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January 7, 2018

Padmavat (Padmavati) clashes with PadMan on 25th January. Aiyaari Postponed to 9th February.

If close sources are to be believed then Padmavat is set to release on 25th January, 2018. Makers have locked the new date and they are doing their every bit to release this film in next 18 days flat. Interesting film will clash with PadMan another much awaited film of the year.

Padmavat stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in lead roles. Film is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and is easily one of the costliest film coming from Bollywood. Film is running into lots of controversies and due to that hype is all time high.

Film has finally got U/A certificate from CBFC. Film running time is approx 2 hours and 43 minutes. Film was earlier titled 'Padmavati' and now it is renamed to 'Padmavat'.

Aiyaari another biggie starring Sidharth Malhotra and directed by Neeraj Pandey is postponed. Film is now set to release on 9th February, 2018. 

The way things stand, if Padmavat is gets clean release then film will take hurricane start at box office. It is not because of face value though but because of the hype film has got due to all the controversies. We can't simply predict the business for first 2-3 days. But one thing is sure film will opened to bumper occupancy atleast. 

Yes, there is certain PadMan starring Akshay Kumar on its way and that will definitely have an affect on Padmavat. Interesting days ahead!


  1. Padman or madman must be postponed

  2. Padman should be postponed. The business could get seriously affected!

  3. Ranveer Singh 1st 20 cr opening(6th member to enter that category) and) 1st 200 cr movie! So excited it finally got a release date!

  4. Very bad step by padmavati makers .
    They are very mean . For their sake they are affecting 2 other movies .
    Now I will never watch padmavati .
    I will request all to bycott padmavati
    This is a very cruel step by makers of padmavati .
    Day no to Padmavati . Only and only Padman on 25th Jan.

    1. Bhai padman ko postpon karwa...

      Hme dono movie dekhni h

    2. Par yrr padmavati k makers ka the step Kitna galat hai . Agar 6 months pehle announce ho to theek hai . Par 15 day pehle announce krna galat hai . Dono movies k promotions ho chuke hai .
      Jo bhi ho par is harkat k baat Padmavati makers se nafrat ho gayi mai mujhe . I pray that padmavati Bollywood ki biggest disaster bane.

    3. Ha yaar

      Padman 14 january...makar sankranti k din ho jaye to badhiya rhega....

      Clash se dono ko definately nuksan h....

      Es bandar zinda hai ko 3open week dene ka koi mtlb nhi h

      Last day h aaj ooska

      Or en gadho k ye malum nhi h....26 january thik date nhi h....esi controversal movie padmavati k liye😂😂😂

    4. Bro I think padmavati should release either on 19th jan or 16th Feb.
      25th jan is for Padman and 26th jan is for aiyarri. Padmavati to bina baat k pitne aa gayi hai . Is controversial movie ko kisi aur date pe move kr Lena chahiye.

  5. Hone do clash . Rustom vs mohenjo Daro history will repeat .
    I will watch Padman 100 times and never watch crap padmavat.
    Padman = 150 cr
    Padmavat = 50cr

  6. Protesters k darr k karan kisi ne bhi padmavati dekhne nahi jaana . Khud to Padmavati kabhi hit nahi ho skti par bemaina Padman ka business kharaab kregi .

  7. Padman will be blown away. PADMAVATI trailer was the best of 2017 now expect a hurricane.

    1. Producer of padamavati know they finished that is the reason they want to clash for reason of flop

  8. Replies
    1. Galat phami , he never see holiday period he is fighter

  9. बहुत बुरी खबर है बॉलीवुड के लिये .

