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February 4, 2018

Padmaavat (10th Day) 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection Report. Humongous Growth

Padmaavat has shown humongous jump on 2nd Saturday (10th day) at box office. Film has registered a mammoth growth of around 60% from 2nd Friday. This is outstanding. Film is now heading for a Historic second weekend for sure.

Padmaavat has collected an approx 16 crore nett on Day 10. Thus, film total business at the end of day 10 is approx 192.5 crore nett. Film will zoom past 200 crore mark today. In fact film will go past 210 crore mark by the end of the day.

Padmaavat is now truly set to go past 250 crore mark in coming days. In fact big growth on 2nd Saturday has pushed the film towards 275-300 crore mark. This is simply astounding considering film is released in 80% screen potential across India. Film is a Super HIT and now heading towards Blockbuster status

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 -> 166.5 crore nett.

Week 2 -

Fri -> 10 crore nett.

Sat -> 16 crore nett (est).

Total -> 192.5 crore nett (approx)


  1. Replies
    1. Deepika ne bhi Slumstar zinda hai ko kuchal diya bo par....

      My suggestion for Makers to name the 3rd part as

      Criminal abhi bhi zinda hai....

      It will cross 350 cr at bo...
      Kam se kam isme tho sachayi dikhegi logon ko.....

  2. Well deserved...It's doing great here in Canada as well

  3. Ranveer Singh is the new King of masses n classes alike after Aamir Khan....easily the best among the newer lot...Ranbir is only for classes n highly inconsistent...Varun is consistent but only for masses n has huge limitations as actor...

    1. Dude stay float with your feets on ground .. this is simple movie magic nothing to do with either of the actors stardom.. things will be back to normal with their next releases.. real megastar who can get a big opening from lastnaoaby years irrespective of the movie is only and only Salman Khan, then SRK and followed by Aamir / Akshay who both need some hype for the movie before it releases

    2. Ha bhai kitna samajh hain tujhe is comment pe hi pata chalta hain. GROWUP.

    3. oh yes, i forgot fusslight and flopho and many more, you are bang on

    4. Sunny illitereate keep living in your fool's world. Salman can not even give 5 crore opening if you give him a script like Talaash or fan. In opening real megastar is Aamir who can give decent to great opening in any genre followed by srk and then salman. If aamir released his film on national holiday with commercial script like salman then his movies would take earth shattering opening. Had he been in TZH instead of salman then it would have opened more than 40 crore. In dhoom 3 he broke all opening records despite non holiday. after that he hasn't done any commercial masala entertainer. so shut your mouth.

    5. Sunny one more thing. tere salman ki kya aukaat thi 2010 se pehle? HAHK bhi sirf movie magic thi. salman ka koi kamaal nahi tha. HAHK disaster opening less than suhaag, Mohra, Main khiladi tu anaari, Hum hai raahi pyaar ke, and so on. Only content and madhuri made it such big. also there wass no privacy or other entertainment option at that time. that also benefited. aaj ke time pe HAHK release hui hoti to kutta bhi dekhne nahi jaata. LOL. Remove HAHK and other multistarrer sand see what your salman is left with. he couldnt give any solo opening on his own. all his films were flopping till south remake wanted. so shut your mouth. the credit goes to deepika, ranveer and shahid so shut your 2 rs mouth.

    6. Arijit aadhe akalmand...n Sunny..performances speak n it shows...recall value of Padmavat n actor who easily outscored others is easily Ranveer...even his performance in Bajirao was easily the best by any in past few years...

      Ranveers choice of movies n roles is outstanding...already he has superior roles in w hero movies like Gunday, DDD n now.padmaavat over competitors or senior actors like Arjun Kapoor, Farhan n now Shahid.

      His upcoming movies are a combo of mass movie like Simbaa n class movie like Gully Boy followed by a global movie like 1983 Kapil

      All top directors r working with him at such an early stage like Sanjay bhansali, Aditya Chopra, Rohit Shetty, Zoya Akthar, Kabir Khan, n no big deal that in coming days even more bigger directors will desire to work with him.

  4. Haha
    Maza aagaya...

    Kaha gaya wo dean.. Dekh le Ranvir ki power.. Agar puri india mein release hoti toh tiger 🐯 ka shikar karta..

    😂 😂

    Sallu fans, tiger 🐯 se behtar koi shikar nahi karta par yaha toh ranveer ne tiger 🐯 ka shikar kar diya..

