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December 17, 2017

Aamir Khan to make 'Mahabharata' Franchise Series?

Few days back we have stated that Aamir Khan has opted out of Rakesh Sharma's biopic 'Salute.' It is also reported that Aamir wants to concentrate next decade in making of a franchise film. It will be series. Aamir Khan not only will produce the film, but also act in it.

Whatever latest rumours are generating in market, all speculations are leading to making of great 'Mahabharata'. Aamir's team of writers are working on this mythological epic for some time. Mahabharata will not only need huge investment but also good time in making. Thus, Aamir doesn't want to involve in any other project.

Now those who are thinking whether Aamir will play any legend character from the Epic. Yes, rumours suggest he is interested in playing either Krishna or Karna. Both the characters are core to Mahabharata subject and Aamir is highly interested in playing one of them.

Hope soon we have some official announcement on the subject. It will be great if a film or series or anything is made on 'Mahabharata.' It will definitely fascinate both India and Overseas market.