January 25, 2018

Padmaavat 1st Day (Thursday) Collection Early Trends. Big Day despite various issues.

Padmaavat is heading for a big day at box office on opening Thursday (first day). This is despite various problem film is facing. Film has lost approx 30% screening because of various issues. In rest screens film is doing very good.

Padmaavat has managed to open with 35-40% occupancy in Morning shows today. This is very good start for a normal working day. Film has picked up in Noon to register occupancy of around 40-45%. Good news coming in is that film has registered big growth from Evening onward and as per latest registering occupancy of around 70-75%. This is terrific.

Occupancy Report of Padmaavat for Thursday (Samples only) - 

Morning -> 35-40%

Noon -> 40-45%

Evening -> 70-75%

Controversy surrounding Padmaavat has helped the film immensely wherever it got clean release today. Another important factor for Padmaavat is its Average Ticket Price. It is on higher level or par with Baahubali 2. It is mainly because of 3D format release. This should also help film cause.

Now coming to early trends, it is very difficult to predict the business as film is facing issue in various places. Had it been a clean release we could have predicted a range. Also, major interior reports are awaited for the day. Honestly we have very limited data right now.

Still, if we had to make an wild guess for the day. Then we think film should collect anywhere between 15-20 crore nett for the day. This is excellent considering film is facing opposition in many places today.

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  1. Tomorrow is a Holiday so growth in evening is very much certain....
    Big problem is screen count....with proper release it could have collect 30cr considering the buzz, because of controversy......
    15-20cr is a good number under such circumstances, but it is not good for movie, because it need 220+cr just to get break even point......Remember it has only 2 weeks before 2 other big releases....
    Now let see what happen, hope it get more screens in coming days...

    1. Padmavat will crush Disaster Lallu Zinda hai now....
      Lallu fans no use crying over padmavat

    2. Tu kyu rora bey gupta, already tiger zinda hai blockbuster, ab nind me hai kya ankhen khol subha hogai

    3. gupta cry chinese khan ?????

    4. haan jaise Lallu Dangal aur PK mein tha haha...India ka bhie ACE KHAN Aamir hai ....sulgo sulgo aur sulgo

  2. How can this be called a big day .
    200cr budget + Sky high Buzz + holiday advantage in night shows.
    The film would have ideally collected 35cr .
    Ok we subtract 20% because of problems . Then also Collection should be 25-28cr.
    And this has collected just 15cr .
    This is flop scenario.

    1. are you crazy, in 4 states the film is not allowed to run, in 4 other states there are security issues and people are afraid to see the film, that means a huge loss in collections, it will be around 35-40 percent

    2. Salman 39
      SRK 37
      Aamir 33
      Ajay 32
      Ranbir 21
      Sushant 20
      Ranveer 18
      Shahid 18
      Gigastar 16 SIB.

      Difference is clear now.

    3. anil bahi abhi tingu a kar tain tain karey ga.

  3. Collections or No collections....But Film is a Must watch. What a Movie !! Brilliant

  4. Makkians are frustrated it will still cross Gigastar runaway Akshay kumar highest ever opening day!! Wait for tomorrow runaway fans.

  5. It should be flop becoz movie is so boring n hasi type


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