Tiger Zinda Hai 9th Day (2nd Saturday) Collection Early Trends. Big Growth Everywhere.


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December 30, 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai 9th Day (2nd Saturday) Collection Early Trends. Big Growth Everywhere.

Tiger Zinda Hai is registering big growth on 2nd Saturday (9th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Till Evening time, film is recording a big 35% growth from 2nd Friday. Most of the samples are from multiplexes.

Tiger opened to around 30% occupancy in Morning shows today. Film picked up big in Noon to register occupancy of around 45-50%. Film has further picked up from Evening onward and as per latest registering an occupancy of around 60%. Night shows are still to start and hope film shows further growth then.

Occupancy Report of Tiger Zinda Hai for 2nd Saturday (Samples only, 7 pm report) - 

Morning - 30%
Noon - 45-50%
Evening - 60%

Early trends suggest, TZH 9th day collection is trending towards 15-16 crore nett for the day. However, these are very early estimates from limited samples we have and actual may vary. Plus, Night shows are still to start. Also, major reports from interiors are awaited for the day. Final collection will depend on these factors.

Tiger Zinda Hai has collected 217+ crore nett in first 8 days. After 9 days collection is set to cross 230 crore mark. Film is now racing towards 300!


  1. Hi Guys...Sorry for the Gap yesterday...So as per my prediction since the Day of release...330 crore +_ 5% seems very accurate for now...and yes 260 crore till 1st Jan couldn't have been more accurate...great going TIGER..

  2. Great SARIN JOSEPH,πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘,I M WITH U BRO

  3. The movie is riding high currently but post second week..all movies tend to slow down adn especially movies with such high collection in 1st 2 weeks.

    Also the Fact that Dangal or PK or Bajrangi Bhaijaan or even Sultan or Baahubali for that matter....had a more emotional cnonect in form of various relationship between Father Daughter or Lovers Or Any kind for that matter...but TZH is a very Action Based film with alot of use of Technology and stuff with which a lot of the rural audience doesnt connect much..so its collection is really Great for its genre

    330 crore for an action movie with just 1 song in the entire movie and 1 in Climax is really a welcome change for Indian Audience

    1. 100 % agreed with RS. Great collection for action movie ..gr8 going.

    2. Bhai , gaav vaale kb se baap-beti par bni film dekhne lgeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Bhai gaanv vaale sirf sadak chap movie dekhte h

      Like...TZH , Ready , Dabang.....

      Gaanv vaale emotuonal movie dekhte....to hindi medium 500 crore cross kar jaati

    3. @Sambhav...Is this your understanding of Indian Cinema...pity...1st there has to be a presentable star with Huge Commercial Value for 500 crores....HINDI MEDIUM with somebody like AAMIR KHAN who is famous for giving Content Driven movies with a message along with ENtertainment...it would have got its full commercial worth...even an Irrfan Starrer as the solo lead...a collection of almost 65 crores is commendable...ALong with ENtertainment...EMotional aspect is very important...that is why movies like HAHK, DDLJ, Gadar, worked...n no movie which does collection of over 300 cr or is an llll Time Blockbuster is sadak chaap..Even Multiplex audiences contribute to over 50% collection in such high grossers..n they cant all be termed sadak chaap...so try to speak more constructive things...

    4. Fusslite me b syory thi , action tha , script thi , world class directer tha , indo china war tha

      4200 screens thi

      Kya huaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Tiger Zinda Hai :

    1st week Collection : 206 cr
    8th Day : 11.50 cr
    9th day : 15.00 cr
    10th day : 17.50 cr
    11th day : 20.00 cr (New year)
    12th day : 6.00 cr
    13th day : 5.00 cr
    14th day : 4.00 cr
    2nd Week total : 285 cr
    15th day : 2.00 cr
    16th day : 2.50 cr
    17th day : 4.00 cr
    18th + 19th + 20th + 21st = 3.50 cr
    3rd week total : 297 cr
    rest : 5 cr
    Lifetime : 302 cr
    Above collections are appears to be genuine.
    any one agree with this, raise their hands. Thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have my doubt with this one

