March 12, 2018

Why Bajrangi Bhaijaan Business in China is Praiseworthy.

Prior to release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan whatever Indian film released in China all bitten to dust except a certain Aamir Khan films. Aamir Khan films one after the another grew in China market. Aamir Khan made his debut in China with 3 Idiots and from then on his fan following multiplied with each releases.

Aamir Khan stardom in China reached its peak with the release of Dangal and Secret Superstar. A good opening is guaranteed for Aamir Khan starrer in China as if now. It is well known across Indian trade circle.

Now coming to Bajrangi business in China. There was lot of apprehension regarding the release of the film in China. First film was a delayed release after a long 2 and half years. Already movie is one of the most pirated Indian film in China. Plus, so far only Aamir Khan movies have made moolah. Films like Baahubali and SRK starring film collected next to negligible. Hence, nobody was sure whether BB can make some inroads or not in China Box Office.

But putting all doubts to rest BB stormed China Box Office. Its business is still below Dangal and SS. But nobody can deny the impact of BB. Film is showing extra-ordinary trending right now. Film is on track to collect 200 crore in China alone and that also may be by the end of second week itself. Film is on track to collect 250-300 crore in its lifetime in China going by the current trending.

Such business is colossal if we exclude the business of Dangal and SS. Also, BB has broken the myth that only Aamir Khan starrer film can do business there. Yes, Aamir Khan was put as face value by BB team for marketing. But that face value will only help for first 2-3 days. The way film has trended so far its completely on its own merit.

As BB is making its footprints in China audience. There is still some getting for Indian films in China market. We still don't have a profit sharing model. Only SS got that model because of huge business of Dangal. That also 20-25% of profit. Which is much less than standard 40%. All rest movies except SS are brought by Chinese distributors and that also for a nominal price. With super success of Dangal, SS and now BB we hope that Indian films get release in China on profit sharing model. Then only we can think of having a good return with release in China.

Finally BB has ensured a grand debut for Salman Khan in China market. Hope his next release Sultan will catapult him into the next level. There is no denying that Sultan business will be keenly awaited by all Indian trade circle in coming times.

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  1. Please Sultan is a mere cartoon film. Dont take it to China. BB is a universaly sweet film. I for one never doubt that the Chinese would take to it.

  2. Yes ankur bro u r right ,,Jo kutte bhok rahe h ki film amir ki wajah se chal rahi h to apne bilkul sahi kaha ki face value se film sirf 2-3 din chalta h uske baad story hi kaam ata h ye baat in kutto KO kaun samjgaye.....saale BB KO baar baar dangal aur SS se compare kar rahe h saale screens kyu nhi compare karte h,,,,pk,,dhoom3,, aur 3 idiots se kyun nhi kar rahe h BB ne teeno KO dhool chata diya h

    1. Abey dean tu toh bol raha tha bb China mein release hone do Dangal ka record break karegi.. hahahaha

      Abey kab todega Tera sallu Aamir ka record..

      Plz don't compare with old movies...

      Compare karna hai toh Dangal se kar Jo ki 2016 ki hai aur..

      Agar sallu ki 2018 ki movie tu Aamir ki 2014 ki movie se compare karega ga toh ye kutton ka Kam hai tiger fans ka nahi..


    2. BB will finish this Friday...


    3. Waiting for TOH

      I can challenge sallu fans TOH will destroy BB in just 5 days


    4. Aamirs stardom>>>>>Sallu's stardom

      No one can beat Aamir whether it is


      Note:bagubali2 10 sal mein ek bar hota hai..phir bhi worldwide and overseas ka record Dangal ne tod diya..

  3. Go tigerrrr gooo,,,300crs to ab confirm hhh,,,,salman ki first film ne hi history create kar diya hh,,,,

  4. Go tigerrrr gooo,,,300crs to ab confirm hhh,,,,salman ki first film ne hi history create kar diya hh,,,,

  5. Kutto aur kamino KO to yakeen hi nhi ho raha h ki kyo ho raha h,,,Jo ye bolte the ki BB 3 idiots KO bhi cross nhi kar payegi wo saalo KO to sharm se doob marna chahiye,,,,, lekin saale besharm h na phir excuse pe excuse de rahe h

  6. Khurana jab BB world wide 1000 crore world wide cross karegi , tab tujhe thank thaka ke Pani pila pila ke , shirt pant utar ke ......Salmaan ke song pe dance karwaunga

    1. Hahaha
      Sapne se Bahar aajao..
      1000cr hahahaha

      Next Friday se 10000 bhi screen nahi milegi yane 40m kar jayegi.

      Wo bhi mushkil hai agar Tom raider acchi nikli toh


    2. Aaj screen jyada hai fir bhi bahot drop hua hai collection mein..

      1.35m jayegi...

  7. I wanted to ask How BB got the opening when no other film got the opening.

    But the answer is there in the article (well written article). Aamir Khan Face Value ensured movie got the opening. No doubt it is a beautiful movie so after that it is not surprising it got the trending. If you study the Chinese Market even with Dangal and SS... it grows if opening is big and the movie is good...

    Now, movies like 3 idiots and Bahubali were equally good and successful movies...But they didn’t do well becoz the opening was not big but over a period of time the Aamir Factor has grown n established so even a SS which was not really a success in India became a monstrous hit in China.

    Today Aamir Khan to China is what Salman Khan to India over last decade (Specially after dabbang and before Jai H0- even that made 100+ Cr)... The name or face sells when it comes to opening then it is about Merit

    Coming to Sultan, the BB recognition and Wrestling factor ( Dangal which created havoc in China was a wrestling movie) will give it a grand opening. But in India it went down hill after a week so would be difficult to imagine it can surpass BB in China.



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