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December 20, 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai Advance Booking so far. Excellent!

There are still 2 days left for release of Tiger Zinda Hai the biggest release of the year. Still, film has generated excellent advances at ticket counters. Reports of advances for opening weekend (including Christmas Holiday) is fantastic. Looks like first 4 days business is going to be simply historic.

So, let's check how are the advances going on for Friday (First day). Advance booking of Tiger Zinda Hai for Friday is terrific. Around 30-35% tickets are already Sold Out wherever advance booking has started. This is despite two days left. Just imagine what will be the advances by the start of first show on Friday.

Advances are very good be it metros or interiors. Be it multiplexes or single screens. In fact many shows on day one in leading single screens are already Sold Out or near about. Expect 100% occupancy there on Friday.

The way advances has started for the film, it is almost certain that Tiger Zinda Hai should cross 30 crore nett for the opening day. Means film will take one of the biggest opening of all time and that also on working day. Question now is whether film can challenge 35 crore nett mark or even more. We will have more close estimation on Thursday (that is tomorrow). Stay tuned for updates!

Advance Booking of Tiger Zinda Hai (Wednesday - 2 pm update) -> 30-35%


  1. Tiger is about to roar loudly this Friday forget tubelight celebrate bhai Christmas gift

  2. TZH Final collection-260cr ( with good wom)

    TZH Final collection-180cr ( with negative wom)

  3. TZH will go Tubelight way for sure coz multiplex audience will reject this copy material on first day itself

  4. is it possible for a single person to fight with ISIS
    There is no logic in TZH only bhai fans will watch this crap

    1. Sunil first see yours logic bahubali2 also elogic cinematic movie what happened next creat records only play wom going long way wait 22nd Dec lets see what happened after that👊 🐯 is ✌ all the way

  5. I think there is only hype but no content at all
    critic will trash TZH only bhai fans will save it

  6. @ANKUR
    Why r u deleting my comment for first day collection?
    i have given my analysis.. what is wrong in it?

  7. My prediction for Friday-34.67cr(Not bad not good)

  8. Replies
    1. Hahahahahahaha
      pahle BB toh cross karne do bhai..
      baad me predict karna 400cr..

  9. Sallu fans u will have to watch TZH atleast 5 times in theatre to cross BB forget Dangal


  10. Khurana phir aa gyaa teri asi marengi naa bs 260 paar hone de tera collection phir dekhiye tu

  11. Critics not mater for sk films only mater after wknd WOM of content i think this movie simply going long because of high of scales any think if critics avg 3.5/4* lets unstoppable all over lets see 300+cr domestic i think cake walk!

  12. You have a problem with Salman Khan,why do you playing safe saying 30 crore after so much praise.Dare not your prediction be 40

  13. Dear all just wait for the Friday and history will be written...
    Don't fight just enjoy the real hero on 70 MM from Friday morning onwards...

  14. Sunil Khurana
    I have seen so many idiots but you are above all of them. he is regularly updating his kind of collections and verdict even before the movie has release, it tell all of us how wooried you are abt TZH because somewere u know it will blow allmost all records possible. its positive response from everywhere apart from few idiots like u, who are non stop chatting bla bla bla you are here and we are here lets see who gonna win if critics will rate it 3 , 3.5 or 4 it will roar on box office leave BB think abt Dangal and also nee benchmarks for bollywood just wait and watch and shut your gabs beacuse you gonna cry after 22nd i m sure about that.

    With all the respect Ankur plz block him or shut him he is keep on writting idiotic things which really piss many of us please tell him to shut up or write meaningful we dont need his predictions even if he writes 35 to 40 crore
    Thank you

  15. Sunil Khurana stop sufforcating. Let the movie releases then u stark barking. Film is for entertainment. With your useless logic, films like Rambo, MI3, Matrix, Avatar, Dhoom series, etc are real.

  16. Sunil khurana tu rhna Bhai weekend collection ke bad v

  17. Day 1 : 31-34cr
    Day 2 : More or less the same as Day 1, add or subtract a bit.
    Day 3 : 35 cr approx
    Day 4 : Might hit 40cr if w.o.m is good, otherwise around 35cr.