      1st week - 206 cr
      2nd week - 80-82 cr-----287 cr appx
      3rd week - 22-24 cr-----310 cr appx
      4th Week - 8-10 cr-----320 cr appx
      5th Week - 3-4 cr-----324 cr appx
      6th & 7th & bits of 8th week Week----collections on lower levels.. 5-6 crs approx------330 crores lifetime (variation of +_5%)

    3. Tera prediction aaj he fail hoga 2nd sun 17cr only 20+ is easily also 3rd week 11cr only this is 3rd wknd collection wait!
      "Tiger abhi zinda hai"

    4. Aj ka 17-18 crore hoga
      Kl ka 24-29 crore hoga
      Prso ka 25-30 crore hoga
      2nd week end hone se pehle 300crore honge
      Lifetime 350+ sure
      May be cross dangal

    5. My above predictions is based on Sultan's trend which fell down heavily after 2nd weekend. Anything above will be a great result.

  5. Guys one more thing...It may not be a matter for me directly..but would just suggest everyone..without taking names that please stay away from Filth...n by Filth I dont only mean Abusive but also stop making Fun of other actors...

    If a movie has released...please speak about that movie...appreciate the article/movie..give your views on the current collections or predict the collections but comparing and unnecessarily bringing other movies and actors creates a mini war here..which is nowhere close to healthy...

  6. Replies
    1. Baunapanti started , aukat dekho ek record dangal woh b extended comeo 😳😳😳

  7. Mera Ek sapna hai jo mai Tuesday ko bataunga..
    nahi toh BOI mere sapna khatm kar dega..


    1. prediction change mt kr kutte,,tera 10.5 cr tha...issi per reh...thook ke mt chaat

  8. Guys mai kaafi time se article read kr rha hu iss site pr.
    Sunil khurana ke comments milte hai har article pr wo bhi bewkoofi bhare.
    Mai bas aap logo ko ek hi advice dena chahta hu ki aise logo ko ignore kre.
    Aise logo ke pass kaam dhandha nhi hota hai isliye logo ko instigate krte hai.
    So try to ignore hi.
    Koi reply nhi dega to apne aap chup ho jayga

    1. Sunil khurana sirf boi nahi koimoi , bollywood hungama and rest are stating the same genuine figures , dude tera 260 target toh gio aur pk Bhi gio , khurana you are the Abu usmaan of this group

  9. Superb trending yaar can't believe that people still loving TIGER ZINDA HAI and occupancy is increasing during weekend where most sophisticated audience go.
    It's a great news for every Bollywood lover.

  10. 2nd Saturday 16 Cr+

  11. #TigerZindaHai passes the crucial test on Tue: First working day *after* two big holidays on Sun and Mon [#Christmas]... Is ROCKING... Fri 34.10 cr, Sat 35.30 cr, Sun 45.53 cr, Mon 36.54 cr, Tue 21.60 cr. Total: ₹ 173.07 cr. India biz. #TZH

    #BOI predicted lifetime collection of tiger zinda hai today
    Day 6 16-18cr
    Day 7 12-15cr
    1st week total =205-207cr
    Day 8 13-14cr
    Day 9 18-21cr
    Day 10 25-28cr
    2nd weekend total
    Day 11 5cr
    Day 12 4cr
    Day 13 3-4cr
    Day 14 3-5cr
    2nd week total 311-315cr
    Day 15 5 cr
    Day 16 8-10cr
    Day 17 10-12cr
    3rd weekend total 340-345cr
    Day 18 1-2cr
    Day 19 1-2cr
    Day 20 1-2cr
    Day 21 1-2cr
    3rd week total 350-355cr

    Estimate lifetime run around 25-30cr
    #TZH lifetime total
    @aliabbaszafar @BeingSalmanKhan @TigerZindaHai @yrf

    1. 375cr..lol
      Did u have some drugs...max TZH wikll be 330

  12. Above 300 with ease. Tiger Roar has created impact everywhere 🐯.

  13. What 16 cr...?
    Only 7 cr. less than Dangal hehe

  14. Sunil khurana every website is showing the same collections that is said by boi , so don't blame , 260 will be crossed this week , 290 to 300 crores on the cards .

    1. 2nd weekend will finish around 290 to 300 , and life time will be 340 to 350 or more . PK to giyo and Bhai did it without hirani

    2. Sorry i am not sunil whatever..and yes 300 will be crossed easily...

    3. What about Dangal?
      Dangal ko konsa famous director tha

    4. Sunil khurana , Dangal had a epic story stolen from phogat , aamir needs hirani or a bio epic story else it flops like talaash , this week should trade around 290 to 300 as Monday is a new year.even jumanji coundnt stop tiger. PK toh giyo

  15. Kuch bhi karlo sallu fans par aap log bhai ko ATHG nahi de sakte..

    1. 330-335 max TZH..still Pk and Dangal are ahead without hit songs and action

  16. Wait for TOH...
    TOH will break Tiger into pieces..

    Worst case -350cr
    Best case-460cr

    1. TOH will atleast do 135 Crore in weekend

    2. @Arijit
      TOH will have weekend of 5 days
      TOH will cross prem ratan bartan dhoke jao in 6 days

      And TZH,SULTAN BB in 13 days

      Sallu fans
      Mark of word

    3. Because Dangal crossed sultan and bb in 12 and 14 days respectively

    4. Sunil khurana 260 cross ho jayega by new year , 300 cross by 3rd weekend , PK will be badly beaten , ab dekhte Hain hirani has left Aamir and gone with Ranbir for movie Sanju , and bioepic Bhi zyada nahi hai , ab dekhenge Aamir kitne din Tak tikta hai , ha ha

  17. 300 is easy task..350 is the achievement what counts now..

  18. Lo bhai Khurana aunty phir Shuri ho gayee .. kabhi Rao ban ke aur kabhi Sunil etc .. fake person fake accounts .. Doosri website par Parshya aunty bhi chaloo hogi ;) ;) one more thing to notice .. after getting caught out .. Khurana has deliberately changed from hehe to ha ha .. But Abu he fayda nalin .. you are EXPOSED .. LOL ;) ;)

  19. Sunny u r the only fake person here...

  20. Sunil khurana ,you are next KRK ,OK

  21. Mass penetration of TZH in just 8 days πŸ‘πŸ‘

    The comparison of Tiger Zinda Hai and Dangal across all India territories is as follows. Tiger Zinda Hai has come out around 14 crore nett ahead of Dangal

    Dangal - 57,10,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 64,70,00,000

    Delhi / UP
    Dangal - 36,94,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 42,99,00,000

    East Punjab
    Dangal - 22,21,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 19,42,00,000

    Dangal - 11,21,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 11,63,00,000

    CP Berar
    Dangal - 9,73,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 10,70,00,000

    Dangal - 7,52,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 7,61,00,000

    Nizam / Andhra
    Dangal - 10,93,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 10,94,00,000

    Dangal - 14,97,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 11,05,00,000

    Tamil Nadu / Kerala
    Dangal - 6,39,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 3,15,00,000

    West Bengal
    Dangal - 8,73,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 11,14,00,000

    Dangal - 3,18,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 7,00,00,000

    Dangal - 1,61,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 2,68,00,000

    Dangal - 1,88,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 3,03,00,000

    Dangal - 1,92,38,00,000
    Tiger Zinda Hai - 2,06,04,00,000

  22. Very well collected...but Ab shuru hogi Dangal...from week 2...
    111 cr Dangal and 96cr. Pk.

    1. Bro why are you even comparing. The fact is how hard Salman tries he always comes 2nd to Aamir and this time is no exception.

    2. Arijit salmaan does it without Raju hirani or a bio epic success story of phogats and doesn't take 2 years to compete a movie like Aamir , in last 7 years salmaan has contributed much more than Aamir has , without hirani or a successful bioepic story , or a Chetan bhagat novel , aamir is nothing

  23. Same story with Sultan. Sultan finished at 300. Tzh 310?

    1. Ravi tap it will cross PK without hirani and challenge Dangal without a. Bio epic story of phogat , even jumanji couldn't stop tiger

  24. First week all about superstar power .. rest of the days ... direction, story, script etc. Salman leads by leaps and bounds in the first week that shows his real star power which no one else can even come close to.. after that only film matters .. nothing to do with the star value .. but only intelligent and intellectual people can understand that .. fathom it ;) ;)

    1. hahahahahaha
      good joke..

      Sultan thrashed by Dangal in just 12 days.
      This is d power of Aamir The Global Megastar.

    2. Intelligent people watch the movie another if something is there special...its called repeat value
      Thats why salman movies dont substain of his non acting

  25. @Ankur
    I want to congratulate u
    You have always given exact report.

    hats off to u bro...
    Great job keep it up..

  26. I like these 3 sites for bollywood news and Boxoffice



    1. Mark my words, after 2nd week means after thursday if wont reach 300

  28. All sites follow BOI news which is the most authentic and trusted site for years .. even All these sites owners will tell you

  29. TZH early estimate confirmed @ 15 crores + .. 30% growth just on mass power .. brilliant .. no other action movie have had such a run in past decades.. perhaps Karan Arjun was the last one in the genre of action and drama and of course Ek tha tiger..

  30. Khurana, Rao, Parshya, Eicky, Daredevil in this and bollyarena sites.. same person .. seems unemployed hai.. so doing this full time.. dude mere pass aaja Europe mein.. will get you some paid job in a restaurant here..

    1. If tiger resch 300 after this coming thursday i will leave forum forever

  31. http://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3544
    Tiger gone hehe

    1. Hehe rao Haha Khurana .. rejoice time fans .. look at the fine print in the report .. one person with different fake accounts can't even read and understand what it is implying ;) ;)

  32. My guess TZH 2nd week collection:
    75cr. means 20 cr less than PK and 35 cr. less than Dangal....thats huge

    1. Dangal is out of reach certainly and looking at low numbers on 8th and 9th day even pk seems to be out of reach now.


  33. Tiger Zinda Hai 2nd Saturday (Day 9) Box Office Collection is 15.5 crore. Tiger Zinda Hai 9th Day Second Saturday Collections takes the 9 Days Total Business to 233 crore.

    Tiger Zinda Hai has scored another good day at the box office. The growth is around 30-35 % from Friday which is a good trending for an action which is scoring at this level at the box office. The film is heading towards a 45 crore + second weekend at the box office. It could go higher depending on the Sunday growth.

    With Tiger Zinda Hai becoming the Highest Grosser of the Year among Hindi films, Salman Khan now has done that in 10 different years making him the first Bollywood actor to have 10 Highest Grosser of the Year.

    Day Wise Collections of Tiger Zinda Hai

    Friday – 34.10 crore
    Saturday – 35.30 crore
    Sunday – 45.53 crore
    Monday – 36.54 crore
    Tuesday – 21.60 crore
    Wednesday – 17.55 crore
    Thursday – 15.42 crore
    Second Week

    Friday – 11.56 crore
    Saturday – 15.5 crore
    Total (9 Days) – 233.1 crore

  34. Check latest report on boi hehe

  35. Shame...8 cr. less than Dangal today hehe

  36. Shame Shame .. Khurana, Rao, Parshya etc etc .. using so many names .. which one was given by your parents ? ;) ;)

  37. So everyone on this forum.. rao just now admitted he (or she ) is the same person as Khurana ..by responding to my question and suspicion .. wat a duffer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  38. Admin Ankur .. block people who are opening multiple accounts from same IP address .. these folks are big risk from plagriasm standpoint ?? Example is Sunil Khurana also operating as Ravi Rao !!

  39. Look at the links Rao copied directly from BOI and pasted here .. this is too much risk you are taking by keeping Khurana / Rao access to this site ..

  40. 2nd Friday and 2nd Saturday has came below expectations.hope it does well on Sunday (now requirement is 20+minimum) otherwise it might finish below bajrangi bhaijaan.i hope sunday and new year day put up good numbers.

  41. @RS

    Bhai Dangal me Baap -beti k relation k liye log oose dekhne gyeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Gaanv vaale emotional movie dekhte hπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kbhi gaanv vaalo ko baat karte suna h ???

    Ve bolte h

    "Are sunny deol ne kya fighting ki h "

    "Are salman kya action karta h , banduk leke pura petrol pump uda diya"

    Abe gochu ram....Dangal me lallu hota....to Fusslite ki tarah fuss ho jatiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    RS = rotlu singh

    1. Feel sorry for you...your understanding of Indian Cinema is as bad as anyone I know but still..Learn some Manners first..I prefer not to speak to less intellectual people like you but just as you have mentioned...you have terrible knowledge and understanding but you want to say something in a public forum...Action along with high EMotional Quotient is very important...pure action movies have less life...EMotional aspect helps in bringing Family audiences and female crowd...and SIngle Screen or B & C sectors doesnt mean only Sadak Chaap...that is an illusion with which people of your IQ live with..it also includes families of may be certain underprivileged crowd but they also include a very high population and they come out generally for movies of Bigger Stars like Salman, SRk and Aamir and Akshay and Ajay to some extent.

      As far as TZH goes, or any Salman Movie for that matter, you are not a fan doesnt mean the mvoie is not liekable..Director and Producers dont make movies to please people like you. They make movies for Fans and Neutral audience. Haters have there own agenda and they dont judge movies by content but by whihh star is doing it. Still collections of this movie or othe rmovies u mentioned like Dabang, Ready are in itself an example that your opinion is very personal and it doent influence anybody not to watch the movie

  42. Again Salman fans will come up with excuses. Abhi kuch din pehele bole the WOM accha hain. Ek baat sunle beta Salman lakh kosish kare Aamir se peeche hi rahega. Aur RACE3 ke liye abhi se dua kar ke PK ka record tode barna TOH aayega to top 3 Aamir ka hi ho jayega.

  43. Bhai delivers yet another HGOTY πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Tiger Zinda Hai is the Biggest Hindi Blockbuster of 2017.

    Around 250 films have released this year and only 18 films have managed to stay afloat which shows a dismal percentage of 7% success ratio. If we only include Hit films and above then the success percentage drops down to 4 % as there are only 10 films which have managed to get HIT and above box office verdict.

    After the dismal box office performance of Tubelight, Salman Khan returned back to form with a blockbuster like Tiger Zinda Hai. Shah Rukh Khan had one semi hit in Raees and another failure in Jab Harry Met Sejal.

    Varun Dhawan scored two super hits at the box office and made a massive leap in terms of stardom as the openings of his films increased considerably this year. Akshay Kumar also had a great year with a super hit like TEPK and a hit like Jolly LLB 2. Ajay Devgn had a major blockbuster like Golmaal Again alongside an under-performer like Baadshaho.

    After the ginormous success of Dangal in China, Aamir Khan had a so-so year at the domestic box office with an average performer like Secret Superstar.

    Biggest Surprise Hit of the year was Fukrey Returns followed by Hindi Medium and Shubh Mangal Savdhaan.

    Two small budget films which surprised with its box office numbers although at small levels – Newton and Lipstick Under My Burkha.

    All Time Blockbuster

    Baahubali 2 (Dubbed release)

    Tiger Zinda Hai (*still running)
    Golmaal Again
    Super Hit

    Judwaa 2
    Toilet Ek Prem Katha
    Fukrey Returns
    Badrinath Ki Dulhania
    Hindi Medium

    Shubh Mangal Savdhaan
    Jolly LLB 2
    Semi Hit


    Secret Superstar
    Sachin – A Billion Dreams
    Bareilly Ki Barfi
    Tumhari Sulu
    The Ghazi Attack
    Lipstick Under My Burkha