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January 24, 2018

Tiger Zinda Hai 5th Tuesday (Day 33) Box Office Collection. Solid Again.

Tiger Zinda Hai has collected a Solid 60 lakh nett on Day 33 (5th Tuesday) at box office. Film has remained rock solid and registered a nominal drop of just 14-15% from Day 32.

Thus, Tiger has crossed 5 crore nett in 5 days of week five. Film was on track to collect 6 crore nett in 5th week, but there is Padmaavat waiting. Film business will be affected significantly from today that is Wednesday.

Tiger total business is approx 334.85 crore nett. Film is almost certain to touch 336-337 crore nett mark in its theatrical run in India. How film stands against Padmaavat will determine whether it can challenge a 340 mark or not.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 206 crore nett.

Week 2 - 85.55 crore nett.

Week 3 - 27.3 crore nett.

Week 4 - 10.9 crore nett.

Week 5 - 

Fri - 0.75 crore nett.

Sat - 1.2 crore nett.

Sun - 1.85 crore nett.

Mon - 0.7 crore nett.

Tue - 0.6 crore nett.

Total - 334.85 crore nett (approx).



  1. Replies
    1. It's very shocking that it is yet not declared as ATBB.....I remember that before release Trade site were saying that it has to collect 330cr to get ATBB verdict...Now when it achieve that target then Trade site are saying that it need 340cr to get ATBB....I am very sure that when it cross 340cr they will increase the number to 350cr.....
      Same thing they did with Sultan by not giving ATBB verdict....Interesting thing is they give Dhoom 3 ATBB which had higher Budget than Sultan and collection was also low both in Domestic and Worldwide market....Yet Sultan is only Blockbuster and Dhoom 3 was ATBB....

      They all are Salman Haters.....

    2. @Suarab
      D3 was released way back in 2013..
      that time it had broken all d circuits record and also oversease record..

      D3 was also a ATHG with 286cr collection..
      Only CE and 3 idiots had crossed 200cr at that time..
      thats why BOI had given ATBB verdict to D3..

    3. Sunil K...
      Bro there is no connection btw Release date and Verdict of movie...so don't talk like stupid....
      Also it does not matter whether movie is ATHG or not....Just for an example if movie Budget is 450cr and it earn 520cr in its lifetime (considering current HG record) then will you consider it ATBB....Biggg Nooo

      Verdict depends on Budget/Distributor Price and its Domestic Box Office Collection....And Here in TZH, Sultan and Dhoom3 in all movies YRF is the Producer as well as Distributor......
      But still with high budget and low collection Dhoom 3 declare as ATBB by BOI, will Sultan only Blockbuster....
      And here I am talking about BOI and 1 or 2 trade site, which you always consider as Salman's site, because in other trade site Sultan was ATBB, and I am sure TZH will also declare as ATBB....

      And next time use your brain before comment.....

  2. It's a Rock Steady collection for TZH ... Carry On .. it will surpass PK's BOC according to BOI .. and i think it has the potential to break PK's producer figure collection too ... Carry On ... #TZH

  3. It isn't an ATBB because normally salmaan khan movies are sold at a higher price to the distributors , so they need to collect more in comparison to Aamir khan movies to become ATBB

    1. Bro YRF the Producer of TZH is also the Distributor of TZH.....YRF Distribute its own film....So there is no Distributor Price is involve in TZH....Whatever it is earning it directly goes to Producer....

    2. yes u right
      salmans movie tickets prices are always less but his movies sold to distributers for higher prices..

      kehna kya chahte ho lallu ke fans..

      agar bhai auduience ki sochta hai toh distributers ki bhi sovhta hoga na...


      btw TZH's gross collection is less than Dangal and PK thats why BOI has given blockbuster verdict to it..

      isme hi khushiya manao..
      Tumse ATBB nahi hoga...

