March 29, 2018

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Fourth Week Business in China. Glorious Run Continues.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan glorious box office run in China continues in 4th week also. As film fourth week run is coming to an end, film has shown exceptional hold from previous week. In fact 4th week trending is the best of all so far. 

Good news is film has extended the license in China and will get screening for 5th week also. However, showings will be reduced big time considering there are lot of new releases happening this week. BB is fighting hard to stay afloat in China market and so far succeeding in it. Also, another factor is that showings of BB for Friday is always the lowest and its gradually increases from there on. We expect same for 5th week also.

BB has added around $5.02 million in 4th week (6 days) so far. Film total currently stands at $44.11 million (INR 286.7 crores). Film is now approaching INR 300 crore mark and should achieve it before the end of its theatrical run in China.

As for Worldwide business film has already crossed INR 900 crores. Film is second highest grossing Bollywood film ever after Dangal if we take China business into account. 

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 -> $18.29 million.

Week 2 -> $13.11 million.

Week 3 -> $7.69 million.

Week 4 - 

Fri -> $0.66 million.

Sat -> $1.45 million.

Sun -> $1.32 million.

Mon -> $0.54 million.

Tue -> $0.54 million.

Wed -> $0.51 million.

Grand Total -> $44.11 million (INR 286.7 crores).

Worldwide Total (Approx) - INR 914.7 crores.

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  1. License has not been extended, that happens very rarely for Non- Chinese movies. Dangal was an exception. Even Secret Superstar also didn't get that privilege despite trending better than Dangal.

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan will end its run in China on 3rd April two days before Qing Ming festival with total collection of around $48 million. A series of new films will be released on 4th April, which includes Hindi Medium (Qǐ pǎo xiàn).

    Finally, please don't write "...if we take China business into account", by saying that you are excluding the world's second largest and very soon to be the largest market of movies.

  2. Hindi medium will easily beat BB

    Just compare same year released movies

    Like 2018 movies in china.
    Compare bb,Hindi medium,SS

    Irfan Khan will beat sallu in china.

    1. Khurana jahil insaan thik se se padh it is 2nd highest after Dangal. It has beaten worldwide collections of secret super star ,, ab naach Khushi se

  3. Plz Hindi medium ka promotion chalu Karo..

    Aamir ka naam lelo jaha bhi jarurat pade waha....

    Hindi medium ko 60-70m business karna hai aur karegi usme koi shak nahi..

  4. Here comes addatoday’s favourite troll whose insanely stupid and illogical comments get regularly posted here without a miss .. Sundi Khurand 😂😂😂 !!


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