February 1, 2018

Secret Superstar China 2nd Wednesday (13th Day) Box Office Collection. Set to touch 500 crore!

Secret Superstar is brink of making history as film is set to touch INR 500 crore by the end of second week. This is simply unprecedented. Film is still actually challenging Dangal in China. Don't simply count it out.

SS has added an approx $3.2 million on 13th day (2nd Wednesday) at box office. Film is absolute rock solid with hardly any significant drop from previous day. Film has thus, accumulated $76 million (INR 483.5 crore) in 13 days flat. Film is all set to touch $80 million by 3rd Friday. 

SS will definitely go past $100 million in China. Thus, it will become second Bollywood or Indian film to achieve this magical feat after Dangal. No other film has managed to touch that mark. Forget $100 million even $50 million is a distant dream for others.

Aamir Khan has made such foothold in China and has kept all other stars of India far far behind. His films are most awaited in the neighbouring country and God only knows what will the collections of Thugs of Hindostan in China.

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 -> $46.7 million.

Week 2 -

Fri -> $4.85 million

Sat -> $7.58 million

Sun -> $6.98 million

Mon -> $3.4 million

Tue -> $3.25 million

Wed -> $3.2 million

Total -> $75.96 million (INR 483.5 crore)

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  1. Chase excellence success will follow came true for Aamir Khan. He is Pride of Hindi Cinema

    Mnanipulation bhi sochta hoga abto baksh do kitna humko badnam karoge...
    TINGU ki jai ho....aak thu... AVATAR collection is in danger... KUTTA OF HINDUSTAN pakka tod dege manipulate kar kar k.....TINGU MANIPULATION Khan...aak thu

    1. abbe unpadh china mein box office YRF ka nahi chalta jo Manipulation ho jayega...its CAT EYE real time collections...Chinkara Zinda hai Dangal se peeche hein hai zyadaa udd mat...abhie 2018 mein 2014 ke PK ka record tod ke hatyaara ke fans itna khush ho rahe hai hahaha

    2. Aamir khan must be a god if he can manipulate $100 million dollar collections and fool all the prestigious website and news media like variety, hollywoodreporter, deadline,biggest box office site in the world boxofficemojo and a giant media house like forbes. All these sites reported dangal grossed $190 million dollar in china and secret superstar will gross more than $100 million dollar. Probably we should disregard reports of all world famous media on secret superstar box office collection and trust you, Filmygyan, hindustan ka sabse bara film trade expert. One last question: What kind of dirt cheap weed are you smoking ?

    3. We call the king of manipulation to those whose 3rd class crap movie which dropped in 3rd and 4th week is getting steady even after the release of Padmaavat in india. yes tingu ki jai ho. that tingu is none other than lallu khan. Bandar zinda hai has crossed all limits of manipulations and manipulation is saying all those words to your tingu salman. So being a fan of king of manipulations shut your mouth and get a life.

    4. When did chinkara zinda hai beat PK??? only according to YRF, BOI (lallu's paid site) and riksha waalas. YRF calculator is biggest calculator beating the record of Rakesh roshan calculator. chinkara zinda hai is not even close to the record of 2014 film PK. it's all fake figures and i can say this confidently after they crossed all limits even after padmaavat released.

  3. Thus, it will become second Bollywood or Indian film to achieve this magical feat after Dangal. No other film has managed to touch that mark. Forget $100 million even $50 million is a distant dream for others.

    Thank u @ankur for above lines...

    Sallu fans ki toh jal kar rakh hue hogi..

    😂 😂

  4. SecretSuperstar has surpassed Bajrangi bhaijaan at the WW Box office..

    With that, all the Top 3 Hindi (Base Version) WW Toppers belong to aamir_khan
    1. #Dangal
    2. #PK
    3 #SecretSuperstar

    Aamir khan the global megastar

  5. Do kauri ke log salman ko rickshaw wala bol rhe hai. Salon tmhara pura khandaan jo 100 saal me khayega utni kamai wo big boss ke ek episode se krta hai. Sale aamir ki tarrif to aise krte hai jaise wo inke baap se bhi badhkar hai. Ya phir kiran rao in sabki maa hai. Sale unpadh gawar log.8th fail logo ko tmlog superstar smajh skte ho kyunki tmlog bhi correspondence wale hi ho. Isliye educated logo ke samne bhoko mat bevkoofon. Sale unpadh actor k unpadh fans.No harsh words for aamir personally but these cheaptards do not deserve to be fan of any star. These are local worms.

