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January 31, 2018

Secret Superstar China 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Box Office Collection. Super Strong.

Secret Superstar has remained super strong on 2nd Tuesday (12th day) at box office China. Film has collected an approx $3.2 million on day 12 with hardly any drop from day 11. Fantastic trending again.

Thus, SS total business in China at the end of day 12 is approx $72.6 million that is approx INR 462 crore. Film is on track to touch 500 crore in China and that should be achieved by the end of 2nd Thursday or start of 3rd Friday.

SS should in all likelihood touch $100 million in China alone. In fact, film should easily zoom past $100 million and collect much more looking at the current trending. Film is set to emerge as 2nd Highest Bollywood grosser ever worldwide.

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 -> $46.7 million.

Week 2 -

Fri -> $4.85 million

Sat -> $7.58 million

Sun -> $6.98 million

Mon -> $3.3 million

Tue -> $3.2 million

Total -> $72.6 million (INR 462 crore)


  1. Manipulation ka baadshah kon.....apna tingu khan.....SECRET MANIPULATION STAR.....

    1. Tu pagla hai.just think when chinese WILL enquire from where this actor and FILM is they will find that it's Indian. You may be from Pakistan or some anti indian thoughts but I am proud when I realize that Indian FILM and actor is making my country proud.

    2. @Filmygyan Read my comment below

  2. Some Facts: China is the 2nd largest movie market in the world with $8 billion annual revenue. Where india only generates $2 billion. Highest grossing film in china Wolf Warrior 2 collected $880 million where highest grossing film in india Bahubali2 collected only $90 million. Chinese box office figures are much more trustworthy than indian ones. Because china has official box office sites with hourly collections breakdown and all other stats like average ticket price and no. of admission. But india does not have anything like those. There is not even one single official website that can accurately report the box office figure of any movie. There are some trade website who gets their figures by analyzing different samples and assuming what the collection might be for example the oldest & biggest box office website in india works by analyzing sample gathered from couple of theaters. Other sites like , gets their numbers from the producer of the film which can not be trusted at all as the producer of the film always exaggerate the collections.

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  4. best about this site is ..daily updates even before closure of the day which no one else gives...cheers..keep it up...secret superstar i didn't have search other sites as it was here and quite perfect figures