1921, Mukkabaaz and Kaalakaandi First Week Box Office Collection Report.

January 19, 2018

1921, Mukkabaaz and Kaalakaandi First Week Box Office Collection Report.

1921 has put up a decent first week at box office after a slow start on opening Friday. Film showed better trending than other two releases and remain steady through the weekdays. 1921 still has a chance to break even and make some kind of profit. For that it needs to put up a strong show in second week also.

1921 has added an approx 1 crore nett on Thursday (7th day). Thus, 1921 first week total is approx 11.5 crore nett. Film should cross 15 crore nett in its theatrical run in India. Ideally it needs to cross 20 crore nett to reach safe zone.

Mukkabaaz business for first week is extremely poor. Film needs solid trending in second week also to minimise the losses. Film started poorly on first day which more or less sealed the fate. Film did show better trending in weekdays, still it is simply not enough. Mukkabaaz has collected an approx 6.75 crore nett. Film may struggle to touch 10 crore nett in its theatrical run in India. Even if it touches that will not collect much after that.

Kaalakaandi had a horrific first week at box office. Film started poorly on opening Friday and then trended poorly be it weekend or weekdays. Film has collected an approx 5.75-6 crore nett in week one. Film is a huge disaster and will entitle big loses to all associated with it.

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  1. Replies
    1. But much better than your lallu D grade Movies.....

      Its ridiculous that Bhojpuri star fans saying other movies b grade...

  2. Breaking news: Pad Man release postponed to 9th February. Padmaavat will be solo release on 25th January

  3. Breaking news: Pad Man release postponed to 9th February. Padmaavat will be solo release on 25th January

  4. Breaking news: Pad Man release postponed to 9th February. Padmaavat will be solo release on 25th January

  5. For the sadakchhap bhojpuri fans
    Stardom of Global Megastar Aamir

    See the latest update of BOI👇
    Your beloved site....

    Box office India

    Aamir Khan Consolidates China Crossover With Secret Superstar
    Friday 19 January 2018 15.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
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    Aamir Khan has consolidated his China crossover with the opening of Secret Superstar as the film collected a huge $4.25 million at 5 PM in China. Dangal had opened to $2.1 million but this is the film that made Aamir Khan a big star in China and now Secret Superstar consolidates that status. Secret Superstar is already more than double of Dangal with still time left to add to the total.

    In fact today Aamir Khan is a bigger star in China than in India going by this response. The same Secret Superstar took a 6.15 crore GROSS opening in India and in China its looking to be a 35 crore GROSS or maybe even more. In India the film had nothing for the audience and even a big star has limitations if the film is not audience friendly. But in China the popularity of Aamir Khan has over ridden all factors which means a huge star pull. The film has actually opened very well in that market while India it a was a dull start even allowing for Diwali Puja.

    This crossover is very similar to Raj Kapoor in the 50's when films like Awaara, Shree 420 and Chori Chori got admissions in millions in Russia. The global crossover has never happened for actors for India as the mass audience of US / Canada and Europe has never accepted Indian actors in lead roles. People may have got work or applause for their work within the industry in the States but the public thumbs up has never come.

    Here for Aamir Khan, the Chinese audience has give a huge thumbs up to him and he is probably among one of the biggest stars in China and that includes their local stars. The most important thing for a huge crossover like this is the look. Aamir Khan does not look Chinese but the height and body structure is like a conventional Chinese person and they can accept you as one of their own. Obviously the film and content has to appeal but that comes after because if you are not accepted then content will not matter. It would be impossible for an Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn to be accepted in China as they have a more Indian look and body structure

    The look is the main reason why no Indian actor has succeeded in the West to be popular among the audience. Forget the West we have a North and South divide in India where Hindi films stars have limited appeal with the masses in Andhra or Tamil Nadu and its vice versa for the South stars in a Delhi or Punjab.

    Secret Superstar was pretty much rejected in India and whatever it did was because of Aamir Khan who managed to give it a good week on Diwali but the emotions in the film just did not work due to the strory telling style of the director.

    Now it remains to be seen if its just the Aamir Khan factor in China also or has the film got something for China which it did not have for India.


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