    Such mein maza aa agaya...

  5. Sabhi state hasti hongi MP,RAJASTHAN GUJRAT par

    Idhar crore mein kama rahe hai Rajputonke naam par aur udhar Rajput hokar zuthi shan mein fase hai..aur padmavat clean movie hai...

    Udhar ke govt. Ka bahot loss hua..
    Aur theatre owner ka bhi bechare kama sakte the par aab bhugto..

  6. Good job by the film do far but huge discrepancy between producer and trade reported figures .. don't think there is any need to manipulate when movie is going so well. Take for example .. few sites are reporting 14 crores for Saturday while others 16 and 16.5 .. see below the gap .. almost 10 crores ??

    185.01 Crore nett Trade Figure
    176.5 Crore nett Producer Figure

    1. Billy ke time bol rahe the manipulation nahi hai koi
      Jyada kyun batayega tax bharna padta hai aur abb bol rahe hai manipulation kar rahe hai..

      Abey lallu fans BOI jaisi crap site nahi hai wo sab adjust karti hai agar sallu ki movie hai toh..

      Baki kovies ka collection kam bata ti hai aur uska estmate sallu ki movies ke liye jyada hota hai baad mein adjust karti hai 10 bar fig.change karti hai

      Dusronki final hoti hai fig.
      Asal mei billy ne bahot manipulation kiya hai BOI and YRF ke sath..

    2. Agreed. Actually jo bhi karle
      Tiger, SS WW beat kar diya. Aab TOH aayega jo swapne me bhi Salman tod nehi payega.

  7. Ye to pakka hai PADMAAVAT will beat TZH ww for sure..

  8. Abe gadhe ki aulad tu saala kutte ki duumm hh kabhi seedha nhi ho sakta Teri fatti padi h Khuranna urf arsh urf Ravi urf aamad urf veeresh urf parshya aunty urf suar kahi ka,,,,,tere KO koi kaam nhi h kya be,,,,,saala Billi tu h,,,,sharm se doob mar kahi kitna fake I'd bnayega tu,,,,,tere jaisa chuha salman sir ke jhaato ke Baal saman h be.....gadhe,,,,bhaag China bhaag

  9. Saala kutta Khuranna urf parshya pure din addatoday,,, bollyarena,,, koimoi,,etc search kar ke salman sir KO troll karta rehta h ,,,Abe suar tere KO koi kam h ki nhi ,,,,SS ye dangal kitna bhi collect kar le usse tujhe kya milega be amir ka Lund bol be gadhe

  10. Taran Adarsh

    #PK [Week 6] Fri 14 lacs, Sat 19 lacs, Sun 32 lacs, Mon 29 lacs, Tue 10 lacs, Wed 10 lacs, Thu 9 lacs. Grand total: ₹ 340.8 cr [updated].
    1:33 AM - 30 Jan 2015

    @Ankur plz note down this fig.which is exact collection of PK

    1. Bewakoof aadmi...yehi 4-5 crore ki mismatch karke apne baap se validate karaata reh...TZH ne teri maar li hai...tu bhi mar hi jaa ab

  11. Kutte ka bhokna mana hai so Khurand keep your mouth shut and don't bark and spread your filth unnecessarily

  12. . @ajaydevgn and team to launch the theatrical trailer of #Raid on 6th February, 2018 at an event in Mumbai. The film releases on 16th March 2018. The movie is directed by #RajKumarGupta.

  13. All these sites follow BOI - it is a open secret so see below final collections of PK which already declared by BOI has been crossed by TZH
    Release Date: 19 Dec 2014
    Nett Gross: 3,37,72,50,000

  14. ankur sir plz update about Padman also

  15. Padmavati Box Office Collection Day 10 second Saturday
    16 Crore nett Trade Figure
    16 Crore nett Producer Figure

    185.01 Crore nett Trade Figure
    192.5 Crore nett Producer Figure

  16. It will beat SRK Chennai Express. Padmaavat trashed SRK's records

  17. The real collections of Padmavat till end of 2nd weekend are as below:

    First Week - 1,59,50,00,000 apprx

    Friday - 9,50,00,000 apprx

    Saturday - 15,50,00,000 apprx

    Sunday - 18,50,00,000 apprx

    Second Weekend - 43,50,00,000 (2 Days)

    Grand Total - 2,03,00,00,000