January 27, 2018

Padmaavat Saturday (3rd Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Massive Start Again

Padmaavat has started Saturday (3rd Day) box office very well. In fact opening is just below the level of Friday and much better than Thursday. This is extremely good news and film is now back on track big time.

Padmaavat has opened to massive 65% occupancy in Morning shows of today. All samples are from multiplexes only. For the same samples, Friday opening was around 75-80%. and Thursday opening was around 35-40%.

Occupancy Report of Padmaavat (Samples only) -

Saturday Morning - 65%

Friday Morning - 75-80%

Thursday Morning - 35-40%

Padmaavat has hold exceptionally well after a big National holiday. This is extremely good news and suggest, initial word of mouth is positive. Film has around 80% screen available of full potential. This is bigger than both Thursday and Friday.

Big start on Saturday morning suggest that film is on track to cross 20 crore nett for the day. Question is whether it can touch or cross 25 crore nett or even unprecedented 30 crore nett. Picture will be clear by end of the day.

Also, another important point is that Padmaavat is riding on big budget. Hence, excellent hold on Saturday is good news. Film is now on track to collect 180-200 crore at box office. Whether film can collect in excess of 200 crore nett for that Monday hold is highly important.

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  1. By Tuesday it will fade out. Max 150-160cr. Movie is not that impressive.
    Big decorations do not mean splendid movie.
    But I am happy for the business.. a slap on the face of the politicians and racists...

  2. Ek dum ghatiya movie hai . Maine nahi dekhni thi par dost le gaye . Those 3 hours were like punishment for me. The movie is too slow and booring. The story line is very boring . And some scenes in movie are very bad . Now I came to know why some people are protesting against padmavat.
    0 star from me. Really hated his movie. From Monday this movie will fall.
    Lifetime = 160cr max.

    1. Still Lifetime of Makki can never do 1st day business with Ranveer Shahid Sid Varun Sushant, forget Ranbir Hrithik, this generation 100% impossible to think of crossing Salman SRK Ajay Aamir without help of any Regional Megastar, even biggest Franchise, Diwali Xmas, mass Audiences can not flock together for an Akshay movie that's the honest truth.
      Thank god he saw PADMAVATI coming like a storm, foolishly the old man shamelessly ordered for a national giving up meeting 😂

    2. Bollywood actors who look way older than their ages.
      Srk(understanding since he smokes)
      Akshay can't understand??
      Superstars highly impressed with knowing their real ages.
      Salman 💪
      Some even smoke but they really know how to maintain their physique. Finally good decision for makki to admit his hair is to poor for Hair transplant 😂


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