      Only 4 ATBB...MPK,HAHK,BB,Dabang

      3 idiots

      back to back ATBB/ATHG


      hatrick of ATBB/ATHG

    3. Yes yrf is also the distributor , but in the current year bahubali has set a new benchmark with a distributor share of 250 crores , so to become ATBB movies have to beat the best benchmark. Secondly gadar created a huge benchmark before 10 years and that is why it took 11 years to better that by 3 idiots and be an ATBB. Khurana jealous insaan bache ke tarah hona bandh Kar , both Aamir and salmaan have achieved greatness and we are no one to comment

    4. Mental hai ye ..jab phat rahi hai to ab excuse bana raha hai Khurand using distorted facts .. isko ignore maaro .. comment to aide dalta (aur duffer ha ha bhi karta hai beech beech mein) as if he will change the facts and opinion of entire Indian public with him c*yapa .. he deserves fake profiles and a tight 👋 and zor ka 👊

    5. Sunil K a.k.a Tingu Fan...lagta hai tumhare pass Dimag bhi Tingu hi hai....
      GST Bhool gaye kya....Dumbo
      Its because of GST, Gross collection is less than PK.....use your brain (if you have one, though I have doubt about it) TZH soon cross PK lifetime Net collection, then if the tax rate were same then it will also easily cross gross collection of PK....

      And Sultan was declared as ATBB by many Trade site (except 1 or 2), and soon TZH will also get ATBB verdict....Which takes the total of 6 ATBB for Salman Khan and here I am not considering KKHH (which technically also Salman's movie)....

      And for your kind of information Ghajini was only Blockbuster and not ATBB....Which means Salman has 6 ATBB and Aamir has only 5....

    6. Ask addatoday whose no.of ATBB is more?

      😂 😂
      Addatoday mentioned Gajinivand danang ATBB but BOI not


    7. Sibakalyan Mohanty;
      Sorry to say Bro but you are completely wrong....It does not matter whether other movie has collected more or not....Movie verdict depend on its own Budget/ Distribution Price....
      Just for an example in 2015 BB collects 320cr and get ATBB verdict....And in the same year TWMR also get ATBB verdict with just 150cr collection.....
      Verdict completely depend on Budget/ Distribution Price....If the final collection is more than double to its budget then it is consider as ATBB....
      Here in TZH case budget is 150cr and collection is approx. 340cr so it is an ATBB....
      Now some will say that Salman fees is not added, so for them Salman takes the satellite rights of movie....And if we see at the revenue from non theatrical, then its almost 150cr (Satellite right (95cr) + Digital Rights (40cr) + Music Rights (15cr) etc).....
      So in totality TZH has earned approx. 630cr from Domestic Theatrical, Overseas and Non Theatrical, on the investment of 200cr (including Salman's Fee)...which means its a sure shot ATBB....

  4. Records created by TZH:
    1) Highest Non-Holiday Opening Day
    2) Highest Single Day (Sunday Collection)
    3) Highest 1st Weekend Record (normal)
    4) 2nd Highest 1st Week Record (only behind Sultan)

    All Major Records are in the name of TZH (Salman)

    Now Lifetime is depend on Content of Movie, while above records depend on Stardom of Actor, which shows that Salman Khan is on Top.....TZH has good content that's why it is collecting huge even in its 4th and 5th week, but content is definitely not in the level of BB and Dangal (Majorly because of so many Action Sequences), I think it is one step below than BB and Dangal on content level.....

    1. kyon bahubali2 ko bhool gaya kya, ek din main 100 cr kiya tha

    2. @Suarabh
      see its wom 8.5

      thats why tzh crosses BB...
      dont give excuses yaar..

      GST bhul gaye aap log..

  5. TZH will touch 335.5-336 crores by end of 5th week. As a worst case scenario, even if Padmaavat is liked by audiences (after initial hysteria .. though chances seem to be mixed considering reviews coming in are it is too much of a costumes show vs any real drama except for the climax Johan scene), TZH should collect at least 2.5-3 crores to hit 338+ crores in its lifetime

  6. Woooowàaaawwwwooo PK gameeeee issss overrrrr,,,,Khuranna,, parshya aunty,, dhyan,,, Ravi,,, aamad,,,, veeresh,,,, bla bla,,,,u idiot,,,,