Secret Superstar China 2nd Monday (11th Day) Collection Report. Unprecedented Run Continues!

January 30, 2018

Secret Superstar China 2nd Monday (11th Day) Collection Report. Unprecedented Run Continues!

Secret Superstar has hold terrifically on 2nd Monday (11th day) at China Box Office. Film is simply on an unprecedented run right now. 

Despite entering second week in China, SS has emerged as top performing film on Monday. Expect film to remain very strong through the whole weekdays now.

SS has collected an approx $3.3 million on Day 11. Thus, film total business in China till date is approx $69.4 million that is approx INR 441.7 crore. 

Film is now on track to cross 500 crore in China and that should be achieved inside 3rd weekend. It may happen as early as 3rd Friday going by the current trend. This is out of this world collection for a film like SS. 

Aamir Khan stardom in China is simply unparalleled. Film is very much on track to emerge as 2nd Highest Bollywood grosser Worldwide behind Dangal if we include China business. Totally unbelievable!

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 -> $46.7 million.

Week 2 -

Fri -> $4.85 million

Sat -> $7.58 million

Sun -> $6.98 million

Mon -> $3.3 million

Total -> $69.41 million (INR 441.7 crore)

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  1. Keep calm and believe in Aamir. We fans do not need excuses we know Aamir will deliver.

  2. What do you mean by "... if we include China business"? Can you please elaborate? Is China on another planet? Or is it because BO collections of Dangal and now Secret Superstar are unbelievably high in China that has put other films overseas collection look like peanuts? Let me enlighen you with some facts about Chinese film industry.
    1. It's the world's second largest market with over $8 billion BO revenue.
    2. Non-Chinese movies are mostly released in China in ORIGINAL VERSION with Chinese subtitles, except few dubbed screening (less than 10%).
    3. Chinese film industry is mostly dominated by hollywood films, and no international box-office sites exclude Chinese box office collection from a film's worldwide collection.
    4. Secret Superstar has been released in China with revenue share of 25%, which goes to the filmmaker. It's NOT a flat buy-out film.

    We should be proud of the fact that an Indian filmmaker has cracked World's second largest film industry, and has shown way to other indian filmmakers. After few months, Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be released in China, I'm sure it will be benefitted from the interest Aamir Khan has created about Indian films among native Chinese.

    Do you ever write, "....if we include US-Canada collection"? Then why "...if we include China business"? It sounds like an amateur film enthusiast blogging about films.

    1. Dear Rakesh,

      All Bollywood films released all across the Globe. But list is selected and few in China. That's why said. Hence, don't write "Is China in another planet" or stuff like that and make a fun of yourself. Read the whole article properly. Also, China mostly buy out our Bollywood films minus Secret Superstar. you have to look at all case scenario. Don't make a debate or controversy just for sake of it.

      And yes, finally we don't need to write US-Canada collection as all films get released there with good Distributor shares. We are also praising Aamir Khan and SS as it has opened to door for other Bollywood films. Hope Bollywood big time in coming days.

      How will you compare with other biggies such as Sultan, BB or TZH which are not released in China. Hope your misconception is corrected a bit now. Thanks!

    2. Seems you didn't get my point.

      Limited quota of foreign movies in China applies to all films, including Hollywood movies. China's limit on imported films from Hollwood is 38, and for Indian films it's 4. But have you ever seen any credible international box-office site excluding Chinese BO collection of such hollywood films, just because only 38 films are released in China, rest of them are not released (that include domestic biggies of US-Canada as well). If a film makes its way into the import list of China, that's purely based on its merit and boxoffice potential.

      Our so called "biggies" remain "biggies" among Indians. Our movies are yet to tap international market, and if a movie has achieved that, just accept that without putting ifs and buts. Period.

    3. Hey ankur,
      I fully agree with rakesh..he may not have used the correct language may be but what he conveyed is absolutely true and what secret superstar has achieved should be applauded and you should not have offended like this. Perhaps what he conveyed to us was expected from you. He have given correct information and it seems that you are little annoyed by the truth he has spoken. He is true that China is in this planet only amir khan should be highly praised for what he has acheived in China and showing the way to other filmmaker in India. Also please go through some of the article that are written in US and Chinese media for what aamir khan and secret superstar has acheived and then you will realize that what Mr Rakesh has written is true.

  3. Replies
    1. Aur Salman bus India ka local maal hai aur shahrukh NRI ka maal hai. Feel the heat..

  4. why dont u write same for srk..all flops like dilwale..harry met...THAT IF WE INCLUDE OVERSEAS WHICH ANY WAY AR FRAUD ...I see this site more or less like bos pffice india.
    biased towards jabra

  5. Aamir khan best of the best,,,,

  6. time and again...his fans pr9ve he is best.. time and again media proves...jabra is king khan...king for what when leave aamir
    ..even sultan is way ahead


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