Tiger Zinda Hai Friday (1st Day) Collection Update for Morning. Thunderous Start!


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December 22, 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai Friday (1st Day) Collection Update for Morning. Thunderous Start!

Tiger Zinda Hai has taken a thunderous start at box office on opening Friday across more than 4500 screens in India. This is news of early Morning shows. Just imagine what will happen once the day progresses and weekend nears.

TZH has opened to around 55-60% occupancy in Morning shows. Means start is bumper and film is definitely gunning for 30 crore nett mark or even more. Later shows will give the real trend though. So far Golmaal Again is the highest opening of the year. But that film released on National Holiday. TZH opened in normal working day and despite that should cross its first day figures. If TZH content is positive, we might see the real potential on Sunday.

TZH should see growth in later half of the day, when family audiences will come out in huge number. Also, advances for Saturday, Sunday and even Monday are good and if film word of mouth is more or less positive we might have a record breaking extended opening weekend.

We will try to post Tiger Zinda Hai box office collection update through the day. Kindly stay tuned to our website and let's hope TZH ends the day and year with bang.


  1. Top 5 advances excluding Bahubali2

    Poor BOI have not mention no.of days in extended weekend

    Lets see…

    TZH-23.50cr…4 day extended weekend

    Sultan-21cr.... 5 day extended weekend

    Dangal-18.75cr….3 day weekend

    PRDP-15cr…….5 day extended weekend

    If we see d analysis then Dangal,TZH and Sultan have same advance booking coz Dangal had only 3 days of extended weekend while TZH has 4 days while monday is holiday.

    My analysis is better than BOI.

    1. @Ankur
      Plz give me reply

      If Dangal had 4 or 5 days of extended weekend then what would be d advance?

    2. Certainely Dangal had better advance. BOI is always biased site. Thats why I prefer Addatoday.

  2. Dangal--- 3 days of Advance

    TZH--------4 days of advance

    Sultan-----5 days of Advance

    It clearly shows that if we take a average then per day advance



    Dangal--6cr...coz of only 3 days

    Wait for TOH it will have 5 day extended weekend then BOI will know d starpower

    And TZH and Sultan both r masala films while Dangal was non masala

    Very poor BOI.

  3. Look at sallus BB

    BB-------------12cr......3 day weekend
    Tubelight --10cr......4 day weekend

    Both r non masala

    Just compare non masala with non masala and same number of days in weekend

    BOI school ke baccho se article likhna band kar de..

    1. I m talking about just weekend
      Which shows starpower

      *for BB saturday was a national holiday.it had 2 holidays saturday and sunday

      Dangal had just one holiday ie.sunday

      Tubelight also had 2 holiday

      Sultan also had 2 partial holiday plus sunday

      PRDP also had 2 holidays diwali holiday and sunday

      BOI acche se analysis kiya karo bhai hum log kya andhe hai

      Aamir is much bigger than your bhojpuri salman


  4. Only kick had normal weekend
    But its collection way below than PK and D3 which had also same weekend

    *BOI and sallu fans have pre eid excuses

  5. Plz give d proper analysis coz sallu fans BOI have no brain

    BOI is against Aamir plz see d video of Aamirs interview and also see d language of it.

    U will notice d same thing..

    Such a poor site and also they have no idea of footfalls and colllection of films before 2000 and they periodically changes verdict of d movies as per their think

    But we dont have better option so we have to follow them

  6. Arey kya fayda weekend ke star power ka jo bad me distributor ki lashe bicha de..


  7. I wished Indian sites would have supported films rather than actors. If its a khan/kumar/devgan film that reports will come in every couple of hours otherwise you have to wait for days for proper reports. In hollywood only content is king. So as we are player loving country not sports loving country similarlyb we are stars loving nation not film loving. I wished we would have been reversed. The energy that addatoday is showing in promoting this film if even half of the energy would have been on films with good script we would have greater success ratio

  8. record will break this time. tiger roars.

  9. real disappointment. Baby+Tiger+Don(BGM)+Sholay+Take Off and Airlift = TZH