September 6, 2017

Baadshaho 6th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Trends. Holds Well Again.

Baadshaho is going steady in its 1st weekdays at box office. Film on day 6 (Wednesday) has performed well again with nominal drop reported from previous day.

When Baadshaho samples of Wednesday are compared to Tuesday then there is a drop in the region of 10-12% or so. This is acceptable.

Baadshaho has opened to around 13-15% occupancy in Morning shows today. Film picked up in Noon to register occupancy of around 20%. Film further picked up in Night shows to register occupancy of around 25%. Most of the samples are from multiplexes and single screen reports are awaited.

Occupancy Report of Baadshaho for Wednesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 13-15%
Noon - 20%
Night - 25%

Early trend suggest, Baadshaho 6th day box office collection is marching towards 5.25-5.5 crore nett mark. These are though very early estimates from limited samples we have and actual may vary.

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  1. Finally it is showing a decent trending and slowly heading towards hit status

    1. Baadshaho day 5 worldwide box office: Ajay Devgn's film to cross Rs 100 crore mark soon

      IBT ....International Business Times!!!


      Fraud Critics + Cry Baby Fans


      Ajay Devgn Baadshaho

  2. Recent History of Bollywood Movies Baadshaho is the very 1st to show upward trend on a normal Tuesday with average of 1.5 bashing of 1.5 rating by Indian Critics!!!

  3. A drunked CRACK fan said...any Action desi movie with average negative critic rating of 1.5 is very normal to get Hit status!!

    Can he give some examples and the mainlead Superstars of those movies??

    1. dumb😂 i said any desi action movie will do well in SS ..I didn't said HIT.u are too manipulative with words jst like ajay wid collections 😂..and badsho hit? 😂😂

  4. Producer show wrong figure actual trade collection just cross 50cr.
    Don't show fake collection ur site

  5. So you know the business more than theatre owners /distributors...??
    Seems you have been lost...all collections have been given by theatre owners and distributors...
    Funny how people look at Boi thats not even a certified trade institution ,who today gives a figure than next week change it,who just collected 70% information from big cities and awaits Centre B and C next day...esp for SS movies its way more difficult... The only let down is the All time lowest ticket prices if not so since it would have reached the 65-70 cr mark!!

  6. Baadshaho Day Wise Collection Till Now
    Day Wise Collection
    Total Collection
    Worldwide Collection (Gross)
    Baadshaho First Day Collection Rs. 12.5 Crores Rs. 24.66 Cross
    Baadshaho Second Day Collection Rs. 15.5 Crores Rs. 26.03 Cross
    Baadshaho Third Day Collection Rs. 15.1 Crores Rs. 26.44 Cross
    Baadshaho 1st Weekend Collection Rs. 43.1 Crores Rs. 77.13 Cross
    Baadshaho Fourth Day Collection Rs. 6.86 Crores Rs. 11.45 Cross
    Baadshaho Fifth Day Collection Rs. 6.12 Crores Rs. 9.75 Cross
    Baadshaho Sixth Day Collection Rs. 5.8 Crores Rs. 9.17 Cross

  7. ADITYA♡
    ADITYA♡ @Aditya__77
    Replying to @taran_adarsh
    Wow 👌👌 Mass King @ajaydevgn ❤ On Fire with 0* Review 🙏 Thats Why I Called him Thala of North ❤


    KrantiPurush @ADFCRajasthan
    Replying to @taran_adarsh
    Tuesday bhi Super 6.12 😍



    Replying to @taran_adarsh
    negative reviews + null promotions + clash + bad weather. Only on starpower 😎




    1 more reply
    Jay @Jayaram42070186
    Replying to @taran_adarsh and @LoyalADianManas
    Mega blockbuster Ajay is the king of masses no one can challenge him

  8. BOX OFFICE: सिर्फ 6 दिन.. और अजय देवगन से पीछे हुए शाहरुख.. बादशाहो धमाका !
    Written By: Neeti Sudha
    Published: Thu, Sep 7, 2017, 6:05 [IST]

    अजय देवगन की फिल्म 'बादशाहो' बॉक्स ऑफिस पर धमाकेदार कलेक्शन कर रही है। हालांकि दर्शकों और समीक्षकों से फिल्म को मिली जुली प्रतिक्रिया मिली है। लेकिन अजय देवगन के क्रेज की वजह से फिल्म सिंगल स्क्रीन पर काफी अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर रही है।
    बता दें, फिल्म ने पहले वीकेंड पर 43.30 करोड़ की कमाई की है। जबकि पहले हफ्ते में भी कमाई में कोई कमी नहीं दिखी। बुधवार को लगभग 6 करोड़ के साथ.. अब बादशाहो की कुल कमाई 62 करोड़ के पार पहुंच चुकी है।

    और इसी के साथ फिल्म ने शाहरुख खान की फिल्म 'जब हैरी मेट सेजल' का लाइफटाइम कलेक्शन भी पीछे कर दिया है। जल्द ही बादशाहो हिंदी मीडियम की कमाई को पीछे कर 2017 की टॉप 8 में एंट्री ले लेगी।

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