February 15, 2018

Padman 7th Day (Thursday) Collection Early Trends. Steady Going.

Padman has shown steady business on Thursday (7th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Yes, film has registered significant drop from Wednesday but that is mainly because Thursday was a normal working day. Whereas, Wednesday collection got boost because of Mahashivratri and Valentine's Day.

Padman opened to around 15-20% occupancy in Morning shows today. Film picked up in Noon to register occupancy of around 25%. Film further picked up in Evening and Night and recorded an occupancy of around 25-30%.

Occupancy Report of Padman for Thursday (Samples only) - 

Morning -> 15-20%

Noon -> 25%

Evening-Night -> 25-30%

Early trends suggest, Padman 7th day box office collection is heading towards 4.25-4.5 crore nett mark. These are early estimates from limited samples and actual may vary. Thus, Padman first week business is heading towards 63-63.5 crore nett mark. Film now needs a solid hold on 2nd Friday to emerge as a HIT at box office. Let's hope for the best.

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  1. So when will he give a week 1 above 100 cr? Sallu Aamir Ajay Srk have couple - lots of 100 cr plus 1st week collection even Ranveer Ranbir and Varun has 1 each or 2 max. When will Gigastar Akki challenge the big guns records??

    1. He will make from now bcoz his all previous films are of low budget drama but from now every film is of big budget commertial.and Ranveer hits depends on Bhansali else flops Ajay Devgan hits with Rohit Shetty only else flop Ranbir Kapoor giving continuous flops akki gives hits with every director with gaurentee no loss that makes him superstar got it

    2. 😂 Lol personally am not a big fan of Mr Ajay Devgn but one thing I know is with good scripts that man can draw crowds to cinema halls and Rohit is Ajay made product. I will always consider Ajay a far bigger guy than Akki forever When historic stats and records are giving nobody knows who the director is what they know is a 30 cr opening or 200 cr opening was given by a Superstar that's it. Rohit could not guarantee the 3rd biggest khan a Hit by drawing crowds to cinema in Dilwale. I know Akkians weak point its simple maths name = Ajay Devgn 😂 forget about Ajay now Akki can't ever break Aj records as a solo lead even with big banners like dharma.
      Ranveer Singh same, who cares? If you have a Director that has faith in you then you take the credits, everyone is talking about Ranveer character in Padmavat nobody talking about SLB. Too bad no big budget director due to past experiences wants to put faith in Akki except a sidekick role from another regional film line. Even his Independence day best WOM movies total opening are more than Half less than Superstar Ajay sir and the ALMIGHTY GIGASTAR SALMAN BLOCKBUSTER KHAN! forget Hrithik Ajay Srk Ranveer and Now Varun. Think of leaving behind the openings of Sidharth and lifetime of Kangana. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    3. Adda @Ankur Sir please can you give the exact date of Q and A where you said after King Salman, ajay is the 2nd most considered mass superstar? I may agree with you now especially looking at his excellent treshhold on SS his Critics slammed movies. Akki medicine is calling Ajay Devgn name they get annoyed. Wayoo Wayoo 😂 😂, serious note stop giving excuses on directors. Do the main job with any director if not another 5 years you will be still chasing TEPK record 😂.
      Ranveer is way far ahead of Akshay now. King of low budget useless films big stars would always reject. If Akki break Danbng 2 record as a solo actor am going to be Akkians forever. 😂 😂

  2. Aksahy kumar ne padman ki ticket rate do bar kam kar diye isliye bhi collection par asar pada h

  3. Agar baki film ki tarh padman ki ticket rate hoti to padman 90cr. Kar jati first week me

    1. Kabhi kabhi chutiye waali harqato karta hai ticket rates Kam karke par chalo aage aane waali films ke ticket rates Kam karne ka koi reason nahi hoga iske pass kyunki message waali films nahi hai koi bhi ab

    2. Mind you some other actors movies ticket prices has been always low but looking at their Footfalls this decade it averages way more than Akki Footfalls apart from the 1 2cr he has this dec. And am happy you recognize the formula of Akki hits now Deshbhakt/Socio message movies just like Ranveer having SLB 😂 😂 q


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