March 31, 2018

Baaghi 2 Extraordinary on Day One (Friday). Tiger Shroff is a New Age Superstar.

Baaghi 2 is simply extra-ordinary on day one as actuals have arrived. Film has collected a humongous 25.1 crore nett on Friday (1st day). Film did very well in multiplexes but was earth shattering in single screens. Film created pandemonium in mass dominated centers.

Baaghi 2 opening suggest two things. Tiger Shroff is a big star today. He is even bigger when he arrives in action avatar. He alongwith Varun Dhawan is a new age superstar. Those two are even ahead for few existing superstars of India today as far as box office pull is considered.

Second is mass audiences are thirsty of good mass films. Hence, box office result of Baaghi 2. In recent times there is hardly any mass wooing films released. Even Tiger Zinda Hai was a slick action. Just imagine what will happen if Dabangg or Singham releases today. Just wait for Dabangg 3 it will definitely smash all opening records in one go.

Baaghi 2 has started big. Film can go anywhere from here on. If mass audiences lapped the film then reviews and critics reports hardly matters. Film opening suggest it is a HIT. Question is where it will end in HIT zone now.

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  1. Bhai's formula ... remake south films into more massy and mindless action sequences .... tada next superstar.

    1. I laugh on your Stupid Mentality.....Salman's Top 3 Highest Grosser are not remake and they are not even Masala Movies, and all three are 300cr+ grosser.....But Butt-hurt people like you who are blind with Jealous cannot see this....and people like you never appreciate others success.....Bro Your life is Useless....Go & Die somewhere....

  2. Really happy for Tiger . This movie really deserves this .
    25.1cr came on Good Friday holiday . If it was a Diwali holiday then collections could be 35-40cr .
    Really Happy for team baaghi .

  3. Mass films show bumper opening but fail to sustain after 2nd week...

  4. I can't believe..
    Fantastic opening

    Just wait for TOH..
    Sallu fans coma mein jayenge..



    This is d power of masala and sequel that's why sallu surviving..


    1. Baaghi 2 > SS * 5.....HaHaHa

      And Tingu is nothing without those 4 girls which gives him Dangal and SS.....Shame on Tingu's Small Stardom who depend on Girls Performance.....LOL

    2. Abey..jab god akkal baat raha tha tab sallu fans kaha Gaye the?

      Cameo ko full fledge role ke sath compare kar rahe hai..


      Karna hai toh comparison aise Karo jisme ye sab Ana chahiye

      1.same year release release
      3.same genre


      Dangal-388cr(All version)



    3. Saurabh

      Sallu bahot hi chota star hai Aamir ke samne ye bar bar sabit hua hai 2008 se..

      Aur 2010 see sallu ki best phase hai fir phi Aamir ka record usse toda nahi ja raha..


      Top pe Aamir hi rahega..
      Chahe kuch bhi karlo..

  5. You are such a biased mentioned dabband and singham but not rowdy rathore which was a blockbuster film..Do you have any personal problem with akshay kumar??

  6. Admin don't compare outdated masala movies with Baaghi 2

  7. You should understand that it's not doing well because it's massy action movie. It's doing well because it has great action unlike our other masala movies like dabang and Singham so don't expect people will turn out in huge number for normal masala movies. They have to be great action movies.


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