Padmavati is Postponed. Whom to Blame? Confusion over New Release Date.

November 20, 2017

Padmavati is Postponed. Whom to Blame? Confusion over New Release Date.

Padmavati is officially postponed from 1st December, 2017. Official statement from Viacom 18 Movies is out yesterday.
We shared this piece of news with social media site yesterday itself.
Yes, this is setback for all and specially for movie lovers who are eagerly awaiting this magnum opus.

So, who is to blame? Protestors who want to ban the film? Media? Political Motives behind it? Or Makers? We would say all of them.

Protesters will try to ban the film. That is their job. They will make hue and cry now. And they will again make hue and cry when new release date is announced. It has happened in past and it will again happen in future.

Media is equally responsible. Just for the sake of TRP, they are just adding fuel to ongoing controversies. If they have not added so much of fuel, situation can be controlled in much better way. It is getting worst day by day.

Yes, there is a political motive also. A big election is coming in and few political parties, if not all, want the movie to be postponed by 2 weeks. In that case Padmavati can still have a release on 15 December and will get one week free run till release of Tiger Zinda Hai.

But most importantly, makers are also at fault. Yes, they are no pious soul or innocent. Why, they send incomplete application to CBFC and that so late, when they know situation is not generic or ideal for them? Why 3D format is still not ready. Why they have not put the disclaimer whether film is a work of fiction or Indian History? Even till yesterday in Viacom 18 official statement, they are not mentioning this loopholes. Does they themselves want CBFC to return the application? It may be because film is still not ready. And they don't want to put blame on themselves. They want this free publicity to be continued? This means, they are also indirectly want these controversies to go on and on and increase the hype of the movie. Everyone knows, because of curiosity, Padmavati will easily open atleast 25% better than what in normal circumstances. 

Everything will be clear in coming days, whether they are forced or they themselves want the film to be postponed because of post production work. Reliable sources says, 3D work is still going on. If everything is ok from Padmavati makers side, then they should submit the completed application form in a day or two. If 3D work is actually complete, they just need to fill up the complete form and put up the disclaimer. It can be done in hours. CBFC in general cases takes 2-3 weeks to complete the certification process. In special cases they does that in 10 days also. Yes, at most time period given to CBFC to complete the certification process is 68 days. But if that happens then no one will blame the makers. However, if and when, makers put their application and CBFC in return gives certification in 2 to 3 weeks time, then who will get the blame?

If everything is ok from Padmavati side and CBFC stays neutral then film might get released on 15th December. Even 8th December is still a possibility if they do it by today or tomorrow. Still 18 days left to 8th December. 

Suitable new release dates for Padmavati

8th December - Best release date as film will get two weeks free run till release of Tiger Zinda Hai. If content is good, film will get significant screening even with the release of TZH. Remember both Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan released just one week apart and both did monumental business at box office.

15th December - Second Best release date as film will get one week free run till release of Tiger Zinda Hai. If content is good, film will get significant screening even with the release of TZH.

22nd December - Clash with Tiger Zinda Hai in Christmas Festive time. Festive period can accommodate two big releases easily. However, costing of both Padmavati and TZH is on higher level. It will be suicidal for Padmavati if content is on poorer side as they will get lesser screening than TZH and word of mouth will be out in a day or two.

Somewhere in January or even Republic Day Weekend - Yes, there are two releases happening on Republic Day Weekend. But if Padmavati comes, exhibitors will be inclined to give more screens to Padmavati for sure because of hype and of course the film itself. It is much bigger than both PadMan and Aiyaary.

Some sources are mentioning film might get release on February, 2018. If that happens, it is surely because of delay in post production work of Padmavati. Otherwise why makers will delay to such date, when much better alternate dates are available.

Everything will be clear in few days time. Stay tuned!

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  1. 15 dec/22 dec will be the best dates for releasing Padmavati

    Fantastic analysis, Ankur

  2. TZH toh gaya...
    TZH is weekend drama

    It will be better to play counter strike instead of watching TZH.

    #Counter strike is better dan TZH

  3. @sunil khurana gaandu dum hai toh padamavati 22 ko aake dikhaye lalu ar counter toh baj gyaa bhansali kaa

  4. History repeats again -
    (18the Deceber, 2015)
    Dilwale v/s Bajirao Mastani
    & now 22nd December, 2017
    Tiger Zina hai v/s Padmavati.
    In recent times we only see the clashes only SRK movies like Dilwale & Raees & both movies are semi hit.
    Now we will see if the clash is happening what is the result of Salman Khan movie TZH with clash a movie like Padmawati. Too much FUN...

  5. Fantastic Article Ankur. Taali dono haath se bajti hai !!!! (Fault at both the ends)

  6. Padmawati looks common. Same action, repeated scenes, same tunes, same deco, same type of look... it is a mix of Bajiroa, Jodha Akbar, Veer,..and we call this class movie. Come on.
    Will be eager they clash with TZH...



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