    Weekend (4 day) : 125-145cr

    Total lifetime business:
    350cr if very good w.o.m
    300 cr+ if good w.o.m
    250-300cr if avg to good w.o.m
    200cr+ if avg w.o.m
    180cr if poor w.o.m

  18. collection of tzh in 11 days.....300+crs.....in India .....!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Just Finished the FIRST SHOW! #TigerZindaHai first Review from Dubai( UAE )
    review from UAE

    Just Finished the FIRST SHOW! #TigerZindaHai Review COMING UP in 5mins. Dil THAAM KE baithna. Mujhe toh already BUKHAAR AA GAYA hearing Tiger's ROAR😨

    TigerZindaHai Review in UAE: THE MOST THRILLING - EDGE OF THE SEAT Experience EVER! #NoKidding. Salman Khan & YRF Team have done a STUPENDEOUS job of giving the MOST PERFECT end to the year for Bollywood. It couldn't get better than this! Bole toh BAAP movie in all aspects🔥🔥🐯🐯 #TZH

    Salman's eyes ll PIERCE ur senses & so ll his acting! The age old saying: He is like old wine, gets BETTER & BETTER with age. Fierce ATTITUDE, Killer CONFIDENCE & gutsy ACTION🔥 Warning:Be sure that your Heart doesnt POP OUT when he shows up bare-bodied towards the climax😍 #TZH

    Zoya SIRF Tiger ki WIFE nahi hai. She is the POWER WOMAN! Surprisingly, she is the one to get his man out of trouble most of the times😉 Katrina's STRONGEST performance so far👌👌 Those who say girls have nothing to do in Salman's films, can now SHUT their mouths🖕#TigerZindaHai

    The BEST part about #TigerZindaHai is that it not only concentrate on the main story line but also has many sub-plots within the screeplay which gives you ample to LOVE & APPRECIATE! It's the team's BRILLIANCE, not a ONE MAN SHOW as mostly said abt Salman's movies☺☺ #TZH
    Background Music deserves all the praises it can! GOOSEBUMPS guaranteed throughout bcoz of it! ACTION sequences are Faadu, though has visible use of VFX. THRILL moments - Aisa lagta hai ke bhai sach mein screen se baahar aakar theatre BOMB se na uda de😂 #TigerZindaHai

    The fact that there was so much to see & treat your senses to was the real HAPPINESS factor for me. In all honesty, didn't expect so much from #TigerZindaHai even till yesterday. But wohi MAGIC hai movie ka. Story, Supporting Cast, Sequence of Events👌 #TZH

    Negatives: 1) Zoya ji har baar sahi time par ponch jaati hai🤔 2) Itne saare ISC ke soldiers, par phir bhi can't fight a tiny team🤔 3) Abu Usman(Villian) is always like jo hona hai hone do🤔 4) Climax scene - Tiger shoots arnd 100 ISC members with guns all ALONE😑 #TigerZindaHai

    In short, #TigerZindaHai ll create genuine DHAMAKA at the Box Office🔥 This movie is for EVERYONE. A genre of it's own & not comparable to past SK movies. Cheers to Dir @aliabbaszafar's vision. Thanks for an HONEST film with all the right BW MASALA👌👌 My RATING: 4/5🐯🐯🐯🐯 #TZH

    #TigerZindaHai Review: P.S & Disclaimer -> Jo dekha hai wahi likha hai😉😉 AAM JANTA ROCKS!! If there are any haters, they can go & face the Tiger to shit in their pants😆😜 #TZH @BeingSalmanKhan @yrf @aliabbaszaf

  21. #TigerZindaHai

    Cost of Production - INR 130.00 Cr.
    Prints & Advertising - INR 20.00 Cr.
    Total Budget - INR 150.00 Cr.

    India Screen Count - 4600.
    International Screen Count - 1100.
    Worldwide Screen Count - 5700.

    @BeingSalmanKhan #KatrinaKaif @aliabbaszafar @yrf @TigerZindaHai