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February 4, 2018

Secret Superstar China 3rd Saturday (16th Day) Box Office Collection. Huge Growth Again.

Secret Superstar has shown 65-70% jump on 3rd Saturday (16th day) from 3rd Friday at China Box Office. This is terrific trending again. Film is expected to hold strong on 3rd Sunday. We expect business to remain near about Saturday with marginal drop here and there.

SS total business after 16 days in China is approx $87 million that is approx INR 554.5 crore. Film is now racing towards 600 crore gross mark. Film will also enter $90 million mark by the end of this weekend. Film should touch $100 million by the end of 3rd week or inside 4th weekend.

It is very difficult to track China lifetime business as film with good word of mouth runs atleast for 4-5 good weeks. Still, looking at the current trending, Film should touch $125 million there. Whether it can go further that question will be known in coming days. 

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 -> $47.05 million.

Week 2 -> $32.45 million.

Week 3 -

Fri -> $2.82 million.

Sat -> $4.69 million.

Total -> $87.01 million (INR 554.5 crore)


  1. TZH is history, SS the highest grosser WW for 2017.

  2. Aamir is giving 100$ million grossers without any star wars or fast or furious trilogy/ franchises even Hollywood will be in awe of this man. To be popular in 2 of the biggest countries and most populous is no joke. He is darling of masses now literally. Hats off to AAMIR KHAN and Ankur you and your site is doing phenomenal work since many years. Thanks for updates

  3. Today it will cross 700cr worldwide!!

    Ek baar worldwide pe bhi najar dalo..

  4. Sallu fans sochte honge..
    Arey baaap re itna bada collection!!

    Aab to hamara janam nikal jayega ye cross karte karte..

    😂 😂

    1. Khurana bajrangi is releaasing in China on 2nd March with huge 8000 screens , wait and watch

  5. only indian site following secret superstar daily..great money is money and one cant say i did more in india ..indians can watch a film like happy new year and guve it 200 crores so indian collections have no meaning actually and its now about total global gross

  6. yaar khurana
    sallu jas no issues with aamir as theu friends...aag toh ke king khan ko lagi abhi bhi phukre ko king lhan hi bolta hai

  7. . @ajaydevgn and team to launch the theatrical trailer of #Raid on 6th February, 2018 at an event in Mumbai. The film releases on 16th March 2018. The movie is directed by #RajKumarGupta.

  8. when it released in india got a average status for boxoffice collection and amir khan's fans told that it's a cameo role for amir is not an amir khan's film.but after the china box office success they are commenting now its an amir khan film. i accept it that its a amir khan film.but question is where was amir khan fandom when it was released in india??? so we can accept that amir khan's regular hindi release dont even get 100 how amir khan's fans compare tzh with ss.former one is a bb in india and later one is failure in boxoffice.amir khan should not make a hindi film..he should make Chinese film..because both dangal and ss were released in Chinese only chinese film will work in china.amir should make films for chinese people in chinese languages.his hindi release is failing in india.

  9. Grap3a are sour. Tell your 2 rs c grade local star lallu to do secret superstar in india and clash with a commercial movie like golmaal again and I bet it wi'll not even cross 20 cr life time and become a huge disaster. Aamir ki waje se 60 cr Kiya woh bhi offbeat movie ne. Still it was declared super hit in india so check your facts and shit your mouth. Aamir will stick to india and keep kicking lallu fans ass.