Padmaavat is Having Big Loss because of Screen Loss. Details.

January 25, 2018

Padmaavat is Having Big Loss because of Screen Loss. Details.

Padmaavat have managed decent screening across India yesterday (Wednesday) in its Paid Preview. However, situation is bad for today (Thusrday). Today film was planned for full day release. However, film screening is badly affected in various places across India.

Another bad news is that wherever situation is normal there also film is not getting bumper occupancy. It may be because of two factors. Initial word of mouth is mixed from paid preview. It is ground zero report not of critics or people from film fraternity. Second, may be fear among theater going audiences. It is wait and watch.

There is total blackout of screening in Rajasthan, MP, Gujarat. These are big centers. around 20-25% of all India business or even more comes from these places. Padmaavat is losing this significant amount. Plus, sad news is also coming from UP. Film screening is badly affected in Lucknow, Kanpur. These are major UP towns. There are also reports of Padmaavat facing big opposition in other parts of India.

If this is not enough, there is a Karnataka Bandh is also going on. If we take total India scenario then Padmaavat is having a screen loss of 35-40%. This is simply huge. It may be more also. Real picture and reports will come out by end of the day.

If situation remains same for tomorrow then it will be big loss for Pasmaavat. 26th January (Republic Day) is a National holiday. 26 January comes as one of the biggest single day at box office. Padmaavat can't afford this loss. Hope there is some kind of resolve by end of the day.

Tiger Zinda Hai screening for today is badly affected. Many theaters are closed down today wherever Padmaavat issue is prevalent. However, that film theatrical run is coming to an end and loses are in lakhs now. In contrast, film may benefit from tomorrow if situation remain same as today. It may get significant screening because of that and can enjoy Holiday weekend in its dying stages.

Padmaavat Screen Count Details - 

1. Total blackout in MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat -> This accounts to around 25% business of all India.
2. Problem in UP. Film facing opposition in major places like Lucknow, Kanpur and others.
3. Karnataka Bandh.
4. Reports of screen opposition in various places across India.

This accounts to total Screen Loss - 35-40%. Exact will be known by end of day.

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  1. Flop hai yeh movie . Word of mouth is also Mixed . Ab kuch nahi ho skta .
    Today it will be 13-14cr .
    And tomorrow 15-17cr . That also because of holiday . If padmavat was a normal day release then 2nd day would have seen a fall in collection .

    1. Phir bhi Lallu Zinda hai ko kuchal dalegi ye movie bo par....Ab royenge lallu fans..


    2. Ye movie ke collections bajirao ko bhi cross Karna mushkil hai
      Bcoz films opposition
      But Sanjay is a legendry director

    3. zaira khan ke stardom to tingu daddy local actress ki stardom kuchal derahain..

  2. Gaandu khi ke kissi ki asukat nhi pure action 335cr kmaa le guta fake khi ke smjhaa/ finger crossed 340 is on

  3. Slb movei name padmavati 2nd name padmavat Addatoday new name pasmaavat ha ha ha

  4. Slb movei name padmavati 2nd name padmavat Addatoday new name pasmaavat ha ha ha

  5. Mene kha tha ki yeh movie ka virodh hua release time to kar.legi

    Aisa hi lag rha h 180cr. Legi
    Padman ke sath release hoti to 150 se160cr. Par.rah jati h

    Padmavat ka asli pata monday ko lag jayega



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