Tiger Zinda Hai Overseas and Worldwide Collection after Second Week. Humongous HIT!

January 5, 2018

Tiger Zinda Hai Overseas and Worldwide Collection after Second Week. Humongous HIT!

Tiger Zinda Hai is not only a humongous HIT at Indian Box Office, but also story is same for Overseas Market. Film has collected an approx $17.46 million (INR 110.85 crores) till end of week 2. Few screens are yet to be reported.

Thus, film has entered Top 10 All time grossers in Overseas market and that also in 2 weeks flat. Film is still doing well and on track to cross $20 million mark. If and when Tiger enters $20 million club, it will be among selected films. Till date only 8 films has touched $20 million and Tiger will be the 9th. Salman Khan has two films in $20 million club and Tiger will be his third. Aamir Khan has 4 films in $20 million club and Shah Rukh Khan has 2 films in $20 million club.

Tiger Zinda Hai has already grossed INR 373 crores (INR 291.55 crore nett) in India in 14 days. Thus, film worldwide collection at the end of 14 days is approx 484 crores. Film is racing towards 500 crore mark now. If and when Tiger enters 500 crore, it will be among selected Bollywood films. Prior to Tiger, only 5 films have touched 500 crore mark and Tiger will be 6th. 

Only Aamir Khan has 3 films in 500 crore club. Salman Khan has two films right now in this elite club and Tiger will be his 3rd. No other Bollywood actor has any film in this elite club.

Collection Breakup

Overseas - $17.46 million (INR 110.85 crores)
India - INR 373.19 crores.

Total - INR 484 crores approx.

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  1. No other bollywood acter has any film in this elite clubπŸ˜‡

    But D3>>TZH

  2. I think it will wrap under 540cr ww
    that means D3-558cr ww > TZH-540cr ww

  3. 4600 screens aur woh bhi open weeks x mas me itna kamayi toh kaunsa kamaal hai...
    Agar Aamir hota toh ab tak movie 400 cr cross kar chuki hoti domestically...
    Salman darpok hai Manipulation star

  4. clearly visbile and proves it yet again .. 3 back to back comments by same person .. fake profiles ki dukaan ;) ;) ;)

    1. @Sunny
      Tu mere piche kyun pada hai..
      upar ke tino log alag hai...

      kitni bar bola hai..
      arey bahi agar sallu ke khilaf koi bhi bolega toh wo mera fake id hoga ye kaise ho sakta hai?

      kya pure india mein khali Sunil hi sallu ko hate karta hai kya aur bhi log hai..

      lekin muze teri comments acchi lagti hai..
      mai bahot hasta hoon tere pagalpan par ;)

    2. Chor ki dhaadhi mein tinka .. fake profiles ko ignore maaro everyone ;) ;)

    3. Not just Sunil Khurana but Parshya also hates Salman .. lol .. you know right who he is ;) ;)

    4. @sunny bhai

      Ye sunil koi or hai , or mai koi or.....

      Muje SRK fan achchi tarah jaante hπŸ˜‚....me great SRK hatter hu

      But fir srk ki Raees>>>>>>TZH

  5. Ankur bro dhoom3 545 worldwide yaa 550 clear it

  6. 3 movies in three consecutive years, not any other actor has achieved this in the history of Indian cinema..
    That's why SALMAN KHAN is called the Baap of BOLLYWOOD.. aur jab tak hai tab tak toh koi dusra hone se raha...
    AND race 3 would be the fourth 300 crore movie of this living legend of BOLLYWOOD....
    A BIG salute to this LIVING LEGEND..

  7. One thing I must admit as Aamir fan iss tiger me sachmuch jaan hai.. Tiger zinda hai... As an action pack movie it is impossible to sustain unless it was bahuballi type movie.. but tzh made us wrong and still performing well in his 3rd week also..One word unbelievable.. Hope TOH do same type of business and open 1st 400cr club in Bollywood. As still we all think as bahuballi is a regional movie so his collection may not count in Bollywood.. so hope after 100 200 300 CR club Aamir may be able to open 400cr club as TZH going to fell open that club...

    1. @dash bhai

      Hollywood ki true laies or Rambo jese action denge....to chalegi hi na movie

      India me esi hi movie chalti h....like Dhoom 3 or Sholey....

      India me gadho ki kmi nhi h....fir b aamir gadho or moorkho k desh me ATBB 388crore de deta h

    2. Ab Bb2 record impossible hai..isliye Bb2 Hindi film nahi hai.why cant u say like this bro

  8. Good comment by debasish .. the point to understand is this is a full on action movie and still managing to hit 300 crores.. possibly 80% of the movie scenes are pure guns and action .. so quite amazing

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Are aagaya Tiger 500 ke club me. Aise yaha pe bhi Aamir age hain. Sallu fans socha tha PK ko todenge abhi to D3 bhi duur lag raha hain.

