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December 22, 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review

Tiger Zinda Hai may be the last big release of the year but it is easily the biggest of the year. Hence, expectation is simply colossal. It is sequel to Ek Tha Tiger which was a Runaway HIT at the time of its release. After 5 years, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are back again with the 2nd installment. Film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar this time and produced by Aditya Chopra.

With so much craze and hype and loads of expectation, let's start the Movie Review of Tiger Zinda Hai. Let's see whether the film has real 'Dum' (Power) to make 'Dhamaka' at box office. Let's see whether film will end the year with a Bang!

Story - Tiger Zinda Hai carries forward the story of two spies, Tiger (Salman Khan) and Zoya (Katrina Kaif), eight years after their previous mission. Plot is remotely based on the 2014 abduction of Indian nurses by ISIS. Still film is totally fictional. 25 Indian nurses are abducted by ISC. To rescue them RAW forms a team and needs Tiger help. However, Tiger is with Zoya in Austria living a peaceful life. Will he say yes for the mission? What will happen to all the 25 nurses. If Tiger joins the mission then what will happen to his family? For all these one has to watch the film in theaters.

Tiger Zinda Hai is simply electric from the word go. After first 10-15 minutes, story moves in slick pace. There are lots of heavy duty action sequences prior to the interval itself. There are fun moments also. There is absolute no loo break in first half. Second half also moves in similar fashion. One can easily say after watching the film that TZH is biggest film ever made in Bollywood as far as action and stunts are concerned. Never seen action scenes before! 

However, great part about the film is that film is engaging. Film screenplay is tight. Yes, there are few scenes in plot which are convenient. But one expect that in an action thriller. If we simply put in three words then Tiger is our "Desi James Bond".

TZH has several clap worthy and seeti maar dialogue scenes. It shows Salman Khan 'Superstardom' in a old film school way. Film is all about Good vs Evil. It shows how finally good triumphs over evil, however, the difficult situation be. 

Coming to Performances -

Salman Khan is the true 'Tiger' of the film. He his back and fights like a wounded Tiger. If you liked him in Ek Tha Tiger, you will doubly like him in TZH. He is simply unstoppable. This is his one of the finest performance till date. Definitely his biggest ever as action star. His action scenes are simply breathtaking. It shows Salman gives so much to his action scenes. He was our desi 'Rocky' in Sultan and now he is our desi 'Rambo' in TZH.

Katrina Kaif has delivered her best performance till date with TZH. She is simply the heart and soul of the film. Her action scenes are top notch and easily the best performed by any Indian actress till date. She looks amazing in the screen. Her chemistry with Salman is the highlight of the film. She is simply not a pretty face in the film. In fact, she gets a powerful author backed role and she delivers.

Paresh Rawal is the big surprise package of the film. He makes you laugh all the way. He is a genius as far as comic timing is concerned. Sajjad Dealfrooz (Abu Usman) is simply brilliant. His confrontation with Salman is fantastic. Abu vs Tiger one upmanship is simply the main USP of the film. Hope he does more films in Bollywood.

Rest all star cast. Girish Karnad, Sudip, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra and all others have given a top notch performance in the film.

Direction of Ali Abbas Zafar is simply terrific. He is the Captain of the ship. He delivers yet again after Sultan. 

Film background music is enthralling. Songs, 'Swag se Swagat' and 'Dil Diyan Gallan' are Super HIT!

Verdict - Tiger Zinda Hai is a pure unabated hardcore pure masala action entertainer all the way. Still at heart it gives the message of universal peace and brotherhood. Film scale is huge and upto the standard of Hollywood. It doesn't feel like a Bollywood film. Film is a benchmark for other Bollywood films to follow. With Christmas Holiday still to arrive, film will be simply unstoppable force in coming days. It is very difficult to predict any box office figure but honestly film should easily cross 300 crore nett in India. Mega BLOCKBUSTER! Finally, Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai Mere Dost!

Ratings - 4.5/5.


  1. Very honest review...i visit thousend of ur site...l love it..plz update afternoon occupancy..

  2. This billy will not beat Bajrangi bhaijaan
    Forget Dangal

    1. I have watched the Movie. Salman is so Refreshing never get bored.

  3. Aaagya chutiya khuranaa gaandu wom dekh jaake super positive hai laalu #addatoday please block khurana and your review is to good👌👌👌👌👌

    1. Chalo bhai Prashant SIngh....33.75 cr aaya....ab dobara answer mat dena....as was promised....else tumhari sharam aur tumhari marzi....shart to haar gaye 35+ cr waali tum....aage se Normal Friday or Holiday ka fark samajh jaoge...n doosron ki opinion k liye gaali bakna band karo...good bye...n hard luck for loosing the 35 cr bet...

  4. They say the credit for Aamir goes back to Christmas. To see Salman Haha

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    1. Just awesome movie.. superb action for ever

  6. If it could retain the pace of the morning shows, it will have a chance of hitting 40 cr. But it's still very tough. It has a good chance of crossing Sultan.