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January 30, 2018

Padmaavat 1st Monday (5th Day) Box Office Collection. Updated. Fantastic Hold

Padmaavat has shown very good hold on 1st Monday (5th day) at box office. Film has passed crucial Monday test and is now heading towards a Clean HIT status despite carrying hefty budget.

Padmaavat has collected an approx 15 crore nett on Day 5. Thus, film total business after 5 days is approx 129 crore nett. Staggering!

Padmaavat first week business is now heading towards 160 crore nett or bit more with excellent trending from here on. 

Film should in all likelihood cross 200 crore nett mark in its theatrical run in India and emerge as one of the highest all time Bollywood grossers ever. These are still early days and few days of trending will give us a real picture. So far everything is looking great.

Collection Breakup - 

Wed (Paid Preview) -> 5 crore nett.

Thu -> 19 crore nett.

Fri -> 32 crore nett.

Sat -> 27 crore nett.

Sun -> 31 crore nett.

Mon -> 15 crore nett.

Total -> 129 crore nett (approx)


  1. Are buget 200cr hai phir profit चालू होगा

  2. Good hold yehi hain content ka kamaal warna shahid aur ranveer main dum nahi tha ki woh 4 din main 100 cr+ kamayein ,agr yeh movie christmass , diwali yaa all india release hoti toh 300+ kamati , kmskum ranveer tingu se accha hain tingu 2 saal ke baad ,content movie laata phr festival pe release kerke 30 days free run milne ke baad record banata lol agr yeh ranveer b kerta toh woh record ,tingu without content zero ,aur tiger jo hr saal atta without content phr b tingu ko pel deta ,shame on tingu jo action movie se haar gaya , yeh toh sirf action movie thi khali 14 days free run mila phr b record todh diya soonchon agr salman tingu ki tarah content movie laayein toh kya ho skhta hain, tiger tiger tiger

    1. appney tingu fans ki (ohh sory ek hi fan hai different name key sath) ki baja di hai.

    2. Ranveer ka dum tu Kya jaanega Bhai...he is the next biggest superstar currently after the p
      Khans.. Superb actor with impeccable Humour