After Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan Set to Debut in China with Bajrangi Bhaijaan

January 22, 2018

After Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan Set to Debut in China with Bajrangi Bhaijaan

First Aamir Khan and then Shah Rukh Khan debuted in China box office. Now the third of the Khan that is Salman Khan is set to make debut in China this year. His Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan are scheduled for release in China this year. Good news is Bajrangi Bhaijaan got its release date as 2nd March and a good screen count of 8000 in China. In India screening was around 4000+.

Aamir Khan all films have performed well in China. Be it 3 Idiots, PK, Dangal or now Secret Superstar. In fact Dangal changed all game scenario. It was a big release in 9000-10000 screens in India. Secret Superstar went even one step ahead and released in 20000 screens in China which is a record.

Shah Rukh Khan had two releases in My Name is Khan and Happy New Year. Both bombed at China Box Office. 

There is no doubt Aamir Khan has made a strong following in China with his films. Whether Salman will manage that. Only time will tell. Yes, Bajrangi screening are less than Dangal and much lesser than Secret Superstar. But it is still significant. If film receives great word of mouth there, then anything is possible. If Bajrangi shines in China, it will make way for other movies in coming times for sure.

There are two negative things going on for Bajrangi right now. First, Salman Khan is not much of a known entity in China. That is obvious as no film of his is released there in China. Plus, Bajrangi is released in year 2015 and whether it can make impact in year 2018 as there are other mediums in internet which makes the film accessible to China audiences. 

There is no doubt word of mouth of BB is highly crucial to make big inroads in China market. We only hope for the best right now.

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  1. 3 idiots was also released after 2 years in china

    3 idiots best movie of Aamir and fist release in China.

    India -2009

    BB best movie of sallu and also fist release in china


    But 3 idiots realeased wat back in 2011 and BB is releasing in 2018

    So there is no comparison btw 3 Idiots and BB

    But we can compare PK and BB in china
    Lets see...

    BTW BB is also my favourite movie coz of munny...

    I want BB do well business in china..

  2. MY Name is Khan was very good quality film.but not performed well .it seems China audiences don't like good content films.

  3. Ankur sir, its been a month since u conducted question answers.Please do it in this week.We have many queries.a lot happened and new announcements made in past month.please do it.

  4. I hope BB performs well at China and collects at least 30 Million dollars. Aamir has started this market and others can explore it, it would be great for Indian Cinema in whole.

    1. Very well said bro. Its all about Indian Cinema in whole

  5. Even bb will not collect 1 crore in China. This is my chellenge

  6. Even BB will not collect 1 crore in china and this is my challange

  7. Sala 20000 screen me bhi opening sirf 47 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
    Doob maro

    1. I dont want to troll BB coz i like this movie

      But but it will be very difficult to collect even 10cr in china for sallu

      Srk could not collect even 1cr..

      😂 😂

  8. opening dangle se km ho gi agr luck ne sath dia to 100 million b ho skta ha q k china imdb rate 8.6 hai bb ka before released

  9. I don't know from where this site get information, because it is completely wrong.....
    Dangal screen count in China was only 7000, which later increase to 9000 (after few days).....But initial screen count was only 7000.....
    For SS there is no official announcement on screen count, but its definitely not 20000 screen (which this site is claiming)....As per current repots SS released there in 5000+ screen, and screen count is kept on increasing because of its superb response.....

    Right now BB is the only movie which gets 8000+ screen before its release.....If it gets good response from Audience then number of screen count will also increase.....

    There is one more Big Point with BB, that it is the 1st Indian movie which is releasing there in Dubbed Version.....


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