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February 5, 2018

Padmaavat Second Weekend Box Office Collection (Updated). Crosses 200 crore!

Padmaavat has scored excellent again on 2nd Sunday (11th day) at box office. Film showed another good jump on day 11 and registered a jump of around 25% from 2nd Saturday. Jump is very good considering 2nd Saturday growth was humongous in the region of 60%.

Padmaavat has collected an approx 20 crore nett on Day 11. Padmaavat has collected a huge 46 crore nett in its 2nd weekend. Film total business at the end of day 11 is approx 212.5 crore nett. 

Thus, Padmaavat has become 14th Bollywood movie ever to cross 200 crore nett mark in India. It is first for both Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. It is 3rd for Deepika Padukone after Chennai Express and Happy New Year. Film is a Super HIT and now racing towards Blockbuster status.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 -> 166.5 crore nett.

Week 2 -

Fri -> 10 crore nett.

Sat -> 16 crore nett.

Sun -> 20 crore nett.

Total -> 212.5 crore nett (approx)


  1. Great performance but real factual collections are as per BOI below:
    First Week - 1,59,50,00,000 apprx
    Friday - 9,50,00,000 apprx
    Saturday - 15,50,00,000 apprx
    Sunday - 18,50,00,000 apprx
    Second Weekend - 43,50,00,000 (2 Days)
    Grand Total - 2,03,00,00,000

    1. Padmavat rocks n LZH shocks n sadakchhap fans in coma

      Manipulation on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Today I am revealing the Blockbuster story means sureshot 400 cr club entry......😱😱😱😱😱
      Guess what...... Sallu Biopic

      Makers n sallu should take note of this n make it as an offical 3rd part of Tiger franchise.....

      Story shd be like sallu pk kitne logon ko footpath me mara aur kitne ladkiyon ki zindagi barbaad ki aur kaise bejubaan jaanwar ka shikaar kiya aur being human ke naam par kitne logon ko chutiya banaya....
      Controversies everything........

      Finally movie climax me usko phansi pe latka diya jayega...😭😭😭😭

      Movie ka title hai


    2. BOI figures are for Hindi version alone

      It has collected 9cr from Telugu and Tamil version till now

  2. Sorry to say,but there cannot be different rules for different films in the same industry,the budget of the film is 190 crores,a superhit film is the one that gives 200% of profit and hence it becomes superhit when it earns 570 crores at least....where a small budget film is not even considered Clean hit even after giving 100%profit as compared to there budget,how can these big budget films be superhit and the so called 'heading towards Blockbuster' without even giving 100% of profit.... height of hypocrisy....

    1. Its bcoz it has already recoved huge frm non -theatrical revenues n overseas whereas 180 Budget is all inclusive including overseas distribution n 3D conversion etc.

    2. Hit, Super Hit & Blockbuster is depend on Distributor Profit Share in India (Considered).

      If Padmavati is Super Hit then why DILWALE not Super Hit.
      144 Crores net in India
      Blockbuster in Overseas + Satellite Rights + Music Rights + etc..........................?

      Big Question on Addatoday ?????????????????

    3. Kahaan se aaye ho gandu ... super hit yaani profit higher than 50 cr approx on business from theareticals itself..
      Now with 212 cr in only 10 surely is heading for lifetime greater than 260 cr minimum..which is 70 cr profit from theareticals only...if it touches 300 cr then it will be a blockbuster with 100 cr net profit from theareticals...samjhe chaman ctye

  3. Happy New year was 187 create movie and not a 200 create movie. Stop playing for sugar.

    1. Check sallu fans favourite site BOI

      😂 😂
      Dubbed version-4cr


      Sallu ne manipulation karke 200cr cross kar diya


    2. Brother better you stop reading this website.

    3. Hahaha...lekin phir bhi Happy New Year to jhoota hai na...chee chee...SRK now lost to even Ranveer n Shahid...shame shame shahrukh

  4. Congrats Padmaavat team!!
    Padmaavat breaks tiger 🐯 into pieces in overseas...

    Padmavat-20.5M... Overseas

    I think it will beat tiger 🐯 worldwide collection same like Aamirs cameo small film SS that too in January month ..

