Baadshaho 2nd Friday (8th Day) Box Office Collection Report.

September 9, 2017

Baadshaho 2nd Friday (8th Day) Box Office Collection Report.

Baadshaho has collected an approx 2.1 crore nett on 2nd Friday (8th day) at box office. Thus, film has registered a drop of about 40-45% from 1st Thursday. Drop is significant. Ideally drop should have been in 30% region.

Because of significant drop on 2nd Friday, Baadshaho needs to show big growth through second weekend. Film need at least 80-85 crore nett to reach average status and recover the investment. For that it need good to very good trending from here on.

Baadshaho total business at the end of day 8 is approx 66.2 crore nett. Film is all set to cross 70 crore nett mark inside 2nd weekend.

Collection Breakup

Week 1 - 64.1 crore nett.

Week 2 - 

Fri - 2.1 crore nett.

Total - 66.2 crore nett (approx).

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  1. Saturday 3+ crore and Sunday 4 + crore sure

  2. No actor can rise above script. Great acting by ajay in the movie but very loose plot

  3. 75-80cr range will b a below average to flop performance. Srry to say for all ajay fans.u started celebrating too early I guess.ajay was great in the movie but as rightly said above no one can compensate for loose script nt even the biggest of superstars like Sallu n reslt is there for every1 to see.qnother failure for ajay after shivaay.he is struggling big time.golmaal will b make or break for him

  4. Happpyyy birthday Akshay sir 🎂👍😃😊🎂🌷

  5. lol 1.5CR ONLY..real figures...Another FLOP for legend devgn! Superstar? 😂 ARJUN=AJAY

  6. .Two actors i adore very much one is ajay and the other is bhaijaan..before wanted 2009 All bhaijaan films hit bottom level at box office some of them are good movies still didn't perform well that time SRK is everything, all his films top at the box office..srk fans trashed bhaijaan with humiliating comment like this...look what happening right now..but we ( ajay & bhaijaan)fans never treat others badly...respect the work of others actors also...akki is doing some good movies now...ajay is 2 time national award winner...akki is a bad actor may be he is a big star now but very bad actor while comparing with ajay..

  7. Sunny tu salman khan ka fan jarur hoga tabhi to ajay devgan se Teri itni jalti hai.

    Ajay hit hai


    Rahega .

  8. Sunny tujhe agar agay devgn ke liye positive nahi kahna hai to negative kyun bol raha hai.

  9. Baadshaho 9th Day (9th September 2017) or 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection is expected to Rs 4.90 Cr.

  10. Baadshaho 9th Day Collection | Badshaho 2nd Saturday Income
    admin September 9, 2017 Box Office Collection Comments
    Suggested News by Mgid

    Tired Of Barely Getting By? Make Rs 450,000 A Month From Home Now
    After putting the decent figures on board the mass thriller Baadshaho gears up for its second weekend at domestic market. With strong publicity all around the first weekend collection recorded one of biggest earners so far of this year. After wrapping up the first week with Rs 64.14 crore, it has added another Rs 2.10 crore on second Friday to take to the total to a good Rs 66.24 crore. These are really good numbers for a film which is made on a budget of approximately Rs 65 crore. The first week run at box office has already put the film into safe zone.

    Baadshaho Saturday Box Office Collection
    Ajay’s latest offering Baadshaho is getting good amount from its key circuits the film continues to target single screens. The film collected Rs 60 crores and on the weekdays the film has been maintaining a decent number of around Rs 5 crores every day. In that sense, Baadshaho has entered the safe zone and whatever it earns now will turn into profits soon. Baadshaho consist list of big stars which is with competition from Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar’s SMS. While Baadshaho opened to 2800 screens, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan got only 1400 screens. Now both the flick got cut in screens due to new arrival this week. Though the both the flick have done commendable business considering their screen space across the nation.

    Baadshaho 9th Day Collection
    Baadshaho 9th Day Collection
    Baadshaho 9th Day Collection
    The film is a complete masala entertainer with Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi back in full dialogue baji. It played out the people who frequent single screens and thus became a favourite. The film is being named amongst the biggest releases of the year. The buzz which was sky high before the release also remained unaffected post the release as well. The multi-starrer thriller has received a good response at the box-office.

    The critics average ratings but fans came in full support to Ajay’s mass thriller Baadshaho. He still has a strong fan following without whom it’s not possible to fetch decent mollah in mass circuits. On 9th day the film witnessed good jump and brought 4.05 Cr net in its kitty. Now the film’s total stands with 70.29 Cr net in Indian box office.

  11. The 8th Day income is Rs 2.10 Cr. On the second Saturday, it collected Rs 4.90 Cr.

    Baadshaho 10th Day (10th September 2017) or 2nd Sunday Box Office Collection is expected to Rs 4.95 Cr.

  12. बॉलीवुड की बिग बजट मल्टीस्टारर फिल्म 'बादशाहो' 01 सितम्बर को सिनेमाघरों में रिलीज हुई थी | इस फिल्म को रिलीज हुए पूरे 10 दिन हो चुके हैं और इस फिल्म ने इन 10 दिनों में बॉक्स ऑफिस पर काफी शानदार कमाई की हैं | इस फिल्म ने पहले दिन घरेलू बॉक्स ऑफिस पर 12.60 करोड़ की कमाई के साथ ओपनिंग की थी | इस फिल्म ने पहले वीकेंड पर 43.30 करोड़ की कमाई की थी | इस फिल्म ने पहले सप्ताह में 64.14 करोड़ की कमाई की थी | इस फिल्म ने आठवें दिन 04.70 करोड़, नौवें दिन 04.20 करोड़ और दसवें दिन 04.50 करोड़ की कमाई की हैं | इस प्रकार, इस फिल्म ने अब तक घरेलू बॉक्स ऑफिस पर 77.54 करोड़ की कमाई की हैं | इस फिल्म ने वर्ल्डवाइड 95.32 करोड़ की कमाई कर ली हैं |

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  13. Baadshaho 10th Day Box Office Collection : –

    Baadshaho 1st Day Box Office Collection: – 12 Cr.

    Baadshaho 2nd Day Box Office Collection: – 15 Cr.

    Baadshaho 3rd Day Box Office Collection: – 16 Cr.

    Baadshaho 4th Day Box Office Collection: – 07 Cr.

    Baadshaho 5th Day Box Office Collection: – 06 Cr.

    Baadshaho 6th Day Box Office Collection: – 04.50 Cr.

    Baadshaho 7th Day Box Office Collection: – 03.60 Cr.

    Baadshaho 8th Day Box Office Collection: – 02.50 Cr.

    Baadshaho 9th Day Box Office Collection: – 03.20 Cr.

    Baadshaho 10th Day Box Office Collection: – 03.50 Cr.

    Total Box Office Collection: – 73.30 Cr.



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