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January 29, 2018

Padmaavat 5th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends. Very Good Hold.

Padmaavat has shown very good hold on 1st Monday (5th day) at box office as early trends for the day is coming in. Thus, film has passed crucial Monday test and is now heading towards HIT status in a big way. This is excellent news as film is carrying huge budget and there were recovery concern prior to the release of the film.

Padmaavat has opened to around 30% occupancy in Morning shows. Which is good considering all factors. Film registered growth in Noon and Afternoon time to record occupancy of around 40-45%. Film has further registered jump from Evening onward and as per latest showing occupancy of around 55-60%. 

Occupancy Report of Padmaavat for Monday (Samples only) -

Morning - 30% (Thu - 35-40%)

Noon - 40-45% (Thu - 40-45%)

Evening - 55-60% (Thu - 70-75%)

When samples of 1st Monday are compared to 1st Thursday, then there is an occupancy drop of 15% or thereabout. This is terrific hold. However, ticket prices are lower on Monday and hence, business drop will be in the region of 25-30%. 

Though Night shows are still to start, early trends so far suggest, Padmaavat 5th day collection is trending towards 13-14 crore nett mark. These are early estimates from limited samples. Final count may vary.


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    1. Lallu zinda hai.ko dho daala deepika ne khaan hai besharam sadakchhap fans....
      Deepika kr.dhool chata di...

  2. If Khan Movie
    I Thik First Monday Crash
    Only 13 cr

  3. Good to know that - estimated 13-14 crore net on Monday... Thank you addatoday

  4. Padmaavat 4 days collection:
    BOI: 110cr
    Producer: 114cr

    4cr difference in 4 days, aur kuch Bewakoof TZH ko manipulated number bol rahe hai, janha BOI and Producer numbers are same....

  5. Dear Ankur, but screening is more as compared to Thursday...So I believe it will compensate 4 ticket pricing..Looking at advances it seems it will do 15+ today...
    Rest will b known by tomorrow...Anyways ur site always fastest to give eatly trends n estimates...Kudos

  6. An action movie tzh beated content movie pk what a shame on tingu , lol tingutards sharm ke mare doob maro

    1. Bhai tu kaha ka bewakoof hain. 4 saal ka purana movie ko leke para hain. Are itna dam hain to Dangal ko beat karta

    2. 4 saal purana movie toh Dhoom 3 tha, PK rekeased in 2015 (Christmas), TZH released in 2017v (Christmas)! 2015 se 2017 aate aate 4 saal bit gaya??? Wow... kaun hai yeh log... kaha se aate hai yeh...!!!

    3. Sun PK release hua 2014 me. And this is 2018 kitna saal hua.

    4. U r strong man..
      But very poor GK...
      Check release date of PK...

      Completed 4 years..

  7. Pagolo tingu ko bolo gadar Ka record tor ke Dekha.. aur hphk toh sapne me BHI nehi ayega tinguke

  8. Kaunsa record hain HAHK ka. Footfalls ka record to Sholay ka tha wo alag baat hain tab track nehi hota tha itna. Aur WW usko bhi tod diya Dangal ne

  9. kon sa dream main ji rehy tingu fans. kon sa record china ki goods ki tara record bi fake hain china main. are you really serious about china record of amin ? do you want to say amir is biggest star then Chinese actor in china. Chinese movies sey ziada ss ka business jo key india main sirf hit hui hai or kuch nai. yahan sey hi idea laga lo key wo sub kia hai