Tiger Zinda Hai. Ratings - 4.5/5. Guest Post.


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December 26, 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai. Ratings - 4.5/5. Guest Post.

What happens when the biggest production house of the country Yash Raj Films teams up with the biggest Superstar of the country Salman Khan with a sequel to a blockbuster action film Ek Tha Tiger with a strong script? You get a classic like Tiger Zinda Hai.


Salman Khan (Tiger) is known for doing action films but he has never done an action of this kind. He gets into the depth of a character and you can see that in his eyes throughout the film. I don't think he enjoys playing any other character more than Tiger on screen. It won't be wrong to say that he was born to play Tiger.The kind of style and screen presence he has is a joy to watch. Tiger Zinda Hai is not one of those films which is only driven by his star power. Here, he has a support of a powerful script. All he had to do what he does best – action but surprisingly, he gives one of his career's best performances in this film. He acts brilliantly, specially during the emotional scenes. In one of the scenes, a nurse says: "Ye (terrorists) toh poori army leke andar aa gaye". Then one of the other characters replies: "Ghabrao mat... abhi Tiger Zinda Hai" and what follows is mayhem. Salman Khan with a machine gun killing hundreds of terrorists and then shoots a rocket to explode an oil tanker. That whole sequence brings the most cheer, claps and whistles from the crowd at the theater. Also, how can a Salman Khan film be complete without his shirtless scene. There's a minute long action scene where he's shirtless and looks ripped.

Katrina Kaif (Zoya) surprises everyone with her acting and action skills. In Ek Tha Tiger, she showed a glimpse of her acting and action talent but in Tiger Zinda Hai, she has gone on a different level. She has really worked hard this time. She acts so well that you feel bad for her character whenever she's in trouble. One of the best things about Tiger Zinda Hai is that Katrina is given a strong character to play where she has to do a lot more than just looking glamourous on screen and she nails every single scene she's in. Her athletism during the fight scenes is worth applauding. There are 2 great scenes involving Katrina – one is her action packed entry and other is where she fights terrorists and rescues captured women from the terrorists.

Sajjad Delafrooz (Abu Usman) plays the role of a terrorist group leader and is one of the most perfect castings ever in a Bollywood film. He looks menacing. His eyes, body language, the way he spreads terrorism and how he challenges Salman, makes you hate him alot. One of the most intense and nail-biting scenes is when he tells his backstory to an Indian nurse at the hospital and then give order to one of the members from his terrorist organization to kill a Pakistani nurse. For an actor, its always tough to get an attention in a Salman Khan starrer as he always steals the show due to his solid screen presence, but here Sajjad has made his presence felt.

Paresh Rawal (Firdaus)’s role has different shades but what attracts the most is his comic timing, which is brilliant.

Kumud Mishra (Rakesh) plays the role of a hacker and has got plenty of funny dialogues. Everytime he appears on screen, you have a smile on your face.

Girish Karnad (Shenoy) has done a good job but his role is smaller compared to Ek Tha Tiger.

Anant Vidhaat Sharma (Karan), Angad Bedi (Namit), Gavie Chahal (Captain Abrar) and Paresh Pahuja (Azaan) have well supported the main cast of the film. Other actors played their parts well too.


Ali Abbas Zafar is a gifted director. The amount of research and detailing he has put behind making every single scene shows the amount of talent he has. He knows how to make a big budget content driven film and has proved this twice– first with Sultan and now with Tiger Zinda Hai. Not many directors in Bollywood knows how to present a Superstar on-screen like he does. Also, one of the best things I liked about his direction is that he doesn’t refrain from using way too many slow-motion shots during the action scenes. Those slow-motion captures look jaw-droppingly amazing.


Tiger Zinda Hai takes action to a whole another level and it looks no less than a Hollywood film. Majority of the explosions and firing are practically done with the minimal use of CGI. Most of them looks authentic and grounded. Thanks to the Hollywood fame action director Tom Struthers who has worked on the action choreography of this film. If you love seeing action films, then Tiger Zinda Hai is a treat for you. There are plenty of hand-to-hand combat and explosive action set-pieces to satisfy you.