    1. S Matthews Abe illiterate whom are you calling unpadh??? Aamir is far more educated than you for sure. And is your Salman educated??? Oh. More jokes please. How much has your Salman studied??? He didn't even complete his high school and was a 8th standard dropout. At least aamir wasn't 8th dropout. He completed highschool. And still your so called educated wannabe star's are tiny kids in front of Aamir in success and stardom. So think 100 times before you blabber any bullshit. We are die hard aamir fans and we will speak any language we want against whose who abuse and troll aamir. You are nobody to tell us. Is Salman fans saint???? Why don't you call them uneducated??? Is Salman educated?????? Don't lie to yourself at least.

    2. Ha ha ha bigg boss flop show ke 3rd class actor ko kaun baap bana raha hai???? Double standard. Jitna aamir ne satyamev jayathe se kamaya utna tera pura khaandan 200 saal tak nahi kama sakta. Get a life beggar. Aamir is far more successful and rich than lallu khan. Unpadh Salman ke gawaar fan stay within your aukaat.

    3. Mere khandaan ko uss katue se compare mat kr madharchod apne khandaan ko kar.... bharwa sala

  6. Aamir is the real global star from our Country.

    Salute to his dedication and hardwork. There is no comparision to that in Hindi cinema.

  7. fake collection worst scenario. manipulation king caught in india so he started manipulation in china. tingu star tingu fan and tingu country collection. (this business means Chinese have no any other work just watching movies of amir khan) even same population but then screen are double and no chinese movie releasing in these days i think. which movie did hit in india it shows 500 cr in china wahh come on yar. atleast utni choro jitni hazam bi ho jaye.

  8. Aamir is Aamir….he doesn’t need to break one or two salman record..he will be most glamarous and highest earning superstar for another 10 years…like virat kohli doesnt need to break rohit sharmas ODI record and tendulkar doesnt needed to break dravid's record to remain on top in their respective fields.name, fame and money of Aamir will always remain higher than salman. Only india collection will not support Salman Khan in big way nor increase his fan following in overseas outside india…some stupid salman fans gave solace to their hearts by mentioning the number of 100 cr and 200 cr films desi collection record salman holds time and again…in Forbes megazine also…salman is below in popularity and money then even amitabh bacchan…hahaha. I fail to understand if salman is a no 2 or no.3 star worldwide …then why Forbes megazine put him way below other stars in earning also salman is way below other stars…sharukh during his peak period remained no 1 both in name fame and money..as well as in forbes megazine…salman cannot became no 1 unless his movies consistently does well in overseas and break aamir records in india and overseas and maintain 90 percent success record in more movies like sharukh did in his time and Aamir doing now..mere maintaining 100 cr collection record and doing more movies does not full fill salman khans cause to become no 1..so relax Aamir fans and ignore stupid salman fans.

    1. parasha aunty ji are you mad ? 6 200 cr , 3 300 HAKHK highest footfall and you are believing a cheap magazine. come on do any other work Sultan of bollywood is Salman, amir is tingu start with tingu movies with tingu country. if he do any game show and 3 movies in 3 year. then i will bet he even not cross 200 cr figure. so chill man and wait for race 3 new 300 crore.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Pk fake manipulated record broken already but even some sites manipulated 340 cr which also will be broken in this week. so tingu fans get ready.

  11. NN and bhojouri beggar get yourself ready to beg. Pk real collections are out of reach for tingu despite doing excessive manipulations to his flop 3rd class movie chuha mar gaya. Shame on tingu to manipulate to such extent to beat PK real collections 340.85 crore. Yes I am talking about tingu lallu khan.



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