Baadshaho 4th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends. Decent Hold.

September 4, 2017

Baadshaho 4th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends. Decent Hold.

Baadshaho has shown decent hold on Monday (4th day) at box office as early samples for the day is coming in. Most of the datas are from multiplexes and major reports from single screens are awaited.

Baadshaho has opened to around 15-20% occupancy in Morning shows today. This is slow start. After that film has shown decent jump in Noon to register occupancy of around 25%. Film further picked up from Evening onward and has registered an occupancy of around 30% for rest of the day.

Occupancy Report of Baadshaho for Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15-20%
Noon - 25%
Evening-Night - 30%

Film has registered an occupancy drop of 30-35% from Friday. However, ticket prices being lower today, business drop will be more. This is decent hold. Hold could have been better also. Still it is not bad either.

Early trend suggest, Baadshaho 4th day business is heading towards 6-7 crore nett mark. These are very early estimates from limited samples and actual may vary.

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  1. @MOKSH intead of crying about on every trade person collections for past 3 days please sleep when its sleeping period not checking AD twitter news on collections 3am and begging them to put the figure you want. So restless for Ajay Devgn that you are ridiculing yourself? What manipulation? Distributor and stakeholder gives better pics of collection unlike BOI who dont wait to collect further collection from inner lands! Same Ajay donated shivaay 1st day 10 cr to Uri attack families not caring it will reduce the boi collection so who are you to say he changes figures? Is he the distributor or producer? What manipulation? You are going to all trade pundits comments saying Adda predicted 10% morning show while tgey stated 25-30% occupancy in morning so why telling lies to them? Why manipulating Occupancy % from 25-30 to 10%? You have no work to do? I know the name you use here in Adda site but comeeout with your Real twitter name @MOKSH!! Idiot fool you cant change anything except getting made everyday. Comeone out MoKSH or Sun.. We know you already we know you as a jealous useless freak shame you call yourself Akki fan!

  2. MOKSH go and use a Sword a fight Taran ,Jotig Sumit kadel bolly hungama, first post real box office adda, bollywood trick and others if not dont get mad and mentally disturbed like how everyone knows you in indicine here arena and now AD fans twitter pages. Neither your money or sweatvis affected doubting collections but same film is creating Havoc everywhere both multiplex and SS especially house full that too on Monday!
    If Akshay knew some wanko brains of yours am prwtty sure he will cal you a Big fool @MOKSH!
    Expecting your comment soon with your normal name here if not if you have shame bug off twerk!

  3. He is true exmple of someone who turnd all negativism into his strengths,kpt fightn against all odds n broke sterotyoed patrn of bollywood

    I througly enjoyed and realized our critics standard too that how badly they want to bash Ajay movies(especially when they heard he called them bias and foolish which is true,Salman said it this year bashing critics so they did their best to trash Tubelight) but audience dnt think that way😊

    I wonder why these critics mostly review negatively Ajay movies ?
    Though it does not matter to me as fan bt defintly shows double standard

    1. @SD....Cant agree more you said it all.

      Now for BOI any Ajay movie going to be released on BakRid day it means its a National Holiday(lolzx)

      BOI...said 50% drop is acceptable but Adda saying 30-35% drop which is superb considering the Action heist genre,very low ticket price, poor promotion, Buzz killed by some rackets, healthy competition with a good multiplex movie, bad weather in Mumbai Sultan Mirza zone and finally extremely negetive critics(2 rupees) contribution but stil...solid!

    2. Go to Boi...list of Highest grossing movies...2016 in ranking order...

      FAN numbet 8...840325000
      SHIVAY number 9...848350000

      Now to show you how absent minded careless and sentimental BOI can 8403250000 be higher than 8483500000???? Based on total gross
      Shivay 8
      Fan 9 but do they care? They can use any medium to undercount Ajay movie!!

      Initially opening day of Shivaay was 8.3 then why after some weeks they took it too 9.6??
      Is that accuracy???

      You talked about Critics bashing Ajay movie even before rekease!!


      Today KRK tweet...

      KRK @kamaalrkhan
      #Baadshaho is rocking at box office today also, So it's a HIT!!. Congratulations to @milanluthria @rajatsaroraa @emraanhashmi n @eshagupta2811

      same thing with Singham Returns...
      KRK...SR will be disater and not cross 109 cr!!
      After 1,week...KRK...congrats Ajay and 1st ever prediction wrong!!!

      Look...we know,they know ....Something's we just ignore since no matter what Critics think of Ajay...they know his stance ,we as his fans who are not even Bonfide Indians we know that AJAY DEVGN SIR will always be AJAY DEVGN SIR till our last breathe.... Insh Allah.
      No amount of Criticsm or other HATER FANs talking rubbish always will ever dent 1% of his Classy Attributes!!!
      Devgn 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. किसी भी फिल्म को बनाने में ,,, बहुत समय, पैसा, बहुत लोगो की मेहनत लगती है, तो ऐसे में हमे किसी भी फ़िल्म को इतनी जल्दी फ्लॉप नही कहना चाहिए ,,,, कम से कम एक सप्ताह का तो इंतजार करें ,,,, फ़िल्म बनाने वाले भी इंसान है ,,,उनका भी दिल दुखता होगा,,, हमे भी अपनी इंसानियत दिखानी चाहिए,,, एक फ़िल्म बहुत मेहनत से बनती है,,,,,

  5. INDICINE too, TEPK if following BOI outscored Raees but Indicine will never want that so they left a huge difference Raees actual producer figure. Same Indicine doing it again to Baadshaho but blind haters dont see that. But what authorization BOI has? It has 2 offices in USA so how do they get information? They reduce and reduce now look they have now reduced even producer figure of Baadshaho by 1.75 cr just to match their own trade? So i dont blame indicine just that whole world knows once its Ajay movie 1st thing they say is Note! Producer figures! Why?
    HNY Kaabil K3 bang bang uncountable!
    Is Bang Bang figure in Indicine 139 cr? No way but for Ajay always the same thats why i get so angry when people come and only target Ajay movies! Such a shame.. Bollywood arena prediction according to Bobby Sidhu was 52 lifetime Flop! When they saw the Mass indian audiences coming out for Ajay they could not believe and bear it so we knew what hapoened ,back to unauthorized Boi was their saviour but still that will not stop Baadshaho reach where its heading too. Question is why Double standard ?
    Boi ek villain is 97 cr but dear dear indicine allows 20 cr difference 117 cr to be valid i mean this is getting just too much. Pity

  6. हम मूवी को लेकर रिव्यू कर सकते हैं लेकिन इतनी जल्दी उसे फ्लॉप नही कह सकते ,,,
    बादशाहों अभी अच्छा कारोबार कर रही है , उसकेपास अभी समय ह , हमे नकारात्मक बात नही करनी चाहिए

    बादशाहों सिंगल स्क्रीन में बहुत पसंद की जा रही ह ओर massage को भी multiplex में भी जिनको पसंद ह वो देख ही रहे हैं

    क्रिटिक्स उन्ही मूवी को रिव्यु अच्छा देते ह जो movie मल्टीप्लेक्स लोगो को पसंद आये
    Single screen में भी लोगो को मूवी पसंद आती है तो उसे भी अच्छे review देने चाहिए सभी लोग बराबर है तो मूवी सभी पब्लिक को देखते हुए रिव्यु देने चाहिए न कि सिर्फ बड़े शहरों के हिसाब से,


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