Tiger Zinda Hai is one of the rare big budget action films to have a strong script. It shows that no matter how much politics has affected the relations between India and Pakistan over the years, common man from both sides wants peace and love. Proud to say that this is Salman Khan's second film after Bajrangi Bhaijaan that tries to build good relationship between India and Pakistan. There's a scene towards the end of the film that will surely give goosebumps to every Indian and Pakistani.

Screenplay & Editing

Screenplay is tight and editing is sleek. Even though film has a runtime of 2 hours 41 minutes, it doesn’t bore you even for a fraction of second. It keeps you engaged in the plot as every single scene is somewhere or the other important to the script.

Background Score

Background score by Julius Packiam is outstanding. Possibly, his best till date. One thing that audiences loved the most about Ek Tha Tiger was its background score, so expectations were quite high this time but Julius surprised us with the re-creation of the original tune. There are scenes where his background score adds a lot more tension to the film. High intensity action scenes without his score wouldn't have the same impact.


The production value is top notch. Film is beautifully shot in Austria, Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Greece. Its one of the most costliest films of Indian cinema and you can see that in every single frame of the film.


Dil Diyan Gallan is the most romantic song to come out of Bollywood in a long time. Picturization of this song is mesmerizing. Tera Noor is a song that plays in the background during an important scene of the film.Swag Se Swagat comes at the very end and its fun to see Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif dance together.

Rating & Final Verdict

Tiger Zinda Hai is a blockbuster material. It is undoubtedly the greatest Bollywood action film of all time. This is a kind of film that Bollywood should make often if they want to compete with Hollywood action blockbusters as far as quality is concerned. Watch this film for Salman Khan - Katrina Kaif's chemistry, pacy soundtrack, thrilling action sequences, great acting, top class direction, excellent production value, crisp editing and also, there are plenty of throwbacks that will surely bring the good old memories of Ek Tha Tiger back. I give 4.5/5*. This film is in not-to-be-missed category.

Guest Post Written By - Tejan Shrivastava (@BeingTeJan)

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  1. Today pata chal gaya...
    Arey bhailog Dangal ko bhi 4.5 star nahi mile the bahot kam logone diya tha

    Aur yaha tum log logic less movies ko.4.5*
    De rahe ho

    Kyunki sallu ki film hai...

    Isliye hum oscar nahi jeet pate..
    Aisi movie kabhi oscar nahi jitegi jisme kuvh logic na ho only dishoom dishoom

    Aur usme bho dekho 1 admi puri ISIS ka khatma karta hai ek badi gin leke..


    Guest jo bhi hai par sallu ka fan hai..
    Family will not interested in such crap movies


  2. Time has come prepare for the war

    Sultan vs TZH


  3. Are you stupid 4.5 star for this shitty movie biased admin this film maximum deserve 1.5 star

  4. Good review but in the whole movie you will see lot of attention much more in this review #tzh must watch movie 4.5/5* koun ki "tiger abhi zinda hai"

  5. time has come sunil khurana prepare to admit in hospital ...apne purana naam par aaja..sabko pta h..tu azeem faridi h faltu bakchod..tingu se ab kuch na ho payega

  6. BOLLYWOOD mein na aisi action movie bani thi na banegi
    Ha agar banegi BHI toh usmein lead role mein sirf ek hi megastar hoga that is one n only SUPER star SALMAN KHAN....
    Salute to this big time megastar..

  7. THIS is very pathetic review. we call it paid. one more thing Salman do not need such reviews. ankur sir disappointment from your side. TRY to be honest and dignified.

  8. Tubelight ni chali toh badey khush thhe haters but ab TIGER ZINDA HAI has shattered all records in respect of first weekend collection...
    BHAI itni jal ku rahi hai sabki???
    DO BHAI burnol do taki jalni bandh ho aur reality face kar sakein...🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