening of Hindi Medium getting compared to 20000 of BB . People here are so scared of Salman at times, they just always include him in their arguments. The comments on this post should have been about success of Hindi Medium but they keep comparing to Salman. This for me is real stardom. According to ur stupidity Hindi medium took far better opening than Dangal also so Irfan Khan is bigger star than Amir? Grow up please


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