  12. The 3rd Friday collection is around 3.5-3.75 crore as per early estimate ....

  13. If $20 million overseas collection is humungous, then what do you call $ 50 million (PK overseas collection) or $200+ million (Dangal overseas collection)? A movie made on a budget of over 100 crores can's be called colossal hit unless it earns at least $ 50 million overseas. In 2017,It's as ridiculous to call $20 million overseas grosser humungous hit as calling ₹ 100 crores grosser as a 100 crores elite club movie. ₹ 100 cores domestic collection and $20 million overseas collection are just peanuts now. Filmmakers need to make movie on grand scale with good and universal storyline, explore new markets beyond Indian diaspora. Bollywood can't even make Pan India movie, forget about international market. Bahubali and Dangal has been the first new era Pan India and worldclass movie respectively.

    1. Dear Unknown,

      Kindly let us know your name please. Why coming as anonymous. Anyways coming to your logic. How many Bollywood films have crossed $50 million in Overseas?? Only Dangal. That also because aid from China BO which buy out foreign films. Makers hardly get any significant Distributor Share. Second may be PK which we need to rounded to 50. Otherwise it is still below $50 million mark. What about rest films. Their achievement are not big? Overseas market is growing. Considering all factors Tiger buisness so far is humongous. Film is still in running and may even end up collecting much more than $20 million. Read the article in whole. Don't create debate for just arguement sake without any proper logic such as "$20 million is peanuts" How many films have achieved that?

    2. Non NRI country or real OS collection dekhe to bhut km h ,


      NRI collection dekhe to ,humongous h

    3. Or ydi PK 1 saal baad or 3idiots 2.5 saal baad release nhi hui hoti to ,

      To Pk 800 crore or 3idiots 2000crore kma leti

      Bcos....90% chinease ne ye movie vha release hone se pahle net par dekh li thi

      Or Dangal k time aamir ne socha movie jyada se jyada 400 crore kregi so 100crore me bech diyaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Vese bahubali ko free me b bech de ti 10 crore se jyada nhi kmayegiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

    4. Dear Ankur, Apologies for anonymous comment, that was unintentional. My name is Rakesh. Now coming to your logic of how many films have achieved that. Yes, even if there is hardly any movie which has achieved this mark, that does not make a movie earning $20 million made on a budget of over ₹ 100crores humungous hit. Seems you missed the year mentioned by me (2017), and budget of a film. If a film like Newton or any low-budget film for that matter earns even $10 million, we can call it huge hit. By adding words like " That also because aid from China BO..", you are taking away credit from a true colossal hit of Indian cinema. How many reliable interntaional websites declare a film hit or flop based on distributor share or exhibitor share. At the end, what matters is how much money a movie makes at BO or its footfalls which truly defines success of a movie.
      P.S. I am into Film studies, I may disagree with what you write, that does not make it unnecessary debate just for the sake of arguments.:)

    5. Dear Rakesh,

      Your point is taken. No need of any apologies. Dangal has done landmark business in China. No one is denying that. Yes, we need to grow specially in Overseas market. But considering all factors, budget and everything I like to state that $20 million is not peanuts that u said. Yes, $50 million or more looks better than $20 million. Plus, Overseas trending is always better than India. Plus, Tiger was banned initially in Kuwait and totally in Pakistan. So, business is affected. Also, it is not released in China. Plus film is still running. Tiger has not done peanuts business and film is still running. I hope u got my point. Thanks and Cheers!

    6. But ankur sir

      China me Bahubali nhi chali to......tiger ko kon dekhegaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Arey koi batayega friday ko kitna manipulation hua hai

    πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  15. Dear Sunil,

    I am following ur comments from last few days. I think u r going through some kind of problem in life?? All is well at ur home place?? Don't follow Tiger BO if u think it is manipulated? Why always make a joke of urself? If u think Tiger should do business below 260 crore then accept it as 250 crore and declare that it is a Flop. Just take some chill pill dude!!!

    1. I warned you Ankur about this jerk .. better to ban him if his foolish antics continue like this.. though it is a different matter he operates with several fake names ..

    2. @ankur sir

      Sunil aamir fan h , or vo sirf maje le rha h ,

      Dangal k time par salman fan ne bhut liye the...


