Bajrangi Bhaijaan First Week Business in China. Simply Outstanding!

March 9, 2018

Bajrangi Bhaijaan First Week Business in China. Simply Outstanding!

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has done historic business in China and has thus become first non-Aamir Khan Indian film to enter 100 crore club. Overall film is fourth Indian film to enter this club after PK, Dangal and Secret Superstar. Although film business is much behind Dangal and SS, still it is praiseworthy for many reasons.

BB is Salman Khan debut in China. Salman Khan enters the 100 crore club with his debut film itself. Whereas, Aamir Khan needed few releases after which only PK entered 100 crore club. Secondly, BB is trending excellent and word of mouth is extra-ordinary. Means, if BB stands strong in second week also, then film will head towards a huge grosser in China. Right now film has crossed 100 crore and its next aim is 200 crore.

There are multiple new releases in China this Friday and plus the biggie Black Panther. If film held its own against all new releases then 200 crore in China box office is almost certain. In fact film even go higher than.

BB has added an huge $18 million in China in week one. That is a whopping INR 117 crores. Film showing is reduced for 2nd Friday because of multiple releases. However if film performs well in the available showings then it will increase from Monday onwards again.

Collection Breakup - 

Fri -> $2.22 million

Sat -> $3.12 million

Sun -> $3.16 million

Mon -> $1.75 million.

Tue -> $1.83 million.

Wed -> $1.92 million.

Thu -> $3.99 million (expected).

Total -> $17.99 million (INR 117 crores)

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  1. Great So Bajrangi Bhaijaan he will Cross PK Records

  2. Aamir ne 2012 mein entry ki China mein tab toh Indian films ko kaun janta tha...

    Sallu ko 6 sal lag Gaye China mein entry karne ke liye kyun?

    Idhar india mein wo Blockbuster de raha tha phir bhi China mein 6 sal lag Gaye...

    Ye sab kaun batayega?
    Aur bb chalne mein Aamir ka bhi haat hai ye kaun batayega?

    Sallu kaunsi movie release karega sultan ke baad?

    Koi batayega reason ke sath aur realease hogi ya na hogi?

    Sallu ne masala remake sequel filme banayi hai aur bana raha hai..

    TOH Khali 2 filme hi release hogi bb and Sultan..

    BB itni acchi rating ke bavjud bhi strugle kar rahi hai 30m ke liye..

    Hindi medium will beat BB for sure if it releases with same no.of screening..

    1. ek baap ki aulaad nhi h tu.,,kis muh se bakchodi kr rha h..abhi toh debut kiya h..china toh debut me hi gyo..sharam aani chaiye tujhe,dogle,,..collection kha gye ke bare me..khi jake marza,sadakchaap bihari..

  3. Reasons which Addtoday did not mention:
    Salman's Debut
    3 Year Old movie
    One Of the most pirated movie in China
    Competition from 7 other Big releases in 1st Week itself
    Screen Count is very low compare to Dangal and SS
    Ticket Price is low compare to Dangal and SS

    Still BB manage to beat most of the Big films in China and end its 1st week at 3rd position......and also cross 100cr in China.....That's Unbelievable and I think it much much Bigger Debut than Aamir......

  4. 7th Day comparison of BB, Dangal and SS:
    SS: 27.3cr (65K Shows)
    BB: 26.6cr (30K Shows)
    Dangal: 25.2cr (47K Shows)

    Look at this with much lesser screen BB beat Dangal and collect almost equal to SS which had Double Screen Count.....

    Aur Tingutards bolte hai ki Aamir is a Big Star in China...Agar ye star hai toh Salman is a Megastar with his Debut......

    1. Saurabh bro ur points are 100% right,,,,ye chutia Khuranna aise hi bhokta h aur dekhlo saale ne apni saari fake id bn kar di h khud hi confused ho gya hoga ki kaun saa use karu.....Abe Khuranna urf bollyarena ke parshya aunty BB ke release me amir ka ghanta haath h samjha aur sun Hindi medium ne agar BB KO China me cross kar diya to me hamesha ke liye amir ka fan ban jaunga samjha,,

    2. Abey womens day ka holiday kaun batayega..


      Sallu ki anewali ek Bhi film BB ko nahi beat karegi(mainchina ki baat kar raha Hoon) par Aamir ki har ek film BB ko beat karegi...

      Ye hota hai starodm!!
      Samje lallu...

    3. SS-120m

      BB aaj 19.5m Tak jayegi...
      Delhi bahot door hai lallu ke fan

  5. Abe Khuranna SS was released in 20000screen and dangal ka bhi screens BB se double se bhi zyada tha ye kaun batayega,,,,BB is released only in 8000 screens and bhaut si filmo se competition bhi tha be aur 3 idiots aur dhoom3 KO dhool chata hi diye be salman ki first film ne hi,,,,,samjha



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