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February 11, 2018

Padmaavat 3rd Saturday (17th Day) Box Office Collection. Excellent Jump!

Padmaavat has shown excellent jump on 3rd Saturday (17th day) at box office. Jump is around 80% from 3rd Friday. That is huge. 

Film is trending extra-ordinarily again in 3rd week now. Film 3rd weekend business is heading towards 17 crore nett mark. In fact it can be even more if film shows strong performance on 3rd Sunday as well.

Padmaavat total business at the end of Day 17 is approx 245.8 crore nett. Film is set to zoom past 250 crore nett by the end of 3rd weekend itself. Currently film lifetime business is trending towards 275 crore nett mark. There is a big possibility of touching or crossing 280 crore nett. That is humongous considering film screening was affected in few states. Film is a Super HIT at box office.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 -> 166.5 crore nett.

Week 2 -> 69.5 crore nett.

Week 3 - 

Fri -> 3.5 crore nett.

Sat -> 6.3 crore nett.

Total -> 245.8 crore nett (approx)


  1. Now you are taking us for least think twice before you write something. How is this possible when padman is running on 3500 screens!

    1. 3500 including overseas hai chutiye...India me 2800 n oberaeaa me 650 hai..padmaavat India me 1100 hai ganda..
      Isliye 10 cr tak is easily possible

  2. Good performance but again PK and HNY type manipulation of more than 12 crores already .. hut why is it needed ??
    Padmaavat showed excellent growth on third Saturday as the film went to 6-6.25 crore nett which is growth of around 75%. The film is now at 234 crore nett and it aslso started to be screened in some centres of MP though its probably too late to have a real impact but still it will bump up the collections a little.

  3. Sunny ki jal rahi hai pichwade se. PK thrashed manipulated TZH despite TZH having more ticket price and being more commercial and released 3 years later. Also Padmaavat is nowhere close to the epic manipulated Kick and PRDP. As they crossed almost all limits. But still padmaavat thrashed kick and PRDP in pieces.

    1. Harry mere launre...TZH is the only movie kiske trade n producer figures same hain...PK is 336 cr according to trade...