      # Ye BOI kyo 39 crore ka coll bta k , 35 crore kr deta h ??

      # aamir ki Dangal ki koi tarrif kyo nhi ki....or china collection ko b ignor kiya

      # kyo old movie ka footfall lake ,adjusted gross figur deke....salman ko top par dikhata h ??

      # aamir ki kai movie ko blockbuster se superhit....hit se avrage me kyo change karta h ??

      # kyo BB ko Dangal se great dikhata h ??

      # kyo RH or DDlj ka collection km or HAHK ka collection badh jata h ??

      # kyo salman ki movie par jyada excited hota h ?? Or salman ki disaster ko hit btata h ??

      @bollyarena or @addatoday ki crrdibility par koi shak nhi h hmeπŸ˜‡

      Both r great BO site...dono fact par jor dete h

    3. @ankur
      Tum admin ho chal raha hai chalne do khali gaali wali language mat allow karo

      Tumhe sirf meri trolling dikh rahi hai sallu fans ki nahi
      Unki life me koi problem nahi isiliye wo idhar aate hai aur enjoy karte hai

      Meri life me bahot problem hai isiliye mai idhar comments karke solve karta hoon muze sukun milta hai...

      Kya logic hai?

      Agar sallu fans troll karte hai Aamir ko toh unke life me problem nahi aur mai troll karu toh meri life me pronlem.


      Mai yaha par khali entertainment ke liye comments karta hoon...

      Aur tum log serious hote ho...
      Dangal ko kitne logone fake bola
      Kya hamne kaha tumhari life me bahot bada problem hai..

      Sallu fans ko lagta hai sallu jaisa koi nahi ok. Par stat dekhe toh Aamir aage hai kam filme karne par bhi

      Toh tumhara ye manana hai sallu fans ki bakwass hum log sune aur sallu ko megastar bole

      Jo 23 sal se Ek ATHG nahi de saka

      Aur mai sallu ke khilaf nahi sallu fans ke khilaf hoon

      Unko jo gurur hai na wo todna hai
      Dudronki wo izzat nahi karte toh hum kyun kare.

      Srk ko hakla bolte hai aamir ko tingu tab unki life me problem nahi kya?

      Ankur tum admin ka kam karo trolling chalti rahegi.

      Jo muze block karne ko bol rahe hai wo log TOH ke tima Aamir ke asgainst bolenge...

      Tab tum kya kahoge?
      Mai yaha Aamir ka zenda nahi lahrana chahta...

      Mai sirf entertainment karna chahta hoon jo ki yumhari site deti hai agar tum log itna serious hote ho toh site kaise chalegi...

      Kya Tum twitter pe yahi updesh de sakte ho aur maan jayenge sallu fans aamir fans srk fans.

      Sallu fans jo hawa me udate hai na Unko zameen par patkana hai.

      Sallu se muze koi lena dena nahi
      Mai sirf trolling karta hoon baki kuch nahi.

    4. Toh mai aab kya bolu..
      Sallu ke jaisa koi nahi
      Sallu tiger hai sultan hai

      Sabse aage hai bollywood ki aan ban shan hai


      Aur aab Aamir ke khilaf jo bolega uska kya karoge?

      Dekhte hai...

    5. Aaj ankur bhai full form me he.. niceπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    6. Maine 260cr predict kiya tha maine ye nahi kaha ke collection uske under hi ana chahiye

      Collection acche hai TZH ke aur 300cr bhi hi jayenge par muze laga isilye mai bola manipulation ho raha hai aur ye sab addatoday ki reports se hi mai bol raha hoon

    7. @sunil bro in adda and parshya bro in bollyarena.. plz don't troll everytym.. as true Aamir fan never troll anybody .. we juz enjoy our star's success and let others to enjoy der success..
      In stardom no one can beat Sallu Bhai in recent scenario while in choosing great concept movie and making it to epic no body can ever beat Aamir..So juz chill and enjoy Bollywood's success.. and make all ur comment store for TOH which may create tsunami in 2018 according to BOI...

    8. But aamir kam movie karta h......or dhobi ghat jesi aart movie bnata h....

      Fir b aamir ka stardom kha h


      Lallu ka stardom Tubelite me kyo fuss ho gya ??

      Aamir ne kbhi stardom or fan logo ko khush karne k liye movie nhi bnayi....na hi koi movie repeat ki...

      Fir b.....salman aamir ki 2013 ki movie ka record nhi tod pa rha h

  16. Ankur Baruah is So cordial .. If i am in his place I must ban Sunil Khurana ... Coz of his Harlot's speech ...

  17. It is hard for it to cross PK now. Lifetime collection would be around 320-330 cr.

  18. Nevertheless 500 crore worldwide is big deal. Now Aamir is on a different league Secret Superstar will also do Colossal business in China. I think the oppurtunity Aamir given for others stars they can bank on that and release movies in China.

  19. @ankur
    I think u r a sallu fan...
    Thats why u have not given reply to those who r saying "Fake collection of Dangal"

  20. A jerk will always remain a jerk ..

    1. Yes....lallu fan lallu hi rahenge...

      Kya dekhoge aage ??

      Dabang 3...race 3 ...ready 2....tiger zinda rhegaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Bhai tum quality movie nhi dekh k......sadak chap movie me kyo pese barbad karte ho ?

      Jerk ho kya ??

  21. A jerk will always remain a jerk ..


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