January 23, 2018

Secret Superstar 5th Day (Tuesday) China Box Office Collection. Extraordinary Again!

Secret Superstar is having a simply extraordinary run in China. Film remain rock solid on Tuesday (5th day) at box office. There is hardly any major drop in business on Day 5 from Day 4. 

SS is set to collect in excess of $4.65 million (INR 29.65 crore) on Day 5. Thus, film total business in China at present is approx $36.8+ million (INR 234.7+ crore).

SS is almost certain to cross INR 500 crore business in China. In fact trend suggest, Film is on track to cross 600 or 700 crore in China. Means, film is set to be 2nd Highest Bollywood grosser Worldwide in coming times behind Dangal. This is simply staggering.

SS also become first Bollywood film to get revenue sharing from China box office. Foreign film which manage to get revenue sharing in China gets a distributor share upto 25% which is significant. Means, SS is almost certain to be hugely profitable for the makers. No doubt makers are laughing their way to the bank.

Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 -> $6.8 million

Day 2 -> $10.5 million

Day 3 -> $9.85 million

Day 4 -> $5 million

Day 5 -> $4.65+ million

Total -> $36.8+ million (INR 234.7+ crore)

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  1. Replies
    1. I am a die hard salmaan fan but I don't have a negative mentality like khurana, Aamir is making India proud and im happy for khurana , chal beta film 1000 crore cross karegi aur tu naagin dance karega

  2. Manipulation on fire.......fake fake fake.....aak thu

  3. TZH WW will be crossed easily.

  4. Global actress zaira khan beaten daddy dangu at china box office..
    tingu local content driven star

  5. Global actress zaira khan beaten daddy dangu at china box office..
    tingu local content driven star

  6. Zaira neto amir Khan ki Dangal ko bhi beat kardia. Ab bolna maat ki SS Amir Khan ki movie hai.

    1. Aa gaye dogle. Aise Zaira ke movie se to TZH pit gaya.

  7. Chinese govt only allow 30-35 foreign movies per year to release in their country & conditions are very strict like if the movie has any Chinese actors/producers,or the right of the movie is sold to their authority in fixed price etc etc.i m guessing this movie sold to the Chinese authority in fixed price,so no matter how much the films collect its doesn't mean that all the money is coming to the Indian producers.i think @Addatoday should clear first in which category and conditions the movie released.Anyway good job keeping us updating i find your films i mean Indian films a good time killer :)

  8. global actress zAira's ss storm at china.. tingu local star

  9. Ye to pura pagal ho gaye hain Salman fans. Pehele soche the Dangal ko beat karega uske baad soche atleast HGOTY hoga abhi to usme bhi WW beat kar dega SS. Beta Tiger tu to gayo.


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