Secret Superstar did Reasonably Well at Box Office. Makes Huge Profit!

November 11, 2017

Secret Superstar did Reasonably Well at Box Office. Makes Huge Profit!

Secret Superstar is a hugely profitable venture for the makers. We are coming into the economics part in later half of the article. Film released in Diwali Festive time and collected 60+ crore nett till date. Film did reasonably well. 

Although expectation from trade for the film was bigger considering it starred Aamir Khan in extended cameo. In fact collection could have been less had film not benefitted from Diwali Holiday. Film collected over 30 crore nett in first weekend itself. That suggested film might be targeting 70-80 crore nett or more in its lifetime. 

But trending after opening weekend was average to decent. Film performed good in premium multiplexes in metros and big cities but was average or even below average in Rest of India. Yes film did clash with Golmaal Again, but again film had more than enough screenings across India.

Aamir promoted SS as his film and even booked and got 2000+ screens for first 2 days. Even from 3rd day film had a screening of 1700-1800 screens. In fact there is a talk that film might be a dark horse to enter 100 crore club. Some trade enthusiastic even predicted that film might touch 125 crore nett in India alone. Such was the sky high expectation and that all because of Aamir Khan presence. In general, trade was expecting SS to collect anywhere between 70-90 crore nett from the film. If we consider that, then film has under performed a bit. Main reason for that is film word of mouth. It is decent to mixed. 

If SS is compared to say Dear Zindagi (starring Shah Rukh Khan in extended cameo) which comes in same genre film might fall short of lifetime target by 3-4 crores. Dear Zindagi lifetime collection is approx 68 crore nett. SS is trending towards 64-65 crore nett mark.

If SS is compared with Neerja and Hindi Medium which are one of the best trending movies in recent times coming from same genre. Then film lifetime collection will fall short of both the mentioned films. Neerja did around 75 crore nett, whereas Hindi Medium cross 69 crore nett in its lifetime. Both these films screening and opening is much lower than SS.

Just imagine, what would have been the collections of SS, if its reports are as good as Neerja or Hindi Medium. With Aamir in helm, film might have gone close to 100 crore mark or may be more also.

Now coming to Secret Superstar economics part. Film production cost is under 20 crore nett mark. After including Publicity and Advertising, total landing cost is around 30 crores. Film budget is extremely controlled. This amount will easily be recovered from non-theatrical recoveries such as Satellite, Digital, Music and others. 

Means, whatever business film does from India and Overseas it is all profit. India theatrical distributor share so far is approx 27-28 crores which is directly profit. Plus, Overseas theatrical recovery is to be added. Means, film profit will easily go above 40 crore mark. It may touch or go above 45 crores also in final count. This means, Secret Superstar despite under performing a bit, as expectation was high from it, considering, Aamir Khan was involved with the project, it is still a hugely profitable venture for all associated with it and they are laughing their way to the bank.

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  1. Budget 50Cr now decreased to 30Cr to make hit ... 40minutes role is CAMEO .... lol

    Anyway, Movie is just average.

  2. @ adda today, so you mean to say even if ss had done 10 cr, it would not be flop, common, please put only the theatrical collections(box office) while judging if a movie is hit or flop, by your logic no film will be flop nowadays



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