    😂 😂 😂

    Tiger 🐯 ka shikar kar diya padmaavat ne..

    Maza agaya...

    1. Hahaha...Salman k to 3 300 cr grossers hain...sharing lost to heroine deepika...shame shame shahrukh....chee chee ..thooooo

  5. Dear Ankur,

    Can you share Distributor share profit of PADMAVAT. In how many crores makers sold PADMAVAT to Distributor in INDIA.

  6. Padmaavat Collection:
    Trade: (203cr)
    Producer: (212.5cr)
    Difference: 9.5cr (11 Days)

    TZH Collection:
    Trade: (338.77cr)
    Producer: (338.79cr)
    Difference: 2 lakhs (45 Days)

    Huge Manipulation is done by Padmaavat Makers....And surprisingly Big Bollywood sites like Addatoday and others are not saying a word against it.....

  7. With 200cr Budget Padmaavat is declared as Super-Hit at 212cr (203cr Trade), and soon declare as Blockbuster....
    But TZH whose budget is 150cr is crossed 338cr and still not get ATBB verdict.....

    Now before anyone talk about Distributor Price, then let me remind them again that YRF distributes their own films....So no such Dist. price is involve here.....

    Don't know what's going on here....Huge difference b/w Trade and Producer figure still no objection.....and with so much high budget it get Super-Hit and Blockbuster verdict so easily.....Something is definitely wrong......

  8. If normal release would have touched 300. Magical stuff

  9. If PADMAVAT is Super Hit (200 Crores Budget almost) then DILWALE must be Blockbuster (130 Crores Budget and 144 Crores net in India + Huge Overseas).

  10. Saurabh, this kind of manipulation keeps junglee dogs like Khurand @ Gupti in business .. so they can troll needlessly .. gadhe ko kuch kaam nahi hai iske sapne mein bhi Salman aur bhai ke fans aate hongw aur uski pitai karte honge jaise ek kutte ki honi chaheeye .. then he comes on this site to vent out his filth and frustrating pain in his back .. ye to jayega eventually paagal Khane ..

    Abe gadhe khurand @ Gupti .. TZH has already done humongous business and thrashed PK and now you will see Padmavat thrash Dhoom 3

    Enjoy the pain 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    1. Dear reader's padmavati budget may be 190 crore but it has been sold at 100 cr domestically. So it's double the budget.but dilwale was sold at 140 cr to distributors
      and the film only did 145 cr.
      Screens,electricity,water not still huge flop...Sorry maha flop...

    2. Ekdam bohot pain hain bhai Salman fans ko. SS ne TZH ko dho dala.

  11. Just like PK and Dangal manipulation.. same going on here. If so,how else a 9-10 crore difference between trade and producers?????

    203.01 Crore nett Trade Figure
    212.5 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Daywise Breakup:

    Day 11 second Sunday
    18 Crore nett Trade Figure
    20 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 10 second Saturday
    16 Crore nett Trade Figure
    16 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 9 second Friday
    9.25 Crore nett Trade Figure
    10 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 7 Wednesday
    12 Crore nett Trade Figure
    12.5 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 6 Tuesday
    13 Crore nett Trade Figure
    14 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 5 Monday
    13.94 Crore nett Trade Figure
    15 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 4 Sunday
    30.38 Crore nett Trade Figure
    31 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 3 Saturday
    26.58 Crore nett Trade Figure
    27 Crore nett Producer Figure

    31.18 Crore nett Trade Figure
    32 Crore nett Producer Figure

    17.82 Crore nett Trade Figure
    19 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Wednesday Paid Previews
    5 Crore nett Producer Figure
    4.86 Crore nett Trade Figure

  12. For people with brains and not for duffers (e.g. Khurand @ Gupti) who are here just to troll ...

    Any business lost due to unofficial ban has been more than offset by immense controversy and hype ( on the same level as BB 2) as well as postponement of Padman the film collections (trade figure) are at the right optimum level ...