Padmaavat 2nd Monday (12th Day) Box Office Collection. Good Hold!

February 6, 2018

Padmaavat 2nd Monday (12th Day) Box Office Collection. Good Hold!

Padmaavat has shown good hold on 2nd Monday (12th day) at box office. Film has registered a drop of 30-35% from 2nd Friday which is pretty good hold. Anything less than 40% is a nice hold for Monday from Friday.

Padmaavat has added an approx 7 crore nett on Day 12. Thus, film total business after 12 days is approx 219.5 crore nett mark. Film second week business is now trending towards 70 crore nett mark. This is extremely huge and one of the all time best in History of Bollywood box office.

Padmaavat is a big hit and by the end of the 3rd weekend film will be a Super HIT. For Blockbuster status, film needs to do well again in 3rd week, but there is a big release happening in PadMan which will have some kind of impact. So, far everything is looking good and let's hope for the best.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 -> 166.5 crore nett.

Week 2 -

Fri -> 10 crore nett.

Sat -> 16 crore nett.

Sun -> 20 crore nett.

Mon -> 7 crore nett (est).

Total -> 219.5 crore nett (approx)

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  1. Real box office collection for Monday is 6 crores and life time 209 crores - confirmed by BOI as well as trade.. good performance by the movie. Lifetime seems to be headed towards 275 crores !

  2. Secret Superstar aur Padmavat ne Slumdog zinda hai ki aisi bazaai mazaa agaya

    For sadakchhap Goonda fans 👇

    taran adarsh
    taran adarsh
    #PK *lifetime biz* ₹ 340.8 cr
    #Dangal total till 4 Jan 2017: ₹ 304.38 cr
    Countdown begins...
    #Dangal needs ₹ 36.42 cr to equal #PK total.
    1:22 PM · Jan 5, 2017

    Ab tho gatarchhap fans pk gatar me lotenge

    1. Correct .. agree with last line of your comment Gupti @ Khurand .. pk Gaya gutter mein .. ab tu bhi kud ja .. TZH already thrashed PK collections - official BOI already confirmed.. ab Mara le kahin jaakar apni 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yahan par rone se kuch nahi hoga .. kutte ko koi puchkardo bhai 👊👊👊👊👋👋

  3. Taran chachu kuch bdha chdha kar btayenge collection...

  4. Similar to inflated figures of movies like HNY, PK .. there is already a huge 11 crore difference in Padmavat collections .. why is it needed ???? when movie is running so well, just communicate real numbers !!
    Padmavati (Padmaavat) 12th Day Box Office Collection

    Padmavati (Padmaavat) 6th Day Box Office Collection
    Padmavati Box Office Collection Day 12 Second Monday
    5.5 Crore nett Trade Figure
    7 Crore nett Producer Figure

    208.51 Crore nett Trade Figure
    219.5 Crore nett Producer Figure

    $12 Million or Rs 76.29 Crore gross including $4.98 Million or Rs 31.71 Crore gross in USA and Canada.

    Padmavati is 2nd highest opening weekend grosser in overseas behind Sultan for hindi movies

    250 Crore gross +

    Daywise Breakup:

    Day 11 Second Sunday
    18 Crore nett Trade Figure
    20 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 10 second Saturday
    16 Crore nett Trade Figure
    16 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 9 second Friday
    9.25 Crore nett Trade Figure
    10 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 7 Wednesday
    12 Crore nett Trade Figure
    12.5 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 6 Tuesday
    13 Crore nett Trade Figure
    14 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 5 Monday
    13.94 Crore nett Trade Figure
    15 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 4 Sunday
    30.38 Crore nett Trade Figure
    31 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Day 3 Saturday
    26.58 Crore nett Trade Figure
    27 Crore nett Producer Figure

    31.18 Crore nett Trade Figure
    32 Crore nett Producer Figure

    17.82 Crore nett Trade Figure
    19 Crore nett Producer Figure

    Wednesday Paid Previews
    5 Crore nett Producer Figure
    4.86 Crore nett Trade Figure


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