    पहले से ही दो फिल्में थी अब तीसरी आ गयी एक ही दिन

    पद्मावत फ़िल्म के सीन काट दिए गए है बहुत कॉन्ट्रोवर्सी हो गयी , फिर भी टकराव कर रहे हैं ,
    अक्षय कुमार के सामने वर्तमान में रितिक , शाहरुख फैल हो गए , शायद रणवीर और संजय लीला भंसाली भी फ़िल्म को फ्लॉप करवाना चाहते है ,

    पद्मावत का बजट भी बहुत ज्यादा है
    स्क्रीन भी padman के साथ कम मिलेगी
    अक्षय कुमार के फैन भी इस वक़्त पद्मावत नही देख सकेंगे

    अगर padman की relese date आगे नही बढ़ी तो पद्मावत फ्लॉप हो जाएगी

    अक्षय कुमार इस वक़्त बहुत पॉपुलर है वो अपनी फिल्म पीछे नही करेंगे।

    पदमावत को फरवरी या मार्च में प्रदर्शित करना चाहिए ।

    1. Sahi kaha bro . I also feel that padmavati will be a flop .
      Yrr agar padmavati 150cr bhi kr jaae to bhi flop hi hai. It needs 250cr + to be a hit and this is impossible.
      I will never watch padmavati.
      Only and only Padman on 25th jan.

  10. akki fans dar gaye bahot padamavati definetly win this clash ab maja aayega jab ranvir madman ko harayega tab

    akki ki flop movie madman

    1. Padman low budget movie h.
      120 cr. Me Superhit ho jayegi
      Padman ka word of mouth definitely positive hi hoga

      Padmavat ka budget 150 cr. H 200cr. Me to wo hit hogi

      Bhut kuch acha krna hoga padmavat ko word of mouth negative hua to JHMS or Mohenjo-Daro ki tarh crash ho jaegi

    2. Padman is in safe zone even in worst sinerio . And we Akki fans are Happy .
      Worry should be for Padmavati fans.
      Because even in best case Padmavti is in danger.
      So stop dreaming . Padmavati will never be a hit. It will be either flop or average.

  11. I think if padmavat clashes with padman then collections of padman would be ruined and result in a disaster
    Padman should be postponed to avoid the clash

    1. इसका मतलब यही हुआ की लोगो को अच्छी फिल्में पसन्द नही है

    2. @ tiger bro I think you are mindless. You are unaware of whole scenario and comment in here. Listen bro :-
      Budget of Padman = 21cr
      Budget of Padmavati = 200cr +
      If Padman collects 100cr it is blockbuster .
      And of Padmavati collects 150cr then also it is flop.
      So in worst case also Padman is in safe zone .
      And in best case also Padmavati is in danger zone.

  12. संजय लीला भंसाली यह चाहते है की उनकी फिल्म किसी और हीरो की फिल्म के साथ release होगी तो उन्हें सुरक्षा मिलेगी ओर विरोध नही होगा

  13. wrong decision, will bi hit padman

  14. The writer of this article should know that d content, grandeur n level of this film is far far better than any other movie of recent time...Has he ever seen a good cinema? How can he say that Padmavati will earn good only bcoz of contraversal hype. It was easily d most awaited movie of 2017 even b4 d contraversy...Ppl eagerly wait 4 SLB's movies...Did he forget Bajirao Mastani...Even without controversy Padmavat was a potential 200 crores movie bcoz of its storyline, music, grandeur n top notch direction...And d trailer itself was d proof.

  15. Padmavat definitely release nhi hogi 25 january ko .Khi bhi news nhi h ki padmavat january me release hogi . Bas padmavat maker ki soch thi ki Aksahy kumar postponed kar de to wo release kar dete . Lekin na Akshay kumar date change krege na padmavat january me release hogi.

    Padmavat ke maker bhi release ke liye achi screen chahege . Isiliye wo february ya march me hi release karege .

    Padman ke ke liye koi tention ki bat nhi h yeh Superhit hogi.

    Padmavat ki koi news nhi h release ki
    Bas jhuthi अफवाह h 2.0 ki अफवाह ki तरह

  16. I understand Padman fans being upset but Padmavati has gone through worse with the lack of idiotic Indian laws. Each day it was delayed cost them a lot since the movie has big budget. Also, both Padman and Padmavati are two different genres and have great hype so there is no reason why they both won't work. Lagaan=Gadar, KKHH-BMCM, Jab Tak Hain Jaan-Son of sardar, Dilwale-Bajirao Mastani worked quite well with the clash, so why can't this work?