Open Letter to Bollywood. Dull Year so far. All eyes on Tiger Zinda Hai.

December 6, 2017

Open Letter to Bollywood. Dull Year so far. All eyes on Tiger Zinda Hai.

After a relatively calm November 2017, business has further moved down in December. There is a new release in Firangi but film recieved mixed reviews and business is on poorer side. Shows are getting cancelled now, such reports are also heard of.

December would have taken a rocking start, had Padmavati been released on schedule. But because of outside pressures, film got postponed and that has directly affected the business of Box Office. There is hardly any footfall seen at ticket counters.

Some good news is that Fukrey Returns is releasing on 8th of December and hope it brings some audiences to theaters. Reports are coming that many single screen owners in B and C Centers have closed the theaters till the release of Tiger Zinda Hai.

Bollywood is going through a bad phase in recent years. When regional films are growing big with every passing year, Bollywood has no intention to grow. Most of the makers of Bollywood are just interested in making money. They just want to make film in controlled budget. Then release it in wide screens across India and even if film gets average occupancy for first week, film recovers it investment and make handsome profits.

Nepotism is killing the industry. No, it is not in terms of money. But in terms of quality. Hardly new talent is seen nowadays. Main reason being only 5-10% influx of talent from outside of Industry at most. Nepotism is prevalent in every corner and part of Industry. Yes, an actor's son or daughter will definitely want to be an actor. Nothing wrong in that. Problem is Industry is closing the road for newcomers from outside world. Earlier, talent influx from outside of industry is around 50% or may be even more than that. See the situation now.

A regional film (Baahubali 2) releases across India in Hindi dubbed version and collects over 1000 crore nett collection in India from all languages. So, why not a Bollywood film can touch or cross that mark? Tell me one S. S. Rajamouli or Shankar in Bollywood industry right now.

Most of Bollywood film makers are happy with their film doing 100 crore business in India. Shocking is even in that a large pool of film makers are satisfied with 30-40 crore business in India. This is hilarious.

Earlier films like, Sholay, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Gadar registered theatrical footfall of over 7-8 crores. Now majority of films are failing to touch even 1 crore footfall. This is despite screens and population increasing with each passing year. Don't give excuses such as audiences don't want to come to theaters. Baahubali 2 proved that wrong. Make Baahubali 3 and again atleast 7-8 crore footfall will be registered atleast. People want good films.

Now coming to 2018, it is looking great atleast as there are films which are big budgeted and are being made on huge canvas. Hope we see good days again. But before that, there is a film named, Tiger Zinda Hai which is awaiting its release. All trade eyes are on this film and expectation is colossal. From the trailer and song promos one thing is clear that makers have invested heart and soul in the film. Every scene is looking grand. Even the two songs that are released are shot in two different countries. The money that is invested is showing in the big screen. Hope film delivers in content part. Hope, Tiger Zinda Hai ends the year on a big high!

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  1. Good pi├Ęce. Especially the nepotism part. Is pele Maradona Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson try to shove their offsprings down our throat. That'swhat bwood is doing

  2. Great article.Among the many factors for the slow death of Bollywood is the Pseudo critics who are busy thrashing every release making people stop from watching movies.